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    With a flap of her wings, the young angel was finally granted permission to descend upon earth. Her soft feet padded towards the gates of heaven, as she felt her heart pump in her chest with excitement. The last time that Neveah had touched the Earths soil was at the time of her death. But even then she had no recollection on how much time had passed since the time frame between Heaven and Earth were different making the days in heaven seem endless. "Make sure to watch your back Nev!" One of her comrades shouted as they watched Neveah race towards the gates. "[color=#AFEEEE]I will be back soon. I'll only be down a whole day[color=#F0FFFF]" and with that she flew down towards the Human World. 


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  • Cross Hunter

    Bio: Cross has been born and raised a demon. He has little idea what humanity is like outside of stories (which isn't always true). He is the fifth son and seventh child of his family of ten. Things were going good for him until his family, particularly his father decided that Cross was a shame to the family name and banished him from the Underworld (or as the humans call it, Hell). He has been living on the human realm for a long time since then, hiding his true self.

    Do you mind if I show his personality throughout the plot instead of trying to explain here? I'm not the best in describing personalities without me contradicting that at some point.

    Humanity, they are an interesting creation. They live with no magic and yet they are doing well for themselves with their technology. This is an observation made by a banished demon named Cross. He had been forced to live among them thanks to dear old dad banishing him from home. He suppose that it isn't all bad considering he managed to make a name for his human persona as a writer. Humans are quick to dismiss anything "magical" as something that doesn't exist. A shame really but what can you do?

    Either way, Cross relaxed under the shade of a tree inside a park, typing away on his laptop. It's a wonderful summer day so there's no point in staying inside in the dark, small place he currently owns.

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    The wind whipped past her and felt her cheeks redden at the coldness of the hair. First thing that she noticed upon descending, was the dense air that humans breathed. It's heavier than she had imagined, and took her a bit to adjust once she had landed in the back of a park. As soon as her small feet touched the ground, her wings folded behind her and disappeared. Although she was new to the whole experience, she felt a sense of familiarity or a sort of understanding on how the humans work in an instant. Neveah tucked a bit of her hair behind her ear and began her adventure with walking out of the park. To say the least she was in awe at the humans creation.

  • (He's a bit of a wild card when it comes to his emotions. Cross could be calm one minute and angry the next like a flip of a switch. He is a good guy -which may or may not contribute to why he's banished in the first place-)

    The male's sharp blue eyes pause when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. A beautiful woman just suddenly appeared in the park within his field of vision. Normally a human wouldn't capture his attention like this. She's so... pure like an angel. No, it couldn't be... could it? As she began to leave the park, Cross felt compelled to follow her out and see what she'll do. He scrambles to his feet after shutting his laptop and put it inside the messenger bag before he hurried after the beauty.

  • Neveah tried to not make it obvious that she overly excited and not from Earth, but she was like an open book. Someone could easily tell how she was feeling, but the humans simply thought of her as a tourist who had stopped by to go sightseeing. Which in short, is not too far from the truth. With a grin on her face, she moved around the streets, making sure to not bump into others. 'Not much has changed since the last time, I've been here. I wonder what year it is?' Neveah thought to herself as she clasped her hands behind her back.

  • Cross follows her for a bit, curiously watching her with interest. The white haired exiled demon is very curious about this newcomer and he wanted to call out to her. But is that really good idea? He has a history of scaring people by just being as he is. Hopefully she chooses to head into a cafe or something so he can get closer without be a stalker.

  • The large windows beside her caught her attention as she noticed various shops lined up against each other. " Woah~ This is so cool!" Neveah squealed as she looked at various sweets displayed behind the window. Her eyes glistened at the sight of the sweet and could see that people mingled around in the background. Curious, she looked over at the sign and read," Joe's Bakery. I'll have to come by here again to check it out" She smiled and left and continued on checking out various stores.

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    The longer she takes on looking around without entering somewhere, the more nervous the male was feeling. He didn't want to be thought of as a stalker but how could he talk to her without looking like a creep? "Please go in somewhere...." he muttered to himself, currently using the crowds on the sidewalk to his advantage to blend in.

  • "This looks like a nice place" Neveah said to herself as she read a sign that said,'Book &Cafe' What had captured her interest was that there was a library connected to a cafe, to which she liked. Opening the door, her bare feet were met with glossy wood floor, and the scent of coffee lingered in the air. a few people were in here, but many minded their own business and other were engrossed into their books. She went over to the front bar and ordered herself a muffin. Her eyes wondered around.

  • Finally! No more stalking the strange yet interesting girl. Cross slipped inside, careful not to look too suspicious to any possible onlookers. The white haired man made his way to the counter, ordering himself some coffee before taking an empty seat next to Neveah. Luckily for him, he did make a few stops here in the past so the employees knew how he likes his coffee.

  • Neveah took in the venue of the cafe and was eager to join the library part of the store. She felt a presence near her, making her eyes land on a white hair man. She took in his features and something about him made a shiver run down her neck, but didn't know if it was a good thing or not. Not wanting to be rude, she offered him a sweet smile,"Hello~" She greeted, before taking a small bite from her muffin

  • "Hello." He greeted with a small smile, thanking the clerk once he got his coffee. "So what brings you to town little lady? It's clear that you're not from around here." Whoops, may be a tad fast but Cross wanted to know what he can of the gorgeous woman sitting next to him. She's just so pure while he's "corrupted" and just being near her makes his heart flutter. Why is that? He doesn't know just yet but give him some time, and he will understand.

  • Neveah blushed in embarrassment at her failed attempt at being subtle. "Is it really that obvious?" She asked sheepishly, which caused for her the lips of her ears to redden and lowered her head a bit. "And here I was thinking that I was able to blend it" Neveah laughed lightly to calm herself and not seem crazy in front of the man. Something about him, made her feel drawn to him, but didn't know what it was.

  • The demon male laughs softly, resting his cheek in the palm of his hand while his deep blue eyes study the beauty. "Hard to miss when you're much more excited to see everything than the locals. Besides, this is a small enough town so it's pretty easy to pick out newcomers." He mused. By the second, she's drawing him in even more. Why is that? Never mind, Cross shook those thoughts out of his head. "The name's Cross Hunter little lady. May I ask for yours?"

  • His carefree laughter had allowed for her to relax, but her cheeks were still a bit flustered. She'd be lying if she said, she didn't find him attractive with his long hair. "Oh where are my manners! My name is Neveah, but you can call me Nev for short " Her smile reaching her eyes as she took in his features. "It's my first time ever coming down here so that explains, why I was overly excited" She explains, trying to justify her actions, so he wouldn't think that she was weird.

  • He never thought she was weird, bubbly? Yes. Sweet? Definitely. Now he seem to have perked just slightly when she said it was her first time here. But what really got his attention was the fact that she said "down here." She couldn't be.... could she? No, if she really is one, she would sense his demonic energy. He may be able to hide the horns but the energy of what makes him who he is is near impossible to hide from other demons and from angels. "I see. Well I hope you're enjoy the town so far. There's not as much as big cites and frankly, ion think mind. Cities are just too crowded for my taste."

  • Neveah nods her head in agreement, and didn't notice the small slip up that she made with her comment. "It sure is different from when my family and I lived in the city. The busy people and the noise of cars can get to you" She commented as she thought back at the apartment her family and herself used to live. Now that she thought about it, she wondered if her parents and siblings were still around. In heaven she was able to keep track of them, but something happened to which she lost contact with them. "So the transition between big city to a small town, is a huge for me"

  • "Understandable. They're pretty much two different cultures. I once came from a city myself but some... things happened that led me here to live." Whew, almost let out something he shouldn't have. "So you never exactly answered my earlier question. Why this town out of all places you could have gone to?"

  • Neveah tilted her head in confusion at his words, but said nothing. She just kept the thought at the back of her head, for another time. Or if there ever will be another time, at least Neveah hopes that she'll have an opportunity to come down again. "I don't really know. It just felt right coming to this town, you know. I could of traveled to where my parents are, but for some reason I ended up here" Neveah voiced out her thought as her eyes glazed over deep in thought.