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  • (it's okay! i do that too)

    Caitlin started to tear up. "We...we can distract him!" Tugging at Kuro's arm, she tried her best to make their way to his apartment. Turning around, she looked straight into his chocolate-brown eyes. "Don't...don't you love him?" There was no time to waste, but this question in particular was very important to her. If he didn't love Jake, then why was she dealing with all this heartbreak over him? Not only would it answer her internal conflict, but it would prove to Kuro that if he truly did care about Jake the way he said he did, then he would rush in there with her and save him.

  • Kuro stopped a bit at her question, not having expected it. However, he understood where it came from. If he loved him, he'd be willing to risk everything for Jake, right? Even if he had lied to and tricked the both of them, he still couldn't bare the thought of losing him. "I-I do" he said, stealing himself up a bit "then, let's go." He took her arm and started quickly leading them back to the apartment. He couldn't believe he was doing this, and he was scared out of his mind, but it was too late to turn back now.

  • Caitlin followed after him. Once she reached the apartment door, she slowly and silently opened it. Standing in front of her was a tall man with jet-black hair...Andrew. She recognized that despicable man anywhere. Being trapped in his house for almost two decades had burned his image into her mind eternally. Trying her best to stay as still as possible, she watched the scene unfold with wide eyes.

    Jake was now holding...a scythe? Where did he possibly obtain such a weapon? Not only that terrified her, but his eyes were blood red as well. What...was he? Shifting her gaze, she looked up at the man in front of her. His eyes burned of hatred and his finger was tightly grasping the trigger to his gun, ready to shoot his apprentice at any moment.

    Impulsively, Caitlin jumped forward and wrapped her arms around Andrew's legs and attempted to constrain him to the ground. "Get away from him!" She screamed, ears flat against her head.

  • Kuro was shocked at her sudden move, but quickly jumped into action as well. He leapt forward tightly hooked his arm around Andrew's neck; he knew it wouldn't be enough to choke him, but he hoped it would at least disorient the man. With his free hand, he grabbed the gun and used all his strength to keep it from pointing at Jake, keeping his own hand away from the muzzle.

  • Shocked at the actions, Jake froze. He had expected them to come and try to help him, but not like this. This was extremely dangerous! Taking his scythe, he pointed it at Andrew. After muttering a couple unintelligible words under his breath, a light shot out of the end of his scythe straight into where Andrew's heart would be. In just moments, the man vanished into thin air.

    Jake dropped his scythe and ran over to hug the two. "What the hell were you two thinking?! He could have hurt you!" He yelled. Though he sounded angry, he only shouted because he cared about them.

  • Kuro was definitely shocked by Jake's actions, not know what to think. He only came out of it when Jake hugged and yelled at them. "We thought he was going to kill you" he said "what else were we supposed to do?!"

  • Jake hugged them close, practically strangling them with how tight his hug was. He did not answer Kuro's question. "Well...I'm just glad that you're both okay." His once red eyes faded back to their natural lime green color. "I'm...sorry you had to see that side of me," he apologized quietly. His demon form deeply ashamed him and he only reverted to it when made livid. Andrew had done just that.

  • "I'm sorry," he repeated. "I just...I thought you would be afraid of me if I just told you something like that. I showed you the fire! Remember? I tried to hint at it." Jake released from the hug. " tell you the truth, Andrew isn't gone forever." A mischievous smirk spread across his face. "He'll come back...but next time, he'll know not to mess with me."

    Caitlin's eyes were wide with wonder. "Where did you put him...?"

    Jake shrugged. "Let's just say...he's at my hometown."

  • Kuro gulped lightly, not quite wanting to think about that. "W-well, do you know how long he'll be gone" he asked. Even after seeing what Jake could do, he was still afraid of Andrew.

  • "Uhh..." Jake chuckled sheepishly. "Probably around a day. It will take them a while to realize that he's a live human instead of one that was sent to Hell. I mean, he already deserves to go there," he muttered. Because he had worked for the man for so long, Jake was able to truly see how insane and despicable he really was. Truthfully, Jake wanted him to stay there forever. He wasn't as cruel as to actually want him dead, but he just didn't want him to interfere with his life anymore. The fact that Andrew hated nekos just made him truly hate him with a passion, considering that he was one. Not to mention, his lover was a neko as well. Knowing that Andrew would harm Kuro with any chance he got made him furious to no end.

    "Don't worry, Kuro," he assured. "I won't let him lay a hand on you." Jake smiled confidently.

  • Kuro glanced over at Caitlin, doing his best to signal to Jake that she needed to be protected too. After a small moment, he thought of something else to say. "What are we going to do now" he asked, looking back at the male "I mean, I don't like the idea of waiting here for when he comes back....but I don't know any place we could go...."

  • Noticing Kuro's signal, Jake quickly rephrased his sentence. "Oh! And Caitlin too. I'll obviously protect you, Caitlin." To further explain why he would protect her, other than the fact that he did really care about her, he gently patted her midriff. At this action, Caitlin blushed and smiled lightly.

    "Let's go...anywhere you want!" Jake decided. "We could go to the aquarium, the park...just not anywhere too expensive, all right?"

  • Kuro smiled softly, letting himself relax a bit. He perked up a bit as he listed off some places they could go. "W-well, the aquarium sounds nice" he said after a second "what do you think, Caitlin?"

  • Caitlin thought for a moment. "Yeah! Let's go there." He tail swished behind her as a sign of happiness.

    "All right!" Jake exclaimed, grabbing his wallet off the counter and heading outside already. "Man, I really love fish. And not because I'm a neko," he teased, smirking.

  • Kuro smiled a bit and followed close behind him. "Uh huh, sure" he said playfully, glancing back to make sure Caitlin was following.

    //Sorry, low muse. I've been getting ready for school to start