When a hurrican meets a Storm G x G or B [Warriors RP]

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      "Are we there yet?" She knew she was aggravating him, this was the fifth or sixth time she's asked him that. It got to the point that he no longer answer her, so she found no reason to stop asking the question. Wildfire was mildly surprised he was being really patient with her, her former mentors would of cuffed her over the head by now and hushed her. The territory that they passed through wasn't familiar to the petite molly in anyway. So she kept her crown bowed a tad and followed after ginger leader, she jerked to a stop and raised her head as the wind dance with new scents that assaulted her nose. They were the scents of the four clan, the land flattened the closer the pair got to this Fourtrees. Wildfire began to understand why it was called the Fourtrees as her eyes fell upon it, there were four really tall trees bunched together in a hollow. The scents now aggressively attack her nose and made her a little weary. Despite being somewhat of a laid-back go with the flow type of she-cat, Wildfire's eyes flickered with hesitation as she started to grow uneasy.

      Even if this was a dream it didn't hurt to be cautious, she had heard stories of Firestar but it wasn't like she really knew of the cat. She was rather sure someone would be yowling at her for following a strange cat just because he said he was a former clan leader, even if this was dream Wildfire would rather this not turn into a nightmare. She didn't think she could deal with nightmares, again. As if noticing her hesitation the ginger turned his head and looked at her with warm and inviting jaded eyes.

      "Come on. You'll be fine." He seemed to forget his former annoyance with her for he passed her an encouraging smile. She nodded a little tensely and trailed after him. She slipped in behind the leader and found a group of cats, there weren't as many cats as she had seen at gathering tonight, but there were enough to make her keep her guard up. In the middle, there was a steep-sided clearing and in the center was a large rock, yet no one stood on it.

      Firestar led the way to the group of cats that were seated in front of the rock. They came in all shapes and sized, and sadly she didn't recognize any of them. A well muscled she-cat with bluish-grey fur and icy blue eyes rose and greeted the ginger tom. Wildfire remained where she was near the exit, the vivid green orbs had taken on a harder edge as inspected the area for any details that might point out something was wrong here. Besides the stares and curious glowing eyes, she couldn't get anything hostile or any malicious intent from anyone here. Her focus was stolen by a new cat that glided up to the pair of chatting older cats. Wildfire wasn't really listening to what was being said to one another, she was to busy watching the cat's tail wave in a certain direction, as if pointing something out.

      Wildfire's eyes followed the indicated direction and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary until she stared in the spot for a few seconds. At first she thought her eyes were playing tricks on her, but the longer she stared the more real the image became. The cat's body was pressed low to the earth, so low it was no wonder Wildfire hadn't spotted the feline earlier. As if a compelling force of gravity was pulling her, she got to her paws and trotted towards the cowering cat. She slowed her pace as the ivory colored pelt came into focus. Something akin to relief settled in her chest as the jaded irises drifted downwards towards the brighter yellow ones.

      "Snowstorm your here too." She stated with a gentle sigh pleasantly. She had a billion and two questions, but seeing how the she-cat was acting Wildfire refrained from speaking them noticing that the feline looked overwhelmed as it was.

      "Are you sure they are the ones? They don't look like anyone's saviors." A deep and powerful voice sounded low but loudly enough to be heard by all. It had Wildfire craning her neck to peer around her shoulder behind her. The three cats had been joined by more. There was a golden brown tom with a light green eyes and thicker fur around his neck. He kind of looked like one of those big cats the elders spoke about in the stories. It was clear he was was the one who had spoken seeing as he was the one almost glaring at them. His gaze alone was kinda of intimidating. Six new cats showed up beside the one with the mouthy one. Three of them were toms, one looked like larger male version of Bluestar, the pure

      black one had a odd twisted left paw, and the last was a big black and white cat with a super long white-tipped tail. The she-cat sitting next to the the pure black tom was grey with a broad face. The second she-cat was wandering over to Firestar's side, it looked like she had spots all over her brownish pelt with a white chest and face. The last was a grizzly she-cat who looked like she fought all her life, dark grey with a flat face.

      "That's what everyone said about a certain someone and looks at all he's accomplished in his lifetime." The grizzly looking she-cat commented with an eye roll, entertaining Wildfire. It had her relaxing just a little bit, but she remained on guard as she took a seat beside Snowstorm. As the cats went back to chatting about something that she ignored she glanced at Snowstorm before looking up at the cats and raising her voice.
      "Why are we here?" The question had all eyes veering back over to her and she had to steel her resolve and iron her will, even though she kinda just wanted to lie next to Snowstorm. It took several heartbeats before anyone finally answered her. Her eyes snapped over to the blue she-cat as she spoke for the group.

      "Your here because the fragile balance within the clans is about to be tipped. You two are the ones destine to fix it." As if life wasn't confusing enough.