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  • Ozzy shrugged at her, always remaining happy as he put his tokens in his pocket, explaining with a smile. "I never went to an arcade before, so I have no idea what's here! What is your favorite game, Leelee?"

  • She grinned and quickly led him towards an easy winning ticket game. "It's simple, but it gets you the most ticket in one go." She points at the lever and at the wheel. "All you have to do is pull up this black lever, and push down on it as hard as you can in order to get the wheeling spinning. After that which ever panel this little triangle lands on, will be the amount that you'll get." To demonstrate. She placed in a token, as the machine played it's song and pulled up the leveler just to push it back down. It spun and landed on the 100 mark.

  • Ozzy looked at her and grinned, clapping his hands together excitedly as he walked to it, asking as he pointed and held a token out, clearly wanting to try it himself but wanting Leenalee to pick up her tickets first. "Th-That looks so cool! Can I use it or do you want to get more tickets? Oh, and what do tickets do by the way?"

  • Ozzy nodded at her with a grin before he quietly inserted a token, pulling the level up and then back down, watching the machine's slot roll before it landed on the 1000 mark, clapping his hands. "Hey, this looks like a lot! Is it good?"