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    It was a nice and sunny day, the sun glaring down on me and my dog, Buster, as we walked through the park. It was his second walk this morning and the little husky was still bounded with energy. Almost every time we passed another dog or person he let out a bark of pure excitement, his body straining against his harness as he attempted to bound up to them. This had been the reason why I had to start using harnesses. The little pup got so excited that he would tug and tug, eventually choking himself but too caught up to realize.

    "It's a nice day, eh? You're such a little ball of energy." I patted the puppy's back, earning a happy yap from him as he swerved and peered around the park. After a minute his gaze seemed to settle on the little playground, the one that had many little kids running and playing around on. I chuckled and gently tugged the leash, earning a loud storm of barks from him as he suddenly began to tug towards the park, tail wagging like a little hurricane. Unlike most of his tugs this one took me by surprise, his leash flying right from my hands as he quickly took his chance and began bounding over to the playground. My jaw fell slightly as my mouth gaped. Well crap.

    "Bust! Bust! Come back here right now!" I called after the overexcited husky pup, quickly starting to run after him once my shock had worn off. I knew that he didn't hear my calls, his ears filled with the happy squeals of children as he reached the playground within seconds. He barked and panted happily as the children surrounded him but his stay was short lived as he glanced over, spotting me as I continued to run over, only feet away. Almost instantly he squirmed from the crowd, bounding over to a sole child who was wondering around a bench where her mother, or who I assumed to be her mother, sat. Buster, unaware that the child didn't spot him, came bowling into the child and tackled them with a happy bark and yelp. He began to storm the child's face with licks, pleased when the child giggled and squealed, their hands wrapping around the puppy. They didn't seem that old so I assumed they were of course happy. I mean, what kid doesn't want a playful puppy coming out of nowhere and storming them with kisses? Exactly.

    "Oh my god i'm so sorry he tugged his leash and got away. I promise he means no harm." The words rolled from my mouth naturally as I finally reached the trio, my side aching and my chest heaving from the sudden run. I was used to apologizing for the puppy but holy crap, he has never pounced a child like that. Knowing some parents I could be in trouble for such a thing, no matter how happy the child was. Some parents were just super protective and crazy. Shaking the thoughts from my head, I instantly grabbing the husky's harness and tugged him back. I earned a whine from him as he attempted to join with the child again, only for the child to run back to him, their arms circling around him as they giggled despite my death grip on the pup's harness.


    sup! If you're reading this i'm assuming you're interested so let me just fill you in on the plot. Basically my character was walking their husky puppy, Buster, when the little puppy breaks away and runs face first into your character's child. Your character is a single mother who has a child as a result of a one night stand with no one in particular. Your character, despite my character's obvious fears, laughs off the incident and introduces themselves to my character. From that point on the two begin to hit it off, flirting at almost any chance. Will my character be willing to take up the child also when they fall for your character? Just jump in with a description(or small form). Also a reply to the post!


    Ryan B. Smith: Ryan is a very flirty girl when you get to know her and stands at 5'7". She has midnight black hair that goes down to her mid back and is wavy. Ryan likes to wear loose clothing, and sometimes her snap backs.

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    IC: Jessie giggled as she saw how nervous Ryan seemed, shaking her head and dipping her head in just slightly as she bent forwards only to bow a bit. "No, do not worry dear, it's all in good fun. My kid always loved dogs, especially huskies. You should sit around and maybe have a coffee with me, I was just taking a walk around here, which it looks like... You were walking your dog, yes? Come on, I can keep you company, and Alex here, can play with your husky if you'd be kind enough to trust him. I promise, he's gentle."


    Jessie Harwood: Jessie was quite stubborn and has learned from her mistakes, however that doesn't mean that was the end of her flirting life. She knew not to repeat a mistake previously made more than once as she was now burdened with a child she couldn't grow alone, still looking for somebody to love and go through this together with however.

    //Also, I named the kid Alex since it's a name for both genders. Your choice what gender the kid is. ^^

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    I gave a small chuckle, unable to hold back my sigh of relief at her reply. I was happy that she seemed pretty chill about it all. "Coffee sounds nice. Coffee with you sounds even better, though." Unable to hold it back, I gave a playful wink before gently releasing the pup. He gave a happy bark, going back to licking at Alex's face. He whined happily before turning on to his back, offering his belly to rub.

    // I was leaning more towards male.

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    IC: Jessie smiled at her wink and chuckled, getting a general idea of how she could keep in contact with her as she seemed to be flirting with her, knowing her son wouldn't understand either way therefore it was safe to do. "Does it now? Maybe we could get to meet one another again, 'formally'? Any cafes you know around here?"

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    "Oh, that sounds even better!" I chuckled, crouching down and gently stroking my hyper puppy as he continued to leap on and lick at Alex. He glanced to me but quickly went back to his crazy affections. Standing up, I glanced back to the girl. "I know of a few. Just depends on what kind you want. Quiet? Loud? Small? Large?"

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    IC: Jessie giggled once again, shrugging at her before she crossed her arms and said with the unfading smile on her face. "I would have no preference, anything that can go by you, will be fine by me. I believe so at least, unless we're talking about a different kind of 'loud'." She asked before winking at her much like Ryan had before, deciding to play her game as well.

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    I gave a small chuckle before running my hands through my hair sharply. "Well, when I mean loud I mean a lot of music, talking, and stuff. I think I know the perfect place, though." I gave a toothy smile. "Oh! I don't think I introduced myself. My name is Ryan, Ryan Smith. I know it's a boyish name but I guess my parents were wishing for a boy, eh?" I gave another small chuckle before I held out my hand, mouth quirking at her wink as I offered my hand to shake.

  • [color=black] "Of course. I wouldn't take you anywhere that he couldn't go." I chuckled, rolling my eyes at the idea alone. I never brought people with kids to places kids weren't allowed, unless told otherwise. I always assumed they wanted to bring their children.

  • [color=black] "A good place, trust me." I chuckled, following after her as I gave her a wink. Buster barked but quickly kept up, padding by my feet as if he was always this good.

  • Jessie nodded before shrugging as she whispered at her friend, obviously trying to imply something more than they could think of. "Alright then, maybe I can... 'let you guide', sweet heart?"

  • [color=black] My eyes gave a small spark. I chuckled. "Mmm, this way." I hummed, my hand carefully grasping her hip slightly before I let go, unsure if she was even okay with the touch. I made a turn, leading her to a road that wasn't far from this part of the park.

  • Jessie squeaked at Ryan's touch, blushing lightly and giggling her as she followed right behind, her hands in his pockets as the two talked it out. She was humming softly, but lowly behind them before she looked down at Ryan's body, mainly her hips and chest though.

  • [color=black] I chuckled as she squeaked. Alright, she didn't hit me or get mad. That was a good thing. "Take a picture, it'll last longer." I commented with a small but flirty wink when I realized she was staring down my body.

  • Jessie lifted her head and grinned at Ryan before she paced up to her and asked, leaning into her a bit. "So when do you think we could meet next, cutie~?" With that, she giggled at her as she held her arms with one another.

  • [color=black] "I dunno, where ever you want to." I chuckled, glancing down at her as she leaned into me. I licked my dry lips, the hair on the back of my neck standing slightly.

  • She nodded and bumped her hips with Ryan's in a playful manner before moving apart slightly, letting out a sigh and looking back at Alex and the husky. "Hm... I'm fine wherever you're fine, honey~."