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  • Kuro couldn't help but smile softly, actually liking that idea. It was better than worrying and being depressed the whole time. "Alright, sounds fun" he said, looking back at her "where first?"

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    Kuro smiled a bit and nodded, the grin almost immediately fading as he recognized the car through the window. He quickly stopped and started backing up, going pale as he looked for somewhere to hide. "I-it's him, we have to hide before he sees us!"

  • Caitlin's eyes widened, panicking already. Tears started to well up in her eyes as she remembered what happened last time Andrew came over. "N-no, we have to get Jake, too! We should leave with him! Just imagine what Andrew might do to him..." She started picking at the edges of her fingernails due to her anxiety.

  • "B-But, by the time we get there, we won't have enough time to get out" Kuro said, panicking as well. He didn't dare think of what Andrew would do to Jake, but he knew they couldn't go back. Quickly, he remembered the phone given to him, and pulled it out as fast as he could. He fumbled with it for a second, trying to figure out how to call him. His panic didn't help him in the slightest.

  • Kuro jumped at the sound, finding Jake's name as fast as he could and clicking it. As soon as he knew it was calling him, he held the phone up to his ear, worriedly watching the window. "Please, pick up" he quietly begged.

  • Kuro quickly did as he was told, grabbing Caitlin's hand and pulling her into the nearest restroom. "Wh-what about you" he asked, clearly scared and worried "I don't want him to hurt you. W-we don't want him to hurt you. You have to get out!"

  • "No. It's fine. I've got it handled, trust me." He truly believed he did. If Andrew stepped too close to him, then he wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger. Honestly, he just hoped that it wouldn't get to that point. He hoped that the gun would be threatening enough to restrain him from attempting assault.

  • Kuro gulped a bit, tightly gripping Caitlin's hand. "O-ok, I'm trusting you" he said slowly. He was still terrified of what might happen, but he desperately wanted to believe he would be alright.

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    The man stepped out of the car and walked inside the building. For a moment he just stood in the entrance blankly, trying to remember where Jake's apartment was located. Once the path was remembered, he followed it and knocked violently on his door.

    Jake sat on the couch silently, hoping he would assume that Jake wasn't home. However, his hopes were quickly diminished when Andrew simply opened up the unlocked door. Smiling sheepishly, he whispered, "Uh, I've gotta go." Shortly afterwards, he hung up the phone.

  • Caitlin looked scared out of her mind. She did not answer. Any answer she would give would be frantic and anxious or dishonest and reassuring. All she wanted to do was run in there and shoot him down for good. Why was this guy still alive, anyway? He had killed so many innocent people and had nekos locked in cages for ages. No one else in the city deserved to be arrested more than him, at least to Caitlin's knowledge Swiftly and impulsively, Caitlin grabbed Kuro's arm. "We have to go in there! He won't live!"

    Jake bared his teeth at the tall man standing before him. His brown eyes stared into Jake's now green eyes. His look of disapproval bore into his heart, making him feel like a son that had just failed his father. To him, Andrew really did feel like a father...a really bad one. Even so, it was the only father figure he ever had. "I'm sick of your sh*t!" He shouted. His eyes were wide, paired along with the wide, hysterical smile that appeared upon his face. Those once innocent green eyes had faded to a deep blood red color. Opening his fist, a scythe was summoned into his hand. "Shoot me. I dare you." A low, feverish cackle could be heard under his heavy breathing.

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    Kuro gave her a terrified look. "But what are we supposed to do?! We can barely protect ourselves, how are we supposed to stop him?!" It wasn't that he didn't want to help; he wanted to help Jake so badly. However, he also feared that them showing up in the middle of it would only make it worse for all of them.