Together We'll Travel

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  • "Hurt?" Leenalee frowned in concern. "In that case than let's head towards the cafe quickly than" She responded as she grabbed his hand, to which she noticed was a bit cold, and dragged him towards her bike in front of the park. "It's just two blocks away from the park, and the walking should help keep us warm just a little bit. If you get cold just tell me okay"

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  • She nods her head,"It's my mode of transportation. I'm not old enough to get a license yet, but there are time when my parents lend me their car" She places her hang around the handle bars of the bike and made she that it wouldn't fall. "Lets go" Leenalee smiles and held pushed her bike out of the rails so it stayed beside her.

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    IC: Ozzy seemed a bit intrigued as she said that, before he just nodded enthusiastically and said in an excited tone as if he was trying to actually 'show off' something equally as cool. "Oh, ooh. Um, I have this like, 'way' that I can run really fast, and it can help me go as fast as 'bikes' can, you know? Wait, is this a bike?"

  • Leenalee giggled," Yes this is a bike. Haven't you ever seen one?" She teased, as she found his persona amusing. "Does this mean that you run often? And what did you mean by 'way'? Like a boost?" She was a bit confused at the end trying to figure out what it was that he was trying to say. It's the first time she'd ever met someone like him, bit he did seem sort of familiar to her in a way.

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    IC: Ozzy tried to think about what he could describe his werewolf form as without really scaring her off though like he would have anybody else that he had told or shown, to be honest, and shrugged before he shook his head. "Um, never seen one! Not from up close at least... And um, um, I do run often! It's something like a boost, yeah!"

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    "Hmm, I think I get what you are trying to say" She muttered as she shuffled along the side walk with her bike at her left and Ozzy at her right. "Ozzy are you from around here? You seem familiar, but maybe I'm mistaking you for someone else"

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    IC: He looked around quietly before shrugging, saying afterwards in a clueless manner. "Um... I don't know, but I've nearly never been here before... My parents bring me here though, they say I should find friends." Sure, he might still have been raised in the most normal way possible, but the education he received wasn't the best.

  • "okay. Have you been able to make any friends?" She asks, not wanting for there to be an awkward pause between them. But she also wanted to find out more about him, since something about Ozzy seems different. Curiosity killed the cat. 'He doesn't look too cold, but it would be best if we sped up our pace, to reach the cafe quicker' Leenalee thought as she hurried up her pace, but made sure that Ozzy was able to catch up

  • Ozzy frowned as he shook his head at her and he let out a sigh before pulling a long face, looking at her and speeding up so he was as quick as she was and keeping up with her. "No, I haven't managed to make any yet... Everybody looks at me weird when I talk to them and they just move away or something!"

  • "I'm sorry to hear that" Leenalee voiced, and felt her heart break a bit at the expression that he was making. She stopped walking, and felt guilty for making him feel sad. "Hey Ozzy..." She called out to him to get his attention so he would stop walking.

  • Ozzy flinched when he heard her, quickly nodding curiously as put his hands on the coat. "Y-Yes?! Y-You want the coat back? What's it..?" He asked her, nervous she would leave him as well.

  • "Will you be willing to be my friend? Please say you will" She offered him her hand, waiting for him to shake his. If he's never had a friend before, than Leenalee wanted to be his first friend and show him what it's like to have a friend, someone whom you can rely and depend on.

  • As she said that, Ozzy felt some sort of a heavenly sensation before he nodded with the widest of smiles, taking her hand. "Y-Yes! I'll do my best..!" He told her excitedly as he kept shaking her hand, a light blush on his face and an excited expression.

  • She beamed at his excitement and allowed for him to shake her hand, even if was getting a bit excessive, but she didn't mind it. "Great! Now my dear friend, lets go to the cafe, we are almost there" She smiled and grabbed his hand, before dragging him towards the doors of the cafe.

  • Ozzy followed gladly right behind her as hummed a happy tune, trying to stay as close to her as possible as he mumbled lowly every now and then in a singing tune. "I finally got a frieeend~..."

  • At his singing, a smile remained at her lips, happy that she was able to lighten his mood. Releasing his grip, she parked her bike tot he offered railing and opened the door to the cafe," Pick something and I'll buy it for you. But I recommend the Mulk-float, it's really good~"

  • She giggled," It kind of has a smoothie texture. Its pretty dense, but tastes the same as a hot chocolate." She informs him and heads over to the counter and orders herself a Mulk-float along with a piece of pie," What would you like?" Leenalee asked patiently, while the the person behind the counter just looked annoyed and bored.

  • Ozzy nodded at her before he thought about it, not knowing anything else however that was on the menu, therefore he thought Mulk-float was everything that they had to offer. "Oh. Um, just mulk-float! And you know, that, whatever it's called!"