When a hurrican meets a Storm G x G or B [Warriors RP]

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  • "Are we there yet?" She knew she was aggravating him, this was the fifth or sixth time she's asked him that. It got to the point that he no longer answer her, so she found no reason to stop asking the question. Wildfire was mildly surprised he was being really patient with her, her former mentors would of cuffed her over the head by now and hushed her. The territory that they passed through wasn't familiar to the petite molly in anyway. So she kept her crown bowed a tad and followed after ginger leader, she jerked to a stop and raised her head as the wind dance with new scents that assaulted her nose. They were the scents of the four clan, the land flattened the closer the pair got to this Fourtrees. Wildfire began to understand why it was called the Fourtrees as her eyes fell upon it, there were four really tall trees bunched together in a hollow. The scents now aggressively attack her nose and made her a little weary. Despite being somewhat of a laid-back go with the flow type of she-cat, Wildfire's eyes flickered with hesitation as she started to grow uneasy.

    Even if this was a dream it didn't hurt to be cautious, she had heard stories of Firestar but it wasn't like she really knew of the cat. She was rather sure someone would be yowling at her for following a strange cat just because he said he was a former clan leader, even if this was dream Wildfire would rather this not turn into a nightmare. She didn't think she could deal with nightmares, again. As if noticing her hesitation the ginger turned his head and looked at her with warm and inviting jaded eyes.

    "Come on. You'll be fine." He seemed to forget his former annoyance with her for he passed her an encouraging smile. She nodded a little tensely and trailed after him. She slipped in behind the leader and found a group of cats, there weren't as many cats as she had seen at gathering tonight, but there were enough to make her keep her guard up. In the middle, there was a steep-sided clearing and in the center was a large rock, yet no one stood on it.

    Firestar led the way to the group of cats that were seated in front of the rock. They came in all shapes and sized, and sadly she didn't recognize any of them. A well muscled she-cat with bluish-grey fur and icy blue eyes rose and greeted the ginger tom. Wildfire remained where she was near the exit, the vivid green orbs had taken on a harder edge as inspected the area for any details that might point out something was wrong here. Besides the stares and curious glowing eyes, she couldn't get anything hostile or any malicious intent from anyone here. Her focus was stolen by a new cat that glided up to the pair of chatting older cats. Wildfire wasn't really listening to what was being said to one another, she was to busy watching the cat's tail wave in a certain direction, as if pointing something out.

    Wildfire's eyes followed the indicated direction and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary until she stared in the spot for a few seconds. At first she thought her eyes were playing tricks on her, but the longer she stared the more real the image became. The cat's body was pressed low to the earth, so low it was no wonder Wildfire hadn't spotted the feline earlier. As if a compelling force of gravity was pulling her, she got to her paws and trotted towards the cowering cat. She slowed her pace as the ivory colored pelt came into focus. Something akin to relief settled in her chest as the jaded irises drifted downwards towards the brighter yellow ones.

    "Snowstorm your here too." She stated with a gentle sigh pleasantly. She had a billion and two questions, but seeing how the she-cat was acting Wildfire refrained from speaking them noticing that the feline looked overwhelmed as it was.

    "Are you sure they are the ones? They don't look like anyone's saviors." A deep and powerful voice sounded low but loudly enough to be heard by all. It had Wildfire craning her neck to peer around her shoulder behind her. The three cats had been joined by more. There was a golden brown tom with a light green eyes and thicker fur around his neck. He kind of looked like one of those big cats the elders spoke about in the stories. It was clear he was was the one who had spoken seeing as he was the one almost glaring at them. His gaze alone was kinda of intimidating. Six new cats showed up beside the one with the mouthy one. Three of them were toms, one looked like larger male version of Bluestar, the pure

    black one had a odd twisted left paw, and the last was a big black and white cat with a super long white-tipped tail. The she-cat sitting next to the the pure black tom was grey with a broad face. The second she-cat was wandering over to Firestar's side, it looked like she had spots all over her brownish pelt with a white chest and face. The last was a grizzly she-cat who looked like she fought all her life, dark grey with a flat face.

    "That's what everyone said about a certain someone and looks at all he's accomplished in his lifetime." The grizzly looking she-cat commented with an eye roll, entertaining Wildfire.  It had her relaxing just a little bit, but she remained on guard as she took a seat beside Snowstorm. As the cats went back to chatting about something that she ignored she glanced at Snowstorm before looking up at the cats and raising her voice.
    "Why are we here?" The question had all eyes veering back over to her and she had to steel her resolve and iron her will, even though she kinda just wanted to lie next to Snowstorm. It took several heartbeats before anyone finally answered her. Her eyes snapped over to the blue she-cat as she spoke for the group.

    "Your here because the fragile balance within the clans is about to be tipped. You two are the ones destine to fix it." As if life wasn't confusing enough.

    There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!

    -Irish Proverb

  • The feline had a sudden feeling of overwhelming pressure build up within her lungs when she had stepped into the clearing and was given a moment to take everything in, multiple new faces flooded her vision and caused her sight to fog up. It was too soon from the first time that she was made to participate in a gathering of so many others that she had never met before, and since the experience she had from that couldn't possibly be all considered good, she still held remnants of fear from new felines. Her usual position of pushing her underbelly against the ground as much as possible helped for when the feline perked her haunches slightly more upwards than her shoulders so that she would be ready to lunge at anytime. She wouldn't have even needed a sign or trigger for her paws to have shuffled backwards the dart back into the brushes that she had poked out of, but what had stopped her was the voice drifting from another angle. With a quick cock of the skull Snowstorm looked upwards to spot that Wildfire was standing above her, since that was how low the feline was currently shrugging down. Her brows shot upwards and an urge of wanting to bury her muzzle within the other's fur was strong, but instead the feline was able to hold back and stay calm as she tried to form some sort of response with her tongue which seemed to be tied up right then.

    "Thank you," the feline didn't know what else there was for her to say since all she could feel now welling up was gratitude that the other was here. Wildfire had now become some sort of barrier for the feline, her ivory pelt wouldn't quite be well hidden behind the smaller she-cat, but Snowstorm wasn't quite keeping that in mind. Finding it convenient that the other was so much smaller than her the feline curled her whole bodice around the ginger spotted pelt, the size being perfect enough so that she was able to be wrapped around the other nice and snug. Seeing as Wildfire had been the first feline to ever really give her a sense of protection from others even thought it was somehow indirect she would never have been able to forget it, and she reminded herself of this every second after the gathering. Now knowing that this was a dream, the feline now dreaded ever waking up and wondered if it would be better if she were to somehow just stay like this forever.

    The next few voices that jerked her attention away from her thoughts came from a lower toned vocalization, Snowstorm couldn't help but agree with the fact that yes, she wasn't a savior and would never have even dreamed of thinking of herself as one. She had always been the one to mock and nobody ever thanked her for her weird thought process that was useful for some things, but overall was looked at to be a burden. A small whimper escaped through her incisors, probably just supported the statement that the large feline had just spewed towards them, of course seeing as how the voice had come from behind her, that was not the direction that she turned her gaze towards. Instead she locked them on the smaller paw of Wildfire and decided that she should rather busy herself with studying it for some odd reason, rather than acknowledging anything that was going on around her.

    It never occurred to the feline that she should had been asking about the reason as to why she had been brought her during her dream, if she had heard correctly from soft murmurs from her clan mates, this was only something that was to happen to more important felines. Although if she was now here because she was dead, that was also an idea that she wouldn't be too hesitant to entertain. Multiple ideas started to jumble in her brain, desperately trying to reach out and grab for guesses that may seem like the most accurate, although every single thing that she looked upon was completely outrageous, and so she missed what the grey pelted she-cat had said, it must have been important since now her companion had spoken up asking why they were here. Snowstorm was also now interested in the reason as to why she was here, if Wildfire was here as well then that may mean that something grand was about to happen, but it could not possibly include her now would it?

    The sapphire tinted she-cat then spoke up with a softer tone, yet it still demanded the feline's attention to be brought up to her, only a tilt of her skull was her response as she now continued to scan the vision that had been laid out for her. The answer seemed straightforward enough, but in her eyes there was nothing to be fixed, there was no balance undone, everything was how she was taught. There were things that she was supposed to hate, and there were things that she was supposed to do. It was the way of her clan, or at least that was what her leader had said. Snowstorm then turned her gaze upwards slightly to peer towards Wildfire to see what her response would be, she was now unconsciously relying on the other to converse with the unknown felines rather than her joining in on the conversation as well, unless she was ordered to by her leader and other clan mates then there was nothing for her to do here.

    Even thought she had decided that she would be the one to just lay back and toss aside the fact that she may have a play in this situation as well, the feline tried to think of what the most recently spoken phrase was portraying towards, there was nothing that seemed to be wrong with the four clans, at her first gathering there seemed to be some tension, but it had also been the first time she had ever seen felines of other clans, and so therefore she would only be able to deem that it was normal for everyone to be acting the way they were. Although she was now considering the fact that Wildfire seemed quite distressed during the whole thing so maybe there had been something going on after all.

    "Who?" This was the only question that the feline would be capable of asking since she wasn't sure how to entirely portray her confusion through her limited way of speaking, the warmth that was now seeping onto her skin from the contact with the smaller feline gave from something else to focus on which would help her in trying to stay calm enough so that she wouldn't bolt, since she was told that once she started running she would never be caught. Now she wondered why she didn't ever just run, and then reminded herself that it was because not running away was the right thing to do, and she never wanted to do the bad thing.

  • The feline felt a rather strong urge to fidget with her front paws, whether it was digging her claws into the earth or just shifted them up and down in place. Yet they were currently being restrained underneath the elongated body of the Windclan molly. Wildfire didn't exactly mind the way Snowstorm had wrapped herself around her, she was warm and familiar which someone like Wildfire could appreciate. It reminded her of being back in the warrior dens, which in truth she probably was considering this was all a dream right? She was still debating on if this was really a dream or a nightmare. Most cats don't dream of dead cats, ghosts in other terms, and have them tell you to save some sort of balance you didn't even notice existed until now. She was hoping that one of these cats would further explain what exactly they meant, however then figured that if she was really where she thought she was then she was probably going to go home clueless.

    As Snowstorm did something seemingly out of character, at least for her, Wildfire placed her attention on the ivory feline. The question was just stated in one word, one that had Wildfire lightly pushing the right ear against her scalp made her tilt it in puzzlement. As much as she wanted to ask Snowstorm to elaborate on what exactly she was questioning, Wildfire kept her maw shut. The cats before her were seasons and even generations older than herself, they took on the role of all-knowing beings and so she merely assumed that they understood what Snowstorm was asking. However, the glances passed between the cats said that some seemed to follow the question whereas others were still trying to process it like her.

    "If your too blind to see what right in front of you then we're not going to explain it to you." This came out as a growl from the flat faced she-cat who looked mostly annoyed with the question. There was a soft hiss that followed with the comment, but Wildfire couldn't see who it came from because she was still playing catch up with the other cats. The blue leader broke the somewhat tense silence with a loud exhale.
    "Our time is short, Wildfire and Snowstorm. Hear us out and if possible we'll answer what questions arise." She didn't exactly wait for either of them to agree to those terms as gave a light wave of her long tail, allowing someone else to speak their peace. The long-legged blue-gray tom stepped forwards and Wildfire focused on him. His ears were rather torn up and Wildfire was slightly distracted by them, but quickly refocused on the big picture as he started talking to them.

    "Tonight, during the gathering a prophecy was given." He didn't seem to like sitting still for too long because he began to pace slowly back and forth.
    "This prophecy was broke up into three parts, given to each of us." The pretty molly with the spotted pelt added in a soothing meow.  
    "You two best listen well because we're not going to repeat this."The scratchy warning came from the flat-faced feline. The tom finally stopped pacing as he sat down and stared intently at them, like a mentor expecting his apprentices to listen and understand. "Peace will shatter and war shall come, a hurricane of darkness shall wipe out the impure and upset the balance. A broken leader shall suffer a high loss. The soft and the true shall save them from destruction, the two shall force peace by bringing death, walking a dangerous path, and leave everything behind. The thundering tsunami shall clash with the hurricane of darkness, blood will spill blood, and the views of all shall be changed." The once Riverclan deputy seemed to just expect the pair to know what he was talking about.

    Wildfire was no longer trying to follow what was being said. She was lost and would remain so until she woke up. This was way too much to handle in one night. Between having a bunch of new responsibilities thrust upon her shoulders, ones that she didn't even want and was sure her leader and his mate had been planning to put on her for a while. There was also the additional hostilities and judgment that just about everyone who wasn't in her clan cast at her. Now she wasn't even able to get a good night's rest with ghost cats and their riddle like prophecy, she'd think with cats as well respected as Starclan would be able to figure out to avoid problems like these. Or at least properly explain something. The black and ginger she-cat let out a frustrated breath, her former nervousness melted away replaced with vexation. The only good thing she got out of this was Snowstorm.

    "That's really creepy, but what does that have to do with us?" Wildfire's voice set everything into motion once again. The grumpy she-cat was giving Wildfire this look like she was the dumbest cat she's ever met. It was just a question. In return, the elfin sized feline pulled back her ears and grimaced, her medicine cat gave her the same look whenever she asked him about herbs. Wildfire's jaded orbs turned to Snowstorm in wonderment to see if she was following any better than she was.

    "Out of everything that I saw in my vision you two were the clearest." The tender tone of the spotted molly spoke up, settling Wildfire's rising unrest. She had more on her mind she'd like to get off but as she stared at the cats she found that they seemed to be growing more translucent with each passing moment.

    There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!

    -Irish Proverb

  • The words that were thrown about over her head was easy enough to follow, although she also withered back when she realized the confusion of her question herself, it was somewhat foolish to think that she would be able to speak any words that were of use in any situation. Although seeing as how she spoke at all, she wondered whether it was a good thing or bad thing looking at the fact that she was talking more now without much hesitation. Before she would have kept to herself, she wouldn't have even been allowed to be in a near proximity at all since she wasn't needed during conversations that were deemed important. The only times when she was to be called over would be when they needed her ability of organization, with the simple knowledge and memorization of the movements of prey or felines themselves, she would be able to answer any questions she was given. Her guesses of what would probably happen if a certain action was carried out were usually right, though she never got any praise from it she still was able to see that it was appreciated with the cheerful expressions as her clan mates returned with large grins etched upon their faces.

    Snapping out of her trance Snowstorm tried to return her attention back onto the vocalizations that were coming from the now fading felines mouths. She had probably memorized the prophecy and had tucked it into her brain, she was at least able to see that it was an important passage that she would have to keep memorized. She was still unable to completely clarify everything that was spoken to her and Wildfire who seemed to look confused based on the visage that she was making. All the feline could do was make guesses as to what the Starclan felines were trying to get at, she was still even trying to understand why she was here, and so having to also break down what she was just told was giving her a painful headache.

    The Starclan felines finally vanished into the beautiful atmosphere, and she was left with Wildfire still int he center of her long frame, she knew that she should probably move so that the other feline wasn't uncomfortable, but for once Snowstorm didn't listen to the common sense that she was taught as a kit and instead kept her posture and place wrapped around the smaller she-cat. Knowing that this was currently a dream the feline wasn't sure whether or not she should try and plan another meeting with the other, seeing as how confusing everything was it was at least obvious that everything needed to be talked about and broken down.

    "Meet me," The ivory feline nudged at the other's appendage with the tip of her sharp muzzle, her eyes flickered down towards the still swaying grass before lifting up to try and meet the others eyes, since nobody really tried to watch her at night it would be quite easy to sneak out of the camp. Although a sudden shiver flew down her spine as the feline realized that she just had come up with an idea that would defy the rules that were given to only her, throughout her kit-hood and through her apprentice moons she was carved and made up of punishments and sharp tones that she always needed to listen to. This sudden change within herself would take a while to get used to, but the adrenaline and feeling of doing something that she had been bred to avoid kept her going as she opened her maw once more to speak.

    "At the river," The stream that run along between the two territories was the most logical place to meet up without getting to far from each other's territory, the ivory feline ran her tongue over her muzzle as she also tried to used to talking as much as she was. Usually she wouldn't speak and would just follow along with what the other decided on, but this change could be seen as a good thing. Now having someone that wasn't like any of her clan mates showed her in a new light what it's like everywhere else. The good relationships Wildfire seemed to have with her clan and everyone in it gave Snowstorm a small feeling of jealously, although it wasn't that she wanted to be in Wildfire's position, it was that the feline wanted to be part of the world around this other feline.

    The environment around her started to grow still, even the grass seemed to slow down as the feline's dull yellow eyes seemed to brighten and focus upon the other. Her long appendages finally pushed herself upwards so that her frame was now standing on skinny sticks, her sharp muzzle and sharp features exemplified her decision to this time keep her frame straightened and high. She never stood as tall as she actually was since the other felines didn't want her to be standing over them, but now she saw that the world was so much more beautiful from a higher perspective, and so she now decided that this was how she now wanted to pad around.

  • — ☆*:・☽Wildfire

    Her muscles shifted underneath her long pelt as she watched the several cats slowly fade away before her very eyes. If no one had told her about Starclan or the several cats within it, she might of thought herself crazy right now. Fading cats was one of the weirdest and creepiest thing she's ever seen before. She was momentarily jolted out of such irreverent thoughts as she focused back on the words they had left behind. That prophecy was something that stuck in her brain, she usually couldn't remember things word for word but she knew she'd have no problem reciting that ominous thing again. She couldn't process how all this happened, what she really wanted to do was find one of the older cats, even that grumpy medicine cat would be better then nothing. She wanted someone to right this clear and obvious mistake, she couldn't be in a prophecy centered around saving every single clan.

    She's only been in the clan for a little over two years, that was nothing compared to those who were born and raised here. She still felt like an outsider here and there and was still working on dealing with the added responsibility with her own clan. She didn't really want to deal with all the clans like this. The feline's ears fell at the thought and her tail swung back and forth like an irritable snake. She had all but forgotten about the long limb she-cat curled around her and she jerked a little when Snowstorm's spoke to her. She had something new to follow as the words brushed along her brain and registered. "Meet you?" She questioned while blinking her jaded orbs. Weren't they already meeting? Oh, wait she meant outside of the this bizarre and crazy dream. She wasn't even going to get into how she was even able to be here with a she-cat whose was hundreds of fox-lengths away from her. That would surely break what remained of her sanity if she thought to hard about it.

    Her eyes wandered from the feline in front of her in order to slip upwards towards the sky over their heads. She was hesitant about this. Wildfire normally had no problem defying rules and pushing them to their limits, she's broken more then a few of them. 'Do not hunt or trespass on another Clan's territory.' That one had been an accident, scent marks were all that clear to her and she later regretted it when the one teaching her at the time gotten into a fight with opposing patrol that had caught her. 'Elders, Queens, and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors.' That one she broke more then once as she often forgot that she wasn't suppose to eat before them. 'A warrior rejects the soft life of a kittypet,' that one she hadn't exactly broken really, but she often found herself yearning for her...soft life when things got a little chaotic. She often felt bad about it the next day when she woke up to smile faces and friendly hellos, she got a lot more in a clan she's ever gotten with a soft bed and hard food.

    This wouldn't be like those smaller rules, she remembered the first thing that was taught to her about the warrior code. Her mentors had stressed it greatly. 'Defend your Clan, even with your life. You may have friendships with cats from other Clans, but your loyalty must remain to your Clan, as one day you may meet them in battle.' She was pretty sure that meeting up Snowstorm would break that rule somehow, and she doubted no amount of sorry and accidents happen would clear this up. Her loyalty would be questioned and she would be in some deep trouble. She got enough questions of her loyalty from other clans she didn't want it from her own clan. Did she really want to risk it? Truthfully she wanted to leave it all alone, but that would cause her more trouble she was sure of it. Abruptly the last code suddenly jumped into her head, 'Each Clan has the right to be proud and independent, but in times of trouble they must forget their boundaries and fight side by side to protect the four. Each Clan must help the others so that no Clan will fall.' If this really did have to do with the downfall of the clans then technically she wouldn't be breaking the other rule?

    She wasn't sure if she was trying to convince herself or what? Wildfire hated being indecisive it got nothing done. She brought her attention back to Snowstorm as she mentioned the river. She tipped her head a little to the right and stared at Snowstorm with open admiration as she rose to her full height. She was different from their fleeting meeting at the gathering, more confident and sure of herself it was a good change and the small nudge that the she-cat needed. Snowstorm was willing to shove the code aside to further understand what this meant for them and the clans, and untimely Wildfire wanted to try and ignore it. It felt as if their roles had been reversed here, it brought an amused smile to her formerly frowning maw. "Alright, I'll met you." Wildfire promised, she hated going back on her word and so often did everything in her power to keep it. Now for a different problem, how the heck did I wake up from this? The answer came in the form a sharp in the end of her tail and without a proper goodbye she was pulled back into reality.

    Her head jerked upwards and her claws slipped out as whipped around to glare at the one who had just stepped on her tail. He was large and with a coat purer then even Snowstorm, the blue eyes were rather apologetic as the older looked at her. She gave a sharp twitch of her ear as tom made his way back in the den near his mate. As the grogginess and sleep slowly faded away her eyes roamed the warrior's den, finding several slumbering bodies piled around her. With a great amount of skill she flipped herself to her paws and began playing don't-step-on-you-clan-mates and maneuvered her small body and paws around the larger ones. By the time she reached the exit of the den she was fully awake and aware of her surroundings, and remnants of her dream had caught up with her. The moon was still visible within the sky, but had moved a great distance since she had last seen it. She wasn't sure how much time she had to do this, she still had patrols to get done, she wasn't even sure if the Snowstorm had meant meet tonight either. She should really work on slowing down and asking better questions. Still, her paws brought her through the camp and towards the exit, she didn't bother with small talk as she noticed one of the guards sitting in for the night was one of the older warriors, this wasn't first time Wildfire has left camp in the middle of the night. Whether it was running, hunting, extra training, she was often out during odd times, everyone simple figured it was because she had a hard time adjusting here and she never caused any problems with it. So long as she was back in time for patrols, she highly doubted she'd cause to much of a disturbance with the clan.

    fangs °

    There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!

    -Irish Proverb

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