When a hurrican meets a Storm G x G or B [Warriors RP]

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  • Let me know what you think, please go for 3+ paragraphs a post. I normally do 3-8 or more paragraphs a post, but I need at least four for you to join. The shorter and more carelessly written the posts are, the more likely I am to lose muse for the rp, which I'd hate to do. With that in mind, do NOT commit to this rp if you will stop replying at random. If you eventually want to quit, please just tell me before you do so. I've been wanting to do this rp for a while so it'd suck to get my hopes up, only to have them crushed soon after. You don't need to of read Bramblestar's Storms( be nice if you did) but I would at least check out the book alliances so you know where everyone stands. Be able to improvise(can't stress this enough), makeup plots, play NPCs and Canons. I hate having to make everything up on my own. If we don't get any creativity from both sides this thread is going to get very boring very fast. Our characters aren't going to be in constant contact with each other, so you'll have to be able to come up with some ideas on what your character is going to be doing when they're not together. This is not going to be a read and reply type of thread, your going to have to put effort into it. I don't have everything plotted out detail for detail, so ask questions, throw out ideas(even small ones), just don't leave me hanging.
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  • This thread has piqued my interest although I have read the series, but only to the point around the beginning of Bramblestar's becoming of leader. It has also been a while so my knowledge may be rusty (although I still hold the general ideas of the prophecies), but if you are alright with that I think the plot will be enough to help me through the settings.

    I just wanted to see if I had the permission with some of the restrictions to join the thread, if that's alright with you.

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  • That's fine with me. So long as your not clueless I can help you along, although this is really just us sorta making up our own little sixth sixth series. I'm not really going to be referring to the old prophecies, so long as you have a basic idea on the warrior's books we should be okay.

  • Name: Snowkit/Snowpaw/Snowstorm
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Alliance: Windclan
    Quite specimen, most may believe that Snowstorm was telling the truth if she ever said that she wasn’t an actual cat, others may think that she more resembled a fox than anything else. Her muzzle leans out farther than a normal feline, and the form of her nose is sharp and small nearly blending into the black tints in her fur. This is a ivory hued feline, but it would seem as if fate threw the blackest mud at her randomly and it forever stuck onto her pelt, the mud would fade, but the color would remain as a hazy tint instead of actual spots. These splotches of faded obsidian also runs along her cheek and up to her left ear, but these colors were nearly invisible unless you came up close and the sun was hitting her hues just right. The ‘storm’ in her name doesn’t appeal towards her persona at all, instead it more describes how her limbs seem as if they could create a hurricane at any moment. Her appendages are longer than an average feline’s, just as her muzzle is, although this may make her seem clumsy, her limbs are at a great length where she can win out in any race, and tower over kits more so than their own parents. Snowstorm is a feline created with only black and white, the dark outlining around her eyes emphasize them greatly upon her face, the only other color on her were her dull yellow eyes, if they were brighter they would be the only thing others would look towards. Although in the sun the sun reflected off these orbs and her eyes would return an equally yellow ray. Her full bodied form is actually quite elegant to some point, her pointed muzzle and skinny limbs were the only part of her that resembled a snarky creature like the fox, but her colors and thin tail countered those statements. Her tail was a snake like organ that seemed to have a mind of its own, for multiple times she would have to remind herself to keep her tail still and put in one place. This feline was made out of long appendages and nothing more striked others in any way, the majority of her elegance was her physique, but her persona is quite the different story.
    As a sole feline Snowstorm can usually be found trying to shovel dirt in the corner with her spine rigged and her head lowered below her shoulders. She was a shy creature, without a single sense of heroism. Everyone seemed to realize that to a point and never asked her to fight, and instead always sent her out to hunt, which she always returned with multiple carcasses. Isolated into the calming confines of the shadows, Snowstorm realizes that she put herself there, she never went through any traumatizing events throughout her entire life so many wondered why she was as she was. If clans had rankings then she would be put as the Omega with no arguments made, she doesn’t have friends and she always doubts herself to points where it starts to annoy others.

    Although as shy and annoying as she may be Snowstorm still had a sense of planning and organization, since she was always hunting she figured out ways of catching prey more easily and she also helped with fights between clans. (Although she never partook in them.) If the first paragraph would have been deleted and only this second paragraph was read you couldn’t help but to imagine a straight spined leader, but in reality Snowstorm would be slumped over and forced to talk about plans. She didn’t want to let her clan down, and she had an oath of loyalty so she always ended up helping in the end, but sometimes she couldn’t help but think that it was a hassle.

    Overall Snowstorm can have sudden mood changes to where she’s padding around greeting others and watching over kits, but when that one trigger happens she’s back to the corner once again scratching in the dirt without a single glance behind her. Although if a fight were ever to be brought within campgrounds then she would have a burst of energy and jump to the queen’s den first to protect whoever she could, she didn’t do this to be a hero, she only did this to die a death where she wouldn’t have any regrets.
    Snowstorm’s history wasn’t eventful at all, although her mother died while giving birth to her she couldn’t really count that as an event that she had to go through since she hadn’t even opened her eyes. She was the only one that had survived the litter, it was cold winter and prey had been low as most of the other felines took to try and keep warm rather than risk their hearts. Her father was a rogue, and so he was someone that she never saw, she was raised with the other kits, but she was always the youngest. Used as mostly a rag doll, but she didn’t know that this treatment that she was receiving was wrong, she just went with it as if everything was normal, since to her nobody taught her that it wasn’t. This was what developed her introverted persona, her mindset was formed differently from others who had figures in their lives to follow, where as she didn’t know that she had to copy someone at all. While she was an apprentice she excelled at hunting, her advantage being how fast she could be, small prey would take a while to gain ground at all. When the time came where she had to start learning moves to fight, she tried her best to do what she was told, but she needed different methods to fight that were never given to her. In spars she would purposely lose since that’s what she thought she was supposed to do. Snowstorm was a weird cat, a weird mindset and became permanent, and now others say that she is wrong in the head.

    Family: She is unaware of
    Friends: Maybe the kits? Maybe…
    Foes: She submits to anyone, what foe would she have.
    Crush: To be developed
    Mate: None

  • [I like her, she seems interesting. I'm going to start us off, feel free to rp any canon or npc to help with your muse. I kinda go with the flow of whatever is written.]

    This still felt very unnatural to her, and no matter how much time she spent here with them it never seemed to change. A very petite sized she-cat moved almost stiffly across the worn wood of the fallen tree. She could almost feel the weight behind her shifting with each paw step she took. A Broad-shouldered, large golden tabby tom with a ruff of fur around his neck, paler paws, and sun-coloured amber eyes, followed directly behind her. She knew his eyes were boring into her with each step she took, Wildfire couldn't blame him. The first time she walked along the bridge she had fallen into the water. Due to her injury with those foxes, she had sustained a light limp in the front left paw, as well as a bad head injury that liked to surprise her with random attacks of headaches or worse. During that fall it was also her first time meeting another clan leader, for it was Mistystar, Riverclan's leader, who had been the one who rescued her from the water. She had shaken it off, never one to dwell on mistakes or

    But since then her former mentor, Lionblaze, was attached to her hip whenever she crossed the bridge to the island. Ahead of her, she could make out the broad form of her leader, Bramblestar, now normally his mate and deputy, Squirrelflight was directly behind him. But due to her sudden birth, a replacement deputy had been chosen in her absents. Thunderclan itself was late because before coming here they held a meeting for her, Squirrleflight for some odd reason has chosen Wildfire as her replacement. She was a substitute deputy, but she doubted that would revoke any of the nicknames the other clan cats had for her. Since the incident with the fall, they've come up with all types of names for her. Soggypaw, Wetpelt, Drowningfurball, Softpaw and so on. It didn't help that she had a kittypet background, she had heard countless tales about Firestar, the leader before Bramblestar. He was on the tongues of elders, warriors, even kits. She didn't know why but the cats in Thunderclan seemed to enjoy comparing her to Firestar, often using him as encouragement when she failed some simple task. She wasn't Firestar, yes they both had kittypet backgrounds, but she was very sure she was nothing like this grand leader.

    She hoped that none of them were expecting her to take his place or fill his paw steps. She was drawn out of her thoughts when she felt a light shove from behind, a head-butting her haunches. She glanced over her shoulder, seeing Lionblaze frowning at her. She noticed their leader, Bramblestar was already on the other side, seeing as she was directly behind him she found herself holding up the line. She quickly got her legs into gear, hurrying off the bridge. Once
    Bramablestar's saw she was safely on the ground, he gave her a concerning look, yet it was still fixed with a stern glint.
    "You were holding up the line." The tom's tail waved in the direction of the bridge. She must have
    stopped when she got lost in thought, a minor habit of hers.
    "Sorry, I was thinking." Wildfire told him, a sheepish smile on her maw. The leader continued tolook down at her until he heard another leader calling his name. He gave her one more glance before noticing Lionblaze coming up behind her and parted ways.

    "Is something wrong? You sort of just froze up there?" Lionblaze padded around her small frame and took a seat beside her. Wildfire has never been very good with concerns of others upon her. She's used to being the one listening to others and doing the comforting. The cats in Thunderclan were far too nice.
    "Of course she's fine, she's not a kit." A sharp comment came from a small, thin, gray tabby tom. He had blind, pale, blue eyes like a jay's wing, and a scar running down one side of his flank. Jayfeather, the medicine cat of Thunderclan, padded over to them. Wildfire was taking back the whole nice thing whenever Jayfeather was involved. "She's not an apprentice anymore, and technically she outranks you, so stop fussing over her."
    Lionblaze's eyes turned over to his brother, but from the look they shared she was getting the feeling there was more to Jayfeather's words then she was understanding. Jayfeather had been the one who helped use her front leg again, but Bramblestar and Lionblaze were the ones who helped her retrain her body and taught her about the clans. Before the two could get into a bickering argument, she quickly spoke up.

    "I am going to look around." Wildfire, rose quickly to her little paws, ears twisting to catch Lionblaze saying something about not straying too far, before searching for someone to chat with. She was doing her best not to bump into anyone along the way. She had a scar on the side of her head, a noticeable limbin her walk, and some head trauma. Jayfeather had told her when she had first woken up in Thunderclan, she had been running and her front paw got stuck in a hole or burrow of some animal. Because of the speed and momentum, her front leg snapped like a twig. It made her stumble forward and resulted in her tumbling down a hill, where blood pooling out of her head as it had connected with a something rather hard. It was all healed now, but still hurt here and there. Wildfire noticed she was getting funny looks, kittypet on the tongues of those she passed, making friends outside of the clan was rather hard. But it wasn't as if she'd give up, there had to be someone here to talk to.

  • OOC: Alrighty ^^ I'm not too familiar with the official characters so I may end up just improvising a bit.


    The quiet pattering of whatever repetitive sound turned heads towards the direction of shoulder blades pointed upwards and a spine arching downwards to match the gaze of this ivory feline. Unsheathed claws lifted up then back down continuously to create an obnoxious tapping sound that got louder with every echo you heard.

    "She's doing it again," A fellow clan member looked upon Snowstorm's hunched over form with a cringe, "During a gathering too..." the others didn't know what to say, there was nothing to say really except for the silent hopes and whispers that spread through the crowd looking towards this situation concluding in Snowstorm releasing her mind and returning to a more normal behavior. Some were starting to regret giving the feline a chance to join them in this significant meeting, but what was noticed was that some whispers were not ones directed towards her, but also to another as well. This of course wasn't picked up and instead the feline continued her tapping of the claws until a slight pain started to make it's way through her paw. Her ears perked up straight as her back did as well, something had caught her attention and to others it seemed like nothing, nothing was in the clearing to have even remotely made some sort of move to catch the attention of this ivory cat, but it had happened anyway.

    Ignoring the glances around her long appendages unfolded to stretch to its highest potential, and now instead of being a mere shadow hiding around bodies, she was an elegant dame looking for something it seemed. Every thought that she had led to an irregular beat of movement, and now all you could see through a quick flicker of your eyes was a tail tinted with black nearly blending with the multiple variety of bodies now dancing around each other. Snowstorm's eyes grew dark as she began to let out huffs of breath, she quickly was able to catch up to the form that had piqued her interest in some triggering way, she reached out to try and nudge at the shoulder of the smaller feline that had been upright and trotting around with a goal in mind. White and ginger fur flooded her vision, the only explanation for this would be that Snowstorm thought that she had spotted a kit in trouble, lost from their home and unable to formulate a pathway back to where they were safe and comforted by a warm body. At least that's what she saw, she only wanted to recreate situations that she hadn't been punished for yet, as kit belonged in a well made den being groomed by a familiar tongue and watched over by loving eyes.

    As she froze in her steps attempting to coax the attention of this other feline, who she supposedly thought was female, she heard steps come up behind her. Rough teeth gripped at her scruff and jerked backwards roughly with every intent to take her back to her clan mates who would better watch her, it did seem nice to just let her run around wandering looking for who knows what, but they didn't need anymore attention on them then they already had. The warrior that had tried to drag Snowstorm back was surprised by a fast pivot as the feline twisted her body in order to escape, the only reason she was fighting back was because she thought that she was doing the wrong thing, if she was to be punished for trying to save a kit then that would only send her through long trials of confusion.

    Several more attempts were made to grab Snowstorm and take her away, but her speed and agility were underestimated as it always was, and with a angered huff the warrior swiveled around and padded away with a frustrated twitch of the tail, then instead of forgetting about what she had just been doing, the feline turned back around to glance towards the apparent kit that she had wanted to save, so far Snowstorm hadn't muttered nor whispered a word, but that was because she rarely spoke at all unless she had to help plan with her higher ups, but other than that she liked to bite her tongue and act mute. An act that would only increasingly create more difficulties as she progressed through her life, but from a different perspective, her not vocalizing was more pleasing to the ears, then if she were to be annoying through sight and hearing.

    Although this must have been a special situation when the feline opened her sharp maw and choked out,

    "Do you need help kit?"

    The rough texture of her voice nearly made her sound like a tom, but fortunately she was born looking well enough to never be mistaken, although many claim that it's a shame that she has the mind of a mouse, when she has the looks that could have landed her any feline in her clan.

  • The she-cat slide around a group of cats as she made her way past them. She could hear bits and pieces of clan chatter among them. Some of them spoke about their apprentices, others kits and mates, and a few discussed the prey and weather. Wildfire would have enjoyed listening in on some of the conversations, but she's had far too many times where cats would accuse her of spying or eavesdropping. She could have a simple explanation on her tongue, but somehow all the accusations would turn into insults and name calling. It was normally Lionblaze or one of the other Thunderclan cats who jumped down anyone's throat who brought up her kittypet origins. She wished they didn't though, So long as there were no claws and fangs involved, she had no problem holding her own.

    She found herself moving backwards as a pair of larger Shadowclan cats passed by her, it nearly caused her to collide with a group of apprentices showing off their moves. She caught herself at the last second, avoiding bumping into a creamy colored she-cat by a tail length. She felt like she was in the way at the moment. There were normally a few cats from Riverclan who didn't mind talking to her, but she didn't see their faces among the cats who had come to the gathering this moon. She didn't want to rely on Lionblaze for every little thing, she always felt like a third wheel whenever she was near him and he chatted with some older clan cats. She decided to search for a place off to the side and out of sight, she was rather sure she heard one of her nicknames called out as she began heading off. It sounded like Soaked hairball. That one was new.

    As she sighted a smaller area clear of cats farther back she began heading that way. Her paws propelled her backward as another herd of cats passed by her. She knew she was small and all that, but she wasn't that small. The ears on her head fell down as she rotated her head to the front. The muscles within her petite frame went tense and tightened underneath her thick coat. She felt eyes burning into her body which was a little odd, some cats liked to look at her but rarely was she worth their time beyond obtaining their leers and harsh remarks. She slowly tipped her head to the left side as he jaded opticals finally landed on a somewhat odd pair. There was a cat, longer-limbed than she and who had an elongated muzzle that reminded her greatly of a vixen. It was the face and those yellowish eyes that stood out to her the most, that and the fact there was another cat who seemed to be trying to catch her. Wildfire couldn't understand why, but the show was amusing none the less. It was clear that the long-limbed foxy feline was just too quick to catch.

    Wildfire was rather impressed to see that the cat managed to evade every attempt to grab her without tumbling over those legs. The Thunderclan molly was just a tad bit envious, she would love to be taller and just a little bit bigger would have been nice. Yet as those thoughts came she shook them away, she was perfectly fine the way she was. What she lacked in size she made up in personality and persistence...or at least that what Lionblaze said. Wildfire, slowly being bored, forced her paws into gear and turned slightly to begin treading to her previous destination before the slight distraction. However, she would never make it there as a voice that sounded rather close called out to her or at least she assumed it was her. The front set of claws slipped out of her paws and spine went a just a tad stiff as she swung her head around to glare at the owner of the voice.

    "I am not a—" Wildfire cut herself off as she had to repeated what the stranger just said to her. The bristled fur and defensive posture slowly relaxed and fell away as she realized that she had only called her a kit, not kittypet. The Thunderclan she-cat could take just about any insult in stride, but upon learning what the word kittypet met in warrior terms...well she found that she really didn't like it. Her background wasn't something she could fix or change and she really didn't like being taunted for it. "Oh, you said kit. Well, I'm not a kit." She possessed a voice and articulation in speaking that makes her sound like a mature she-cat, her tone of voice was less aggravated and more neutral as she sorted her thoughts out. She noticed the broad-shouldered tom out of her peripheral vision, Lionblaze had found her. The tom had been increasingly protective with the increasing hostility both Windclan and Shadowclan had been showing towards Thunderclan, due to her size a great many of cats jumped to the conclusion that she was rather helpless like the one before her.

    She had been trained just like the other warriors, she knew how to fight rather well if you asked her, however, her bark was considerable worse than her bite when she wanted it to be. She didn't need Lionblaze at all times anymore yet refrained from getting on the tom at the gathering. Instead, she ignored him and focused her attention on the mistaken she-cat. "Belive it or not, I'm a full grown cat well beyond her kithood moons." She spoke rather calmly, for the time being, it didn't appear that the other cat was here to be a bother to her nor to remind her of that fact she didn't have an ounce of warriorblood within her veins. It took Wildfire a few sniffs to figure out which clan the cat was from, the scent was rather clean and clear, reminding her of a fresh breeze of wind. She must live in the more open territory which said Windclan. It got Wildfire's guard up again, but she wasn't quite ready to start hissing and spitting just yet. "I'm Wildfire. Who are you?"

  • The feline gave a jerked tilt of her head, it swung briefly to the left before snapping back straight, it was only to help her process the information that she was just given as if she were some two legged helper. Snowstorm had to take a moment to silently format her words in her head before speaking them, she knew that apprentices got in trouble for speaking out of line and so she learned that she had to think before speaking. Usually it was hard for her to speak unless ordered to, when she was a kit it was only a continuous barrage of rejection whenever she tried to hold conversations with the other young cats, she did look different from the other Windclan felines, but thankfully the queen who had fed her gave her enough attention so that she didn't drift off even more than she already had. This moment although compelled her and brought her forward to lean her muzzle closer to the other, quick twitches of her nose indicated that she was taking deep breaths to see if she would recognize her. It was an unfamiliar scent.

    Panic bubbled up her chest and threatened to burst out, now her head was jerked down below her shoulder blades where it usually was, her orbs pointed downwards and her tail dropped like a rock towards the ground. This would seem like an impossible feat for her though since her limbs made it so that her tail would barely reach the ground.

    "Sorry, sorry, sorry sorry sorry...."

    Snowstorm's mind now clicked as her brain remade the other feline in her vision like a puzzle, she took out pieces and replaced them with other ones of more mature colors to remind herself that through her physical sight she was wrong. When she was wrong in any way she needed to negatively affected since that was how it always was, there were always eyes on her and even now she could feel them rip through her pelt, only a quick glance behind her would reveal that her feelings were right. The she-cat that had tried to stop her before had her eyes in slits, when she caught her eyes Snowstorm saw that her clan mate bared her fangs in an act of aggression. That when she did realized that what she was doing right now was quite bad, but since she wasn't able to fully understand the situation she thought it was because she had mistaken this other feline for a kit, when they really weren't. There was no way of her knowing that it was because she shouldn't be talking to a Thunderclan cat.

    Quiet clicking filled the area as fangs clacked against each other as if the feline was shivering in the winter with no warm bodies to help her brace through, her pupils shrunk and her ears pressed flat against her skull. The only moment of action that she carried out to indicate that she still had her attention on the feline she had come up to was how her whole frame was stiffly facing her. At some point Snowstorm had realized that she was different than the others, she just grew up accepting that she was treated this way and it was how it was going to be. Nobody knew if she was wrong in the head or if how she grew up was the reason for her odd behavior, but overall it didn't matter since that knowledge wouldn't change anything anyway. It finally came to the feline that she was asked a question, the other didn't seem too mad and that confused her to a weird extent.


    The feline tasted the name on her tongue, she stuck the muscle out and swept it over her muzzle before she lowered her frame onto the ground to lay herself to be more comfortable, since sometimes her skinny limbs couldn't hold her weight and so they grew sore, thought it only happened when she was walking. It was odd that she never had this problem when running, but it was just concluded that it was because she was filled with adrenaline during those times. Since all these thoughts were swirling around in an messy manner the feline had forgotten that she had been answered a question, instead she seemed to be stuck in a repetition of vocalizing the other's name, it wasn't until the clan mate that had been glaring at her spoke out that she snapped out of her trance.

    "Snowstorm get over here!"

    The feline would only whine as her muzzle twitched in fear, she didn't want to be in trouble again not so soon after she had made a mistake at camp. She had accidentally dug one hole too deep which someone else had tripped over nearly breaking their appendage. The others felt bitter about that and the consequence was fresh in her mind, she wanted to look up towards Wildfire who was now above her since she had laid down with widened eyes, some part of her hoping she was from Starclan here to just take her up and away from the differences she held from others.

  • Oh, good grief, Was the thought running through the petite feline's mind as she observed the Windclan cat. What Wildfire had been expecting was maybe an apology for the mistake and a name. What she got was not what she was expecting. The feline kept her small ears pressed firmly backward against her skull while her pink nose scrunched itself at the scents rolling off the other, Wildfire wondered if maybe she had said something wrong or had sounded a little harsh as the she-cat's whole posture took on a more timid and submissive manner. It looked as if her head was just too heavy to keep up along with the rest of her body. She's never seen such a thing before, most of the cats in Thunderclan had quite the backbone. In truth, she's never seen a cat cowering at the knowledge they had been wrong about something. None of the cats within any of the clans simply bent down like that.

    She was a little weird, and that was coming from her. Yet, Wildfire guessed that weird was better than normal. Wildfire was still considered rather strange in her own clan, but thankfully they took it in a good way. She lifted her head from the downward position she had it in to watch the cat who's belly furry practically touched the ground. There were eyes glaring dagger, but to her surprise, it wasn't here they were stabbing at. It was that cat from earlier, the one who the cowering feline had been avoiding. There could be an innumerable, a great many reasons on why the Windclan cat didn't seem to like her clanmate very much, but musing what little facts that she had gathered she assumed that it was just because the she-cat was different, it was that or because she had gotten in trouble with her clan. Yet, she wasn't exactly sure why they'd bring a troublesome cat to a gathering? It made little sense to her.

    Windclan was a bunch of furballs to her anyway, nothing they did made much sense to her. They were fewer furballs then Shadowclan and Riverclan, who wanted to live in the shadows and the water all time? Wildfire was brought out of her drifting thoughts, often getting distracted easily, as was this chattering sound. She didn't mean like talking chatter either, it was the sound of teeth banging together. It wasn't even that cold yet, leaf-fall was upon them and leaf-bare was up next. It was a little cold, but not chattering teeth cold. Her eyes fell back to the cat who was causing the noise, Wildfire was getting mixed emotions in the scents coming from her. It was too much of a bother to process them right now. The name that was spoke was her own and did not help her figure out who the cowering she-cat was in the slightest.

    The Thunderclan cat looked away from the repetitive feline and glanced around the island. The lush miniature forest, made up of dense bush and trees around the edge, were lined with cats with several of them having lingering looks in their direction. Some of her own clanmates were looking at her as if she had grown a second head, she even found her leader's eyes dipped in her direction with a disapproving frown. It dawned her about the same time she figured she knew why the Windclan cat looked at cowering feline with such aggression. They probably shouldn't be talking or really seen together. Windclan has been Thunderclan rivals since Windclan's leader had a fallout with Thunderclan's former leader, Firestar. She knew of the hostility between both clans, but no one had blatantly told her that she wasn't allowed to even talk to the Windclan cats. The voice of the aggravated Windclan female had Wildfire looking over at her a scowl on her maw.

    She really should just turn away and go back to her clanmate who seemed to be silently tugging her back to them with the intensity of their gaze, however, Wildfire wasn't one who went with the flow nor follow the norm she'd be disgracing the name Bramblestar had given her if she did. Sure she should be more thankfully and obedient consider that she owed her clan quite a lot, between nursery her back to health, taking her in, and giving more of a purpose in life. Yet, she was a little tired of pleasing everyone else. Just because the majority of Thunderclan really didn't like Windclan didn't mean that she had to dislike every single Windclan member just the ones that were morons and insulting. Besides, Snowstorm didn't look like she wanted to back to her clanmates, and Wildfire didn't exactly want to go back to her own right now either, not in the mood for auguring.

    "Snowstorm, that's what they call you." Wildfire seemed pleased that she wouldn't have to repeat her question on the name. The crabby Windclan warrior had been somewhat helping. Snowstorm looked like she could use a friend if the way she was looking at the Thunderclan cat like a beaten kit was to go off of. Wildfire was looking for someone to talk to anyway, she ignored the pointed looks being cast her way and stretched out her body. "Come on. I know where to go." She meowed, her paws lifting her light weight as she turned a little away from the she-cat. She led the way to a thick bush, crouching and shoving her way through the poking limbs of the bush. She came out on the other side, a decent sized body of water sitting in front of her. The rocky shore of the island had some large roots growing out of them. Most of the cats sat in the middle of the island, that's where everyone else sat. The outer part of the island was mostly isolated, the thick bushes and trees made it appear as if there was a wall between clans and herself, nothing seemed divided on this side.

  • The feline was now torn as she looked towards the disappearing physique and back towards her clan mates who were trying to draw her back to them with a glare that sent more shivers down her spine. The Queen now Warrior who had looked after her as a kit looked towards her with a gaze that she couldn't gather any emotion from, Snowstorm always looked to her to base her final decisions on, but seeing as how she wouldn't gather any information from the other's facials her mind started to run. She had never run from punishment before, since she was taught that it was necessary every single time for her to learn, but now that she had met someone that could take her away from this so called necessary ordeal then of course she wanted to take it. Slowly the feline pushed herself upwards, her long limbs stretching tall as her ears topped several heads that were close enough to compare her height to. Once more she gazed towards her 'Final Decision Maker' is what she called her, it may have been her imagination, but she thought she saw a slight jerk towards the brush that Wildfire had vanished into. No more actions were required, so before her mind started to create reasons as to why she should keep thinking, the feline darted forwards and shot through the bush only to roll forward and land on her back.

    The wide mass of water that greeted her had her shuffling backwards, she had been told that she should stay away from water, and that the River was bad. All the things that she was ever told stuck to her mind, but when she needed to learn more things, the ones with a punishment at the end usually stuck the best. This didn't mean that Snowstorm was constantly punished for multiple things, over the moons that she took breaths of the Windclan air she had made more mistakes than an average feline would make. Even the kits would be let off a couple of times, but for her she needed to do everything as she was told or she wouldn't get to eat, not even a mouse. Some of her clan mates pitied her, but they could only gaze on as the more stronger personas banded together to create a system for her brain, a puzzle that she needed to keep putting together only to end with a final blow to stick it all together.

    After she landed Snowstorm curled herself up, waiting for any other noise to burst through behind her, her was scared and still shaking as she waited to see if a clan member would come to drag her back. Back to where her punishment waited, although the confusion that she had felt before bubbled back up after some of the adrenaline form her small escape settled down. Why was the feline that she had supposedly mistakenly treated being kind to her, although instead of calling it kind I guess you could say that it was on the borderline, not yet being categorized into either of the sections. her mind had already concluded on what she thought the problem was, she had been trying to do what was right, for whenever a kit wandered off they were brought back to where they were supposed to be. They were such curious critters that could become such a handful, and so some of the Queens like to assign the feline to watching them, so then at least she would be useful in some way other than just hunting.

    Seeing as how nobody was following after her, Snowstorm uncurled herself then pushed up onto her paws once again, a brief curl of her spine indicating a stretch as her shoulders relaxed, now that she wasn't in the presence of continuous glares and stares she was able to feel more free, ever since she was a kit she barely had the moment of isolation that she was now feeling currently, it was weird to the point where she began to think it was wrong. Swiveling her gaze towards Wildfire she tilted her skull, orbs widening in question as she took a few steps forward, curious about this other feline. She seemed to have a strong aura that surrounded her every movement, she had even been able to make the feline consider following after her and away from her clan mates, and succeed in the act. Usually it was hard for her to be torn between two different decisions since usually they were all decided for her, the only time that she got to voice her thoughts were when she was needed for prey hunt and battle planning. Only then was she considered useful and was actually listened to, where as during any time other than that she was once again treated like a mouse.


    Only after considerable thinking Snowstorm had landed on at least one reason as to why she was pulled apart from the others and to the shore where the isolation rested upon her tense shoulders. Maybe it was that she needed to be reeducated in a place that wouldn't bother the other felines, when she was told that she was coming to the gathering she was confused. They had never taken her before, so it was strange that they would do so now. Only whispers had been heard about how battle plans needed to be discussed, and when those words were ever uttered she needed to be in the presence of the higher ups doing that very action. Although pushing that aside it could also be because her clan mates had gotten tired of looking after her and wanted to somehow get rid of her. Maybe this other feline was the answer to their problems, which was her, and she was to be taken away. Her nose dropped slightly as a frown etched across her face, her facials scrunched up as watery orbs shut tightly as she thought of being a loner, a rogue to be chased out as her father had been.

    Snowstorm lowered her rump onto the ground and took her usual pose of lowering her skull below her shoulders and wrapping her tail around her whole frame, she was ready for whatever words were to be thrown towards her, and her mind was ready to remember every single word. It was deemed nearly impossible for anything to be said to her that she hadn't heard before, repeats were common yet she never harbored any emotion nor reaction towards them, since once again, she thought it was the normal way to go. The feline in front of her was quite smaller than she, but that physical trait bared no affect to the profile that she had already created for the other, since she took note of persona more than appearance in front of her she could only see an outline of a larger feline with broader shoulders and eyes burning like the sun. A strange thought to have about a stranger, she had never seen her before so she was at least able to determine that she wasn't from the same clan. Although seeing as how she was told that all other clans except Shadowclan was a threat she thought that it was a Shadowclan cat standing before her, who else would her clan send to punish her in anyway?

  • A deep sense of serenity overcame her as she stared in rapture at the expanse of blue that lay before her. Rays of lights danced delicately across the water, the lake is the finest of mirrors, never showing exactly what is above, but converting it to a image so beautifully smudged and broken. The she-cat sat peering at the large body of water, the head slightly slanted to the right as she found herself in the water. She located her eyes, a little distorted due to the moving water, the sharp jaded eyes stared back at her blankly. Her eyes were green. The kind of green that pushed its way through the piles of gritty snow to remind you that spring was coming. The kind of green that budded on the prisoners of winter, bringing life back to their branches. That churning, passionate green that the ocean turns during a storm. That colur of the forest after it rains. The colour of the tadpoles making ripples in the pond. That green color that brings hope and life no matter what has happened. They told her they were Firestar's eyes. It was sad just a little bit, she was glad that she had meet Thunderclan and grateful for all they had given her, but she wished they saw something more then their deceased leader.

    The feline head's snapped in the direction of rustling branches as Snowstorm made her way out, rather ungracefully. Wildfire's body followed her head as she got to her paws and directed herself in Snowstorm's direction. A touch of curiosity shimmered in her vibrant emeralds as she observed the cat quickly backing away from the water like it would spring up and nip her. Wildfire was well aware that most cats, besides Riverclan, wasn't all that fond of the water. She didn't mind the water so long as she didn't have to live in it. Snowstorm seemed to be one of those cats who feared the water, weather it was a choice of her's or something taught by her clan, Wildfire couldn't tell without asking. The Thunderclan feline had taught herself to swim at a young age, her two legs often shoved her smaller body of water and let her swim. It was a good skill to have, she might of had taken a chance to swim here but unfortunately she hasn't swum since her accident and she wasn't going to try without someone she trust.

    Her nose began to wrinkle itself as her face scrunched up in puzzlement as the Windclan cat momentary curled up on herself, like something was going to come and get her. Snowstorm was a puzzle that Wildfire was having a hard time wrapping her head around. When they had first met, Wildfire had been impressed with her evasive skill and determination to reach her, even if it simply because she thought Wildfire was a lost kitten. Yet as soon as Wildfire pointed out her mistake her whole personality and body language took on a change. She turned into this meek, docile, beaten, molly. It was a little disappointed really, Wildfire was use to meeting cats with some spunk. Snowstorm didn't have much of a backbone, although there was something there consider that she had been willing to follow Wildifre instead of going back to her clan. Yet there was probably more of a reason for that then what was on surface.

    At the word punishment, her ears folded themselves and puzzlement replaced her thoughtful expression.
    "Punishment?" She repeated in a questioning tone and a slightly frown. What punishment? "I am not here to punish you." No matter what angle she looked at it Wildfire found herself stumped with Snowstorm's word. Snowstorm didn't seem to be big on talking so Wildfire didn't ask what she was talking about even though she'd like to know why she had said that. Wildfire remained standing as Snowstorm took a seat and appeared to be trying to disappear from the way she was sitting. "Your kind of strange, but I'm assuming that because I don't really know you." Wildfire commented with a gentle smile. She was sure that if she lived in the same clan as the cat she'd possible more accustom to her odd ways, or not. The chatty feline was undeterred by Snowstorm's more timid personality and body language assuming that was just how she was. Yet how did someone like her become a warrior? Maybe she wasn't always like that? "So I haven't seen you at the gatherings before is this your first time?" Wildfire's been in Thunderclan for over two years now, at thirty-eight moons she was relativity young but old enough to be a respected warrior, and apparently deputy. She's been to enough gathering and would of remember seeing someone like Snowstorm.

    As she recalled her first coming to Thunderclan she tipped her head back and looked up at the sky. The moon under siege by stars seemed to lighten the night bringing forth stars that shone and hung in the blackness. The never ending blackness consumed everything. Except the stars which stood out like pebbles in front of a storm. There were lighter patches, clusters of faint and bold light, the constellations altered according to the time of year. These were the same stars that greeted the ancients, the same ones that would be there in millions of years. Wildfire guess that she thought that everything was weird or strange at one time. Believing that cats in the stars governed the clans was certainly the strangest, but like everything over time it became something normal. Thunderclan had taught her to be more open-minded, she tried not to be too judgemental or blunt, but sometime that was a little hard. Like right now she wanted to know why Snowstorm acted the way she did, but didn't want to hurt her feelings either.

    Her head snapped to the right towards the trees and greenery as she thought she heard her name being called. Her attention went back to the she-cat before falling back to the wall behind them. She remained still for a few seconds as she listened, yes she was sure that someone was calling her name. She didn't move from where she stood not really wanted to come out just yet. She wasn't fond of lectures, and she was sure she was going to get one sooner or later that would be rather long and drag on forever. She probably shouldn't of left the center of island, but she couldn't exactly talk with all those accusing eyes on her. She decided to ignore it for the time being and turned her focus back to the Windclan cat.

  • A strange feeling seemed to gently fall over the Windclan feline, this feeling as if everything that had been built up in her chest was released, or sucked out by a gentle stream. Now that she was able to name this emotion she gave a look towards the clear sapphire, even though she was told that the river was bad, she couldn't help but admire it. To think about whether or not it had been the water to take away her fear and stumbling limbs that had never stopped shaking, but now they were relaxed, she was relaxed and she titled it relief. Throughout her entire life she had been treated as if she were a tool, only used when needed (which was rarely), and put away and ignored when unneeded. A simple pattern, it had a rhythm to it and therefore she didn't mind the continuous act of her clan mates sending her away when her presence was rather wanted elsewhere. The only reason that she had been given her name was because the leader at least realized that she had perks that were useful to some extent, her intelligence with planning and ability to hunt were the only things to bring her up.

    "First time,"

    Snowstorm's voice was hoarse, she rarely used her vocals and this moment was the most that it has ever been used. She had many chances to come to gatherings, since she was the one behind a majority of the plannings that Windclan ever went through, it was questioned whether or not she were to be brought, but her behavior was deemed too embarrassing to show each time, nobody wanted the other clans to know that they had an idiotic feline. She also never dreamed of wanting to go to gatherings, only words that had been said to her drifted and gently latched onto the walls of her brain, only words taught her and punishments taught her to do things or to not do things. All her thoughts and actions were brought to conclusions by experience, or memorization and labels that she needed to put on every single thing that cycled through her life. Whether it was current or from the past, or if it was to be in the future, Snowstorm always had a set action that she needed to proceed to act out upon in any scenario thrown at her. Although not much would be thrown at her, since she didn't have an exciting life, she wasn't an energetic kit and she wasn't a rambunctious warrior, she was the clan embarrassment.

    Snowstorm usually heard everything that even attempted to be whispered, or said at a distant, it was the perks of having a physique built for hunting and only being good for hunting. Her dull yellow eyes seemed hard to miss, only because of the outlining that ran along her orbs, these pupils flickered over to Wildfire, or to be more specific it followed her. Wildfire was a being that was quite new to Snowstorm, throughout her entire life where she had had exchanges with her clan mates she learned that there was only one way that others treated her, some just had different ways to show it, but this feline now standing in front of her since as she moved Snowstorm seemed to follow along, this feline had been the first to tell her that there was no punishment, that there was nothing negative to be thrown towards her at all. Every box that had been carefully sorted in her mind opened to try and analyze and save every aspect of Wildfire, searching around to see if there were any others that were like her, or if Thunderclan cats were all just like this. If all Thunderclan cats were like how Wildfire was, then she would not complain if she were to be kidnapped, and if she wasn't then she would run away and never return to her horrid home... If she had the courage which she never built on, that skill was thrown aside and deemed as unnecessary by her clan mates that beat down on it continuously.

    "I'm too embarrassing to have around,"

    This was Snowstorm's first sentence in a long while, it had been a while since she needed to organize or plan something for her clan, prey hadn't been too hard to come by and no battles had erupted yet, she used the word yet since she heard small murmurs of there being one, but any other information was lost to her when a shrill tone started to yell at her for digging holes again. Digging holes was something that kept the feline lively, it kept her busy so she wouldn't wander off to mess something up again, she usually remembered to fill them back up, but there were times when the thought would completely fly over her head. Her ears perked as she heard a familiar name, it was now familiar since she had carved it into her brain, she had repeated it continuously until she remembered it and made sure that she would never forget this new memory. She knew that the other feline was being called towards, Snowstorm didn't like the idea of having to be the one to hold her back from returning to her kind clan that she would now remember it as. She also had an inkling that one of her clan mates had sad something about Thunderclan, but during this moment she didn't want to remember it.

    The feline trudged forward towards Wildfire after pushing her rump off the ground with a slight push of the appendages, her skull was still lowered below her shoulder blades, but this time it was so that she could commit to an action without bringing too much discomfort to her physique. Snowstorm pushed her head towards the other feline, aiming to give her a small push towards the brushes that they had come through. Just because she was punished often didn't mean that she was the only one to be punished, she had witnessed kits getting in trouble and apprentices being scolded for things that they had done wrong. The feline didn't want Wildfire to get in trouble even more for trying to carry out an act of kindness, honestly she didn't deserve it and so her movements became even more determined as she claws dug within the soil, digging easily at the soft dirt that had been affected by the glistening water.

    She didn't what else she was supposed to say, she knew that if she herself were to return to her clan then she would be punished dearly for it, her only source of decisions wouldn't help her since it was not her responsibility to look after Snowstorm anymore. She knew that by denying an order given to her, even if it were through a glare, that she would never be allowed to return to another gathering ever again. This thought hung in the air rather than just being dropped and consumed, it was the first time that Snowstorm had ever wanted to reject an idea that she knew would probably come true, she didn't want to accept since now that she had finally made it here, only because someone didn't want her at the camp when most of the others were gone, she didn't want to stay the next time the chance came. She wanted to meet this Wildfire feline again, she fascinated Snowstorm to a large extent which has never happened before, all these new experiences and feelings that she was started to feel marked this location as a place of respect and significance, this would forever be a place that Snowstorm would never forget, and never want to give up a chance to return to again.

  • The Thunderclan she-cat was trying to follow what was told to her. She could see this might be Snowstorm's first gathering, some clan leaders were more picky about those who got a chance to go to the gathering. She guessed she understood to a point about now wanting someone like Snowstorm to come to the gathering, besides that it was a time for talk it was also a time to prove a clan's strength. The strong warriors, the new apprentices, mates, kits, they all reflected on the clan. Snowstorm didn't have any physically disabilities, but her unusual personality and submissive nature to not just her own clan but to others might come off as a weakness to others. Still, there was more to this she-cat that meets the eye. Wildfire was sure there are things underneath that are more important than those things you get to see, good or bad. Either way the feline was rather happy to see that she had gotten more than one word out of Snowstorm, it was progress and progress was good.

    As Snowstorm got up and silently urged her to head back, she let out a huff and a deep sigh with an additional sigh to wrap it all together. She supposed it was about time for her to deal with overwhelming clanmates again, gatherings should be a little longer some people wanted to make friends outside of their clan. She was sure she was going to get a speech on the clan rules again and having friends from other clans if she used that excuse. She was slightly prolonging the inevitable, and after a few seconds and some glower in the direction of the bushes, she got her butt in gear.
    "Alright I'm going." She meowed, tail lashing behind her with a head shake. She moved her paws with great reluctance as she began her retreat. "Thanks for talking with me, even if it was brief I'll admit that this was better then my other gatherings." She tossed over her shoulder with bright smile. "I hope to see you soon." She waved her tail in a farewell while pushed through the bushes and allowing the them to engulf her retreating form. As soon as she came out the other side, she nearly jumped out of her fur when she heard the snappy tone sounding behind her.

    "Mouse-brain, your suppose to be with the other deputies." Wildfire turned her head to gaze at the hazy gaze of her medicine cat. He had his eyes directed over her shoulder, but it always felt like he was staring right at her, which was kind of creepy. Something of a headstrong free spirit, Wildfire wasn't one simply take any insult.
    "You could of told me that sooner." Wildfire shot back just as irritable.
    "Squirrelflight goes straight up to the deputies every gathering, it's common sense. Hurry up, Mistystar's going to start." He sounded just as annoyed as her, but that was normal. As soon as he turned to walk off, a shout could be heard, and almost instantly jaws clamped shut, and heads were raised. The aged leader of Riverclan had stepped forward, forcing her hoarse voice into a yowl, just to silence the crowd of cats gathered below. and to gain their attention, of course. As she padded up, with a few confused gaze from most of the clan deputies.

    "What are you doing here?" The question came from the Windclan deputy, Harespring and was echoed by Shadowclan's deputy, Crowfrost with an added insult of kittypet. She did her best not to let them get under her fur.
    "I'm Thunderclan's deputy." She kept her tone as calm as she could get it. She ignored the hisses and took a seat at the base of the oak tree besides Riverclan's deputy. Wildfire could feel the eyes burning holes through her pelt as she cast her green gaze around the gathered clans. It took quite a lot of restraint to keep her claws from slipping out and digging into the
    earth. Once again there was everyone judging her. She stifled the urge to roll her eyes, instead she wrapped her bushy tail around her paws and sat up straighter. Her eyes turned in the direction of the leaders, her own had a heavy amount of tension in his broad shoulders as he looked around at the two clearly upset clan. The words kittpet and Thunderclan were thrown around, along with the question on where the former Thunderclan deputy was here and there. Riverclan's leader' eyes shone a vivid amount of annoyance with the lack of respect being shown, and in turn looked at both the Shadowclan leader and Windclan leader, but it was her own leader who's voice roared above the noise.

    "Silence!" The Thunderclan leader waited until it had hushed before taking a seat once again, allowing the Riverclan leader to speak. Just as quick as she had rose to her paws, the blue-grey molly settled down once again, gaze drifting over the various faces of felines, and then, her voice was heard once more, strong, yet giving away her age just as easily. Her announcement was brief, she spoke of how Riverclan was in fine health, with no unfortunate happenings during the season. Once she stepped backwards, it appeared as if Bramblestar was going to move, but the Windclan leader moved ahead of him. His jerky and swift movement nearly knocked her leader from the branch, but being the seasoned warrior he was he kept his balance even if it was just barely. There was a few hisses and snarls that rolled through the Thunderclan section, but they were silenced as quickly as they came as Wildfire gave such a heated glare it could of scorched fur. There was no need to stoop to their level. The Windclan leader's words were swift, although he throw some well placed barbs at Thunderclan that both the leader and the current deputy chose to ignored. He finished with something about a new apprentice, before stepping back. Her leader appeared to be refraining from speaking, yet the Shadowclan leader gave a light nod to Bramblestar, so the leader padded forwards and spoke. He was blunt and straight to the point. "Wildfire has been placed as deputy within Thunderclan, due- The leader was cut off as hisses and yowls sprang into the air, mostly from Windclan and Shadowclan.

    There was a number of accusations tossed at Wildfire, along with rude questions and comments on if where Squirrelflight was and if she had died. "She's in the nursery with his kits." Wildfire finally called out above the noise. "She's not dead, she's perfectly fine, she just has kits." The she-cat had one ear pressed against her skull as the cats looked at her. Bramblestar had the fur on the back of his neck lifted, but he didn't appear annoyed with her. Instead he was looking Onestar who had muttered something to low for them to hear.
    "So Thunderclan picked a kittypet to serve as their deputy. It figures, a clan full of kittypets should be served by a kittypet. Once a kittypet always a kittypet." Shadowclan's deputy added moments later. That one got the clans on edge once again. Wildfire huffed again but didn't dignified that with a retort, there was enough tension in the air already. Instead, her eyes roamed around for a lengthy Windclan she-cat. She figured Snowstorm would return to her clan alright, but there was always that touch of doubt.

  • The feline had felt a pang in her chest as she watched the retreating form of the other disappear within the brushes, her ears perked as she heard every word that was exchanged between Wildfire and another, and so she didn't move until she heard soft pads walk away from her direction. As she stared at the brushed that divided her and her clan her appendages started to shake, she didn't want to go back, but she knew that she had to since her home was where the plains ran endlessly, and to be allowed to hunt and run she needed to be part of this clan. Her long limbs took a second to regain some balance, but after they did she slowly peered her nose through the brush before the rest of her body followed. She was able to slink back towards the general direction of her clan, but instead of moving towards where most of the other warriors sat, she directed herself towards the back where most of the other felines were not. Although this was an attempt to isolate herself, overall it failed when a hiss shot itself through her skull forcing her to look over towards the warrior that gave her the most trouble, this she-cat lashed her tail and jerked her muzzle towards the spot next to her with a glare plastered upon her visage. Snowstorm didn't think that she ever saw a feline that always had such a look of disgust constantly glued onto her facials, at least some would once in a while release their muscles to sigh or laugh, but this other feline was quite the angered species.

    Her long form slithered past all the forms of her clan mates, some giving somewhat of a spitting comment, while some just ignored her, and the rest looked on with expressions filled with sympathy. As soon as she got to the spot she was directed to cover, her frame immediately dropped to the ground, her appendages scrunched up and her taller physique attempted to look as small as possible. Her ears pressed against her skull as did the rest of her figure, the only part of her that wasn't going down were her eyes that looked straight towards her leader. She saw him interrupt another leader, but she wasn't sure how she was supposed to feel about that action, she was told that every action committed by this higher ranking feline was the absolute correct statements, but she wasn't able to get too deep into her thoughts before a paw slightly slammed itself against her skull, forcing her head to be pressed against the ground a little harder. It wasn't an aggravating pain, but it created some discomfort for the feline, nobody had ever commented on how others treated her before, and they wouldn't start now just because she was in an area filled with more forms than she had ever seen.

    Instead of beating herself down with negative expressions, the feline instead resorted to shifted her gaze towards the clearing, flickering her vision around trying to look for the other feline titled Wildfire, at least if she had some sort of action to busy herself with then she wouldn't need to focus so much on the pressure that was still resting against her skull. No matter how long she attempted to find this other feline she realized that she was nowhere among the masses, and so therefore Snowstorm just moved on to look towards the tree that the leaders were perched in, and that's when she saw the familiar coat that had glistened quite nicely next to the gentle sapphire of the river. Her dull yellow orbs that seemed to nearly fade to a dying sun seemed to bright up as her black outlining emphasized her orbs and the sun shined upon its counterpart, she kept her eyes locked on the other feline as she found this action to be a sign of comfort. The fact that this was the first time for Snowstorm to have been treated as someone that wasn't looked down upon nor as someone that was classified as annoying and stuck in that category, she had already begun to look up towards Wildfire.

    Although there were still some absent information that lingered within her mind, the sudden murmurs and shocked vocals that ranged through her ears confused to her to a large extent since she didn't know the situation before her. When she heard the familiar voice start to speak her ears perked up to listen and still she had no idea what was going on in front of her. There were some voices insulting kitty pets, and the only time she had ever heard that term was when it was spoken down on.


    It was unusual for the feline to speak up when she was forced into a submissive position, thankfully since they were in a more public place the warrior that was above her didn't seem to be yelling at her, but instead was physically forcing Snowstorm into an uncomfortable position. The feline was questioning why there were others that were speaking bad about Wildfire, she saw nothing wrong with her newly found companion when she was talking to them, except for the fact that she had mistaken the other for a kit, but other than that all Wildfire did was hold a small part of her mind, a bit bigger slot than other clan mates that she had known for much longer. Her talons unsheathed and dug into the dirt, clawing up some residue bit by bit as her usual hobby for when she's within campgrounds unconsciously moved her physique. When she started to shift around as well the pressure of the paw upon her head grew stronger as she briefly glanced up only to be met with a glare. "Don't question and just stay silent," the warrior hissed, baring her teeth as her lips pulled back in a sign of aggression, all Snowstorm could do was lower her gaze again and somehow force this growing feeling to be suppressed. She would figure out what it meant eventually, but it seemed that right now wasn't the best time. Looking towards Wildfire again the feline sent a questioning look, her orbs widened and her tongue slipped out to sweep around her muzzle, this would be the only time that Snowstorm didn't bear a passive expression, but instead, had on a neutral one.

  • Wildfire decided against glaring and snarling threats at Crowfrost, even if he was numbskull. It wouldn't get her anywhere, besides she was suppose to acting mature. She'd prefer being with the rest of the clan, yowling and getting upset with Crowfrost. Why did Squirrelflight had to pick her as her replacement? She assumed this had something to do with the former kittypet leader, Firestar, but wasn't going to bring it up. Her eyes stopped wandering as she found the lengthy she-cat she had been searching for, it appeared that Snowstorm had gotten back to her clan, although appeared to be in some sort of trouble if the way her clanmate was treating was anything to go on. It wasn't her clan and she really shouldn't stick her nose into another cat's business, but she'd like to know why the white feline took everyone's mousedung. With a sigh, Wildfire
    return her attention to the gathered leaders, as to not to be accused of staring. Her leader might of had a little more to share, but considering how badly they were all looking upon his clan and the fact that insult had gotten on his nerves, he
    instead stepped back allowing the Shadowclan leader to speak.

    To her suprised the Shadowclan didn't seem to apporva of the way his clan was treating Thunderclan, but
    didn't say anything against them. Wildfire ignored his words, and could careless on what was going on within his clan. They were all a bunch of black hearted furballs anyway. She focused on her paws as she waited for the meeting to be over, not lifting her head until the eldest leader called the meeting to an end. She got to her paws, ready to move after her clan, but found Shadow's deputy in her path. She fought off the long, exaggerated sigh she wanted to released and lifted her to meet the tom's eye. As far as she knew, Crowfrost owed Thunderclan a lot, that badger attack moons ago would of killed him if not for her leader. But it appeared the past was in the past with him.

    "Enjoy your time for now, Kittypet. It won't be lasting long." There we go again with the kittypet comment, she had a name!

    "What's that suppose to mean?" She questioned, the threat didn't go unnoticed but she did want to know what he was getting at. Everyone outside of her clan seemed to want to rake through claws through her pelts, she wasn't sure if she should be more weary of him or not. She didn't fail to noticed that Crowfrost was shooting a look over her shoulder, turning her head she saw that Lionblaze and a fluffy grey she-cat with blue eyes stood with him. Wildfire cast her own eyes over to
    Crowfrost, seeing a rather big, broad shoulder, dark brown tabby with amber eyes was standing rather close. A smaller, cream furred she-cat with the same amber eyes was watching closely as well.

    The tension that was building up was a little more than Wildfire was use to in a day, the gathering was over and so a fight could still go on. But she wasn't sure she was willing to risk a fight over injured pride and small threats, she'd be regretting so later through. She gave a sharp wave of her tail, and it took the two a moment, but they backed off and wandered over to the rest of Thunderclan. She turned her back on the Shadowclan cat and began to pad away, he didn't seem to happy with it. But that was that. Her eyes began to wander as the Windclan cats gathered and began to head out, wanting to see if she could catch Snowstorm. However, Wildfire felt a pelt bump against her side, lifting her head to catch Lionblaze's more troubling glare. She wasn't really paying attention to him as he growling something about not talking to Windclan. As she made her way towards he front she found her leader and medicine cat rapidly speaking to each other about something, they didn't seem happy, but they shut up when Wildfire appeared at their sides.

    Her leader commented on how she had handled Shadowclan's deputy, the medicine cat slipped back to his brother's side. The leader had them wait till Windclan crossed the bridge first, much to Thunderclan annoyance. She could hear a few grumbles behind her back about Bramblestar allowing Windclan to go ahead of them. Over the past moons she's been in Thunderclan, she's found that her leader wasn't a tom who fought for the petty things in live. When he fought he often fought for what he truly believed in. If Thunderclan truly had been wrong, he'd be the first one to step up and say something about it. But tonight, there really was no harm in allowing Windclan to leave first. Sure there was some pride being wounded a little, but nothing to fight over.

  • As the feline attempted to keep their attention upon the words that were being sent over the span of the area, she couldn't help but trail off a bit every few seconds. She had been brought since the others that had been staying behind didn't want her to brother them, but her leader had also brought her just because she had helped them plan things a couple times, and he didn't want her to be completely tossed aside. As soon as it had started it had ended, the pressure of her clan mate's paw lifted and padded off without a glance back, this at least gave the feline some sort of relief since she wouldn't have to deal with anything else until maybe they got back to the camp. As the rest of the felines around her started to lift themselves and move towards the bridge she trailed along, but not until she was a couple steps behind the last row of the others. Her usual submissive pose held as she continued her steps, keeping up a regular pace so as to help her more with keeping her balance.

    As her clan started to pass by Thunderclan who had so politely allowed them to pass first, her gaze traveled across the frames to search for a familiar one, and when she spotted the smaller feline among the masses she gave a tilt of the head and kept her gaze upon the other, she wasn't sure if she should call out in any way, but thinking about it carefully as attempting to put together multiple outcomes that could happen from that bout of action, the feline decided that it would be best to just turn her skull back forward and follow her clan. As she came up upon the bridge Snowstorm seemed to just gaze at it for a while, seeming to be contemplating how far up she should jump so that she would get the best landing possible. Bunching up her appendages under her frame the feline pushed up hard enough so that she soared over the edge and gracefully landed on all fours without a single stagger. The fact that she always needed to focus on her balance helped for whenever she needed to leap on top of things well enough so that she wouldn't fall. After Snowstorm had landed she started to scurry after her clan who had gone up a couple more steps ahead, but not without first slumping back down into her usual pose.

    It would be quite the shame to see someone as long legged as her shrivel up into a forced ball whenever she trotted anywhere, but to her it only seemed like a necessary action so that she would obviously be submitting herself to other felines. She wasn't ever supposed to feel as if she was above anyone else, and since physically she was above others, she needed to be broken down that way as well.


    Snowstorm turned her frame one last time to direct her voice towards Wildfire, but what she didn't realize was that since she had to bring up so much courage just to send this one line she hadn't really vocalized her word at all. Instead all you saw was the feline looking back and mouthing something, hopefully if the other was intelligent enough she would be able to pick it up, but currently during that time the feline hadn't even realized that she hadn't said anything. Since she had paused her steps to look back, the feline looked back towards the end of the bridge and continued her rhythm, right then left, right then left, she kept this pattern in her head until she dropped down form the bridge and scurried along to catch up with the tails of her clan mates. So desperately she didn't want to go back to her camp, something compelled her to turn around and head the other direction, it didn't matter where that urge would take her as long as it wasn't the Windclan camp. She was the odd one out, not even entirely even considered part of the clan, only used when needed, not even treated better than a measly apprentice. Ever since her family had been taken away the feline hadn't been able to learn from the primary source and instead had to base her entire mindset on the others within her clan.

    A soft whimper emitted from her muzzle as she saw plains in the distance, a few tails in front of her lashed side to side as they heard her small moment of vocalization, but seemed to not act on it. The fear started to bubble back up and into her lungs where a sudden pressure would press down and keep her from ever even thinking about the small amount of freedom she had received at the gathering. Although from at least everything she had gathered she would not be returning anytime soon unless they needed her for some odd reason to go back. Tension was growing within her camp grounds, she heard her name whispered among the mouths and she didn't really know why, a few glances towards her directions also bothered her since before these were not regular. Snowstorm would only guess that she would be called upon soon to evaluate yet another plan, but some deep pull inside of her seemed to be warning her of this moment, and now she just wanted to avoid it somehow.

    Her steps shortened and her rhythm faltered as they finally made it to where they had come from and where they all slept, a quick hope flew through her mind as she wished that she would just quickly get to her usual nest and dread the next morning. Nobody bothered her and she took it as a good sign, but somehow it also felt wrong since she had been expecting some sort of punishment when they had returned. Although the feline wouldn't complain at all, until soft voices were drifted towards her now perked audits as she strained them to listen in more contently,

    "Let her have this moment of silence before we require her services again,"

    The feline stiffened as she wasn't able to completely comprehend what it was that they needed her services for, but she just decided to brush that aside until the next morning, her mind quickly sent towards the stars hoping for a nice dream that would help her relax her muscles that were still tense and were tense throughout the whole day.

  • The long tail swayed back and forth in a lazy motion as the vivid irises trailed after the forms of the retreating Windclan felines. She was somewhat dwarfed beside the larger muscular framed leader she more focused on Windclan and failed to notice the particular look the leader was casting her way. The jaded eyes finally found whom she was looking for as the long limb made her way up the fallen tree that served as their bridge. Her ears must have perked in interest for she noticed a few eyes following her own. Even with the enhanced hearing of a cat, Wildfire was unable to hear what the Windclan warrior was saying as she turned and looked at her. Yet it was easy enough to guess, the fact that Snowstorm had paused in her departure to say goodbye assure Wildfire that she had a friend in the she-cat. It wasn't exactly that she was friendless in her clan. The point was that she didn't have friends in other clans because of her background and she supposed because of the clan she was in. The fact that someone could overlook both things warmed her heart greatly, she was almost as happy as the day Thunderclan had taken her in.

    As the last Windclan cat left the bridge her leader rose to his paws and gave a lash of his tail. Wildfire rose with him and padded towards the wooden tree trunk, tensing the muscles in her legs she to push off the ground a little bit harder then the rest of the clan to make up for her lack of height. She had tripped herself once, misjudging the distance, and had ended up sitting that gathering with her medicine cat. She learned from her mistakes, landing neatly upon the bark yet still unsheathed her claws to keep her steady. She trotted across and landed safely on the other side, she swung her crown backwards to look over a shoulder blade in order to make sure the rest of the clan was following her, Bramblestar would bring up the rear end this time. One by one the cats of Thunderclan crossed the bridge and made it safely to the ground, once she was certain that she had everyone she took the lead once more.

    As her paws lifted and fell against the every changing earth path her thoughts kept returning to a certain Windclan cat. She was an intriguing mystery that didn't exactly fit with the other clan cats. She greatly enjoyed that Snowstorm had no qualm with Wildfire's unchangeable imperfections or flaws, she was use to wearing such blemishes like an armor that way no one could hurt her, but it would be nice to drop the weight of the armor for once. She was unconsciously allowing a smile to pull at her maw as she walked, not noticing the look that her former mentor was giving her. She was startled out of her thoughts as the tom brushed his bulkier frame alongside her petite one. She nearly fell off off her paws. She turned her head and cast Lionblaze a heated glare, one that he returned with a questioning eyes. "What is it?" She asked as the silence between them dragged on for two long.

    "What is going on between you and that Windclan cat?" He blurted out. Wildfire knew this was coming.
    "I just met her, relax big guy. If I decided to up and runaway with her, I'll make sure to leave a postcard." Her kittypet lango fell on dead ears, although the sarcasm was heavily noted. Before he could continue questioning her, the camp came into view. Wildfire moved her shorter legs at a rapid pace for the thought of a warm den and sleep fueled her, she was looking forwards to sleeping for moons, but knew she'd have to be up earlier to do patrols in place of Squirrelflight... why did she have to pick her as the replacement? Wildfire parted her maw allowing her the pink tongue inside her mouth to peek out and swipe lightly over her nose. The motion was quickly followed by a long yawn, her head tilted upwards towards the sky where the moon still hung as watchful as ever. The camp was nearly silent, after the leader spoke to some of the senior warriors he heading off to check on his new batch of kits.

    It had left Wildfire with picking out the cats who would stand guard tonight, those who had gone to the gathering had promptly hurried off to lay down. With two senior warriors left at the entrance as she wandered off to get some sleep herself. She was doubting that she'd be able to rise with the great ball of fire tomorrow, as she was constantly reminded, it messed up her sleep patterned but she'd give it a try. The petite feline squeezed farther in the back of the den, noting that they'd have to be expanding it soon enough. There were a lot more bodies in here then when she first had come into the clan. She found herself wedged between two she-cats. She didn't even lull herself into sleep, she was out as soon as her head touched her paws. She would have hung out with the guards if she had known the troubles she'd be getting herself into.
    She didn't know where she was nor how she got here. She was pretty sure she had never been to this place before. But she was having fun all the same. There was weird gritty stuff beneath her paws, she thinks it was called sand or something like that. It was a little hard to walk on, but it was fun to roll around in it and it turned you into a dust ball. That's how she met him, she was currently upside with an idiotic grin on her face and found herself looking at a pair of paws.

    "There you are." She was still upside down, so rolling back onto her paws and gave her pelt a firm shake, spraying sand all over the speaker. He turned his face away so he wouldn't get a face full of sand. She was now dusty and her fur all over the place, but she didn't really care it was just a dream.

    She titled her head up to get a look at the tom who was watching her with a frown on his maw, yet a twinkle in his eyes. He was not the largest cat she has ever seen, but big enough. He was lean and had quite a lot of scars, he had a flame colored pelt and one of the brightest green eyes she's ever seen, they looked like her own. She began walking around the ginger tom, moving towards the green terrain behind him. she didn't get very far before he padded in front of her. "Where are you going?" He asked her sounded firmer than the first greeting.

    "Lionblaze says I'm not suppose to talk to strangers." She answered with a shrug. He seemed to find the words funny, for his eyes were shimmering with amusement. She began walking again, and the tom followed easily alongside with her.
    "I'm am not a stranger, Wildfire." He replied, after a lapse of silence. She didn't know him so that meant he was a stranger right? How did he know her name?

    "My name is Firestar." She paused in her next step while giving the tom her full attention.

    "Your Firestar?" He nodded his head slowly as if speaking to a kit.

    "I would love to chat awhile longer, but we have some matters that need to be attended to, we have to meet the others at the fortress. They're waiting." Fortress? Others? This was not a typical dream...and how could she be dreaming about a cat she have never met before.
    "Where are we? What others?" she asked brimming with questions as she watched the tom as he began to wandered off in a new direction.

    "We're in the Old Territories. You'll meet the others once we get there." Was all he told her before darting off. Curiosity was always a big thing of her's, and so she found herself hurrying after the longer legged tom. She knew very little about the old territories, what she did know she got from tales from elders. How could she be dreaming of a place she's never been before? This was way to confusing for her. "Hey! Flame-brain slow down my legs aren't that long." She complained and she swore he picked up his pace and might of been laughing at her.

  • Snowstorm wasn't sure when she had really fallen asleep, all she knew is that she had closed her eyes and had just kept her position without even a whisper of movement in fear that the feline's outside had suspected her eavesdropping. She hadn't meant to listen in on them, it was just that her hearing had been good enough so that it could catch whatever was said, especially since they were only a couples steps away from where she had been. There hadn't been many bodies around her when she had taken her claim upon her bedding, but as her breathing grew softer and her orbs stopped flickering under her lids everything grew warmer, it was an odd feeling, but nothing quite compelled her to open her eyes and so she didn't. The warmth never indicated her waking, it was the harsh shoves and snarls as others drew past her, but none of that was heard and so she took that as a sign to continue on with her slumber.


    The word slipped past her fangs as the feline slightly shifted to the side, but not without an unconscious act of caution since disturbing her clan mate could conclude to her being kicked out to sleep outside. Although instead what she felt was the slight brush of fur which was a confusing feeling since her brows slightly quivered at the unknown feeling, the only time she would ever feel another's pelt would be when she's receiving some type of punishment for her wrong doings. A strong wish flew through her head as it groggily attempted to take hold of this situation, her eyes still hadn't opened and she somewhat hoped that keeping it that way would prevent any harm towards her. She had always just accepted her punishment before, but the gathering had given her new experiences that she had immediately gotten addicted off of, she wanted that feeling again and disobeying straight glares and growls seemed more safe for her than what she had been doing before. Her mindset had shifted, but overall everything she had learned were still tightly kept in their boxes only to be opened when something triggered the action of rushing around to find the label and grabbing whatever information she needed before the other deemed that her answer was too late.

    Opening her eyes finally after taking a few more seconds to breathe and brace herself for what she hypothesized would happen, she was quite surprised to see that her surroundings were light and inviting, the lush vegetation swayed above her eyes and suddenly her dull yellow sparked into a sparked gold. Her dirty ivory pelt seemed to shift in the direction the grass was shifting, following its current as if it were a river of jewels, but instead embedded in her pelt. This was quite the sight to behold, but she was surprised even more when her vision flickered upwards to land upon a feline that she had no way of identifying, even if she had only been to the gathering once she was able to at least get a clear chart of most of the faces there, but this face hadn't even sparked a single memory. A feline she didn't know was actually a welcoming sight, since the last time she had an encounter with someone she wasn't familiar with it had gone quite well, and to her she had made an acquaintance which was a word she rarely had to use. This new feline gave a gentle smile with a soft glimmer radiating from their pupils, a short jerk towards a certain bush of vegetation had her guessing that she was to go through the undergrowth, this was a situation that she was very familiar with and that gave her the courage she needed to actually go through with the action. The other seemed to have a knowing expression plastered upon their muzzle, as if this was all planned and the experience she had received at the gathering was one that would help her in many ways to come.

    Before fully emerging out the other end of the bush the feline looked back towards the unknown bodice with a questioning glance, her appendages were neatly tucked under her frame as well was her front paws to make sure that she took up as little space as possible, she wasn't doing this because she was trying to get past this thick growth, but because this was her usual pose for whenever she was looking back towards someone, she always needed to be showing the up most respect towards every single member within her clan so she wasn't sure why she shouldn't be doing that now. Her tongue seemed to run along the inside of her teeth as words fought to blurt out, there were questions that she wanted answered, but asking them never ended up well for her in any situations, although since her new found experiences gave her the slight push to go through with this action, she didn't hold back with it as she usually would.

    "Where is this?"

    Her words ran simply along her tongue, after speaking them there was no more pressure weighing upon her shoulders, and so she allowed herself to straighten her limbs slightly just enough so that she could be standing in a more comfortable way, although the slight bend at the median of her appendages showed that there was still a submissive mindset constantly running through her mind, whether it be intentional or not.

    "We are within the Old Territories, but beyond the brush is where you are supposed to be,"

    The unknown feline gave another nod towards the direction that Snowstorm was currently facing, but there were still no movements that indicated that she had all of her questions answered.


    There were better ways for the feline to word her question, she could have made it more detailed to save the other of having to go through what Snowstorm could possibly be trying to indicate towards, but it seemed as if the other feline didn't go through any struggles at all when she gave an immediate answer,

    "It's where the others are,"

    With the the unknown feline started to pad towards the Windclan cat with a grace in their step, their pace never giving up its rhythm and instead swaying their tails to the pattern. When they came up right behind Snowstorm they leaned forward to nudge her forward with a nice amount of force, but to the feline it seemed as if she had only barely grazed her nose upon her fur.

    "Never be afraid,"

    Now this sentence was what finally got Snowstorm to move her paws again, she hadn't noticed that her claws had unsheathed and were dug within the soft ground that seemed to easily part under her pads. Turning her vision back towards the general direction that she had been heading in, the feline kept in her mind the reminder to put left then right left then right so that she would be able to focus on that rather than getting fearful again. This unknown feline seemed to know quite a lot, and their knowledge filled stature clicked something within the feline that she wouldn't realize until later when she was returned to her clan mates. As the bright glow erupted through the tiny pieces of wood that held the brush together, the ivory feline gave one last push to scoot out from under the growth to be met with more faces, although a curious sense did not strike her, the feline at least wanted to know how she was supposed to act in front of these unknown bodies. So the most natural thing for her to do was drop herself so that her stomach brushed the grass and lower her skull to match her underbelly. Her ears would have followed, but instead they perked as she keened in to hear that there were more felines that seemed to be coming, but for some reason she felt a bit more safe with whoever was approaching.