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  • "Alright then" Kuro said. He didn't want Jake going into a lengthy explanation because he knew he wouldn't be able to keep up with it. Not only did he get confused easily, but he tended to have a short attention span when it came to that kind of thing, It used to get him into a lot of trouble with his old owner. "I'm still amazed that you managed to get all the things you have" he said, looking up at him again "it's a bit inspiring to think that you managed to have and keep it, especially with a little help."

  • Jake smirked. "Thanks. I'm pretty proud of it, actually." He put on a "genuine" smile. "Hey, uh...would you want to come over to my master's house tomorrow? He's a pretty nice guy, and he has plenty of food we can eat." His eyes faded slowly to red again as he spoke. His words sounded pretty sincere by the way he said it; he had become used to lying so often.

  • Kuro went quiet for a moment, not sure what to say. He did want to meet whoever was nice enough to let Jake live like this, but he was still very distrusting to any owner. "I-I don't know" he said, looking down "I_I don't know if I can ever look at a master of anyone without being scared...I probably wouldn't even make it five minutes there."

  • "It'll be alright," Jake assured. "I'll protect you." Smirking, he added, "and trust me, I'm pretty strong. I could take my boss down and leave him if I really wanted to. But I won't, because he's the source of my income, and he's really nice to me."

    The waiter arrived back at the table with their drinks. She set both of their cups of water down on the table, and then left without a word.

  • Kuro stayed silent until the waiter left. He didn't feel comfortable with them being able to overhear their conversation. "I guess we could" he said quietly after a moment "b-but I still don't want anyone getting hurt...." He was still very nervous at the thought of seeing a master, even with Jakes reassuring. It was just engraved in his mind that masters were bad, so it was hard to think of anything good happening.

  • "Wanna know a secret?" He asked rhetorically. Rolling up his sleeve, he unclenched his fist and held his arm tightly. In a moment, fire appeared from his palm. After just a moment, he quickly distinguished it, hoping no one else would see. "See? You're safe. If anything happens, I'll protect you," she promised.

  • Kuro's eyes went wide at the sight of the fire. He didn't know anyone that could do that; at least, they didn't tell him if they could. He felt safer knowing Jake could do that, but at the same time he was afraid of it. Jake could do anything he wanted with it, and that thought scared him. "A-alright" he said quietly "thank you."

  • After a few moments, the waiter returned to their table once again. "What would you like to eat? Your menus have options on the inside," she explained. Ready with a pencil and a notepad in her hands, she waited for them to respond with their decisions. Before she had spoken to them, she did manage to catch sight of the fire in Jake's hand, but was too afraid to mention it. If this guy really wasn't human...she didn't want to mess with him.

    "I'll have..." Jake flipped through the menu and thought of what he would like. Of course, he loved all types of fish, but wasn't sure what he would specifically want. "The salmon," he decided.

  • Kuro looked at the menu, quickly growing nervous. He couldn't read any of it, so he had almost no idea what they had. He looked at the different pictures, trying to quickly decide what looked best. "Um, and I'll have this" he said after a second, pointing and showing her the picture of the tilapia.

  • The waiter bent forward a little and moved her gaze in the direction of where he pointed. "Tilapia, got it." Revealing her shiny white teeth, she said once again with a little too much joy in her voice, "I'll be right out with it soon!" Then walked off to another customer.

    Jake raised an eyebrow once the waiter left. "So you can't read, huh?"

  • Kuro looked down and shook his head. "My owner never wanted me to learn" he said "I managed to figure out a couple words, but they aren't very helpful...." He wasn't exactly sure why, but he felt ashamed by the fact that he couldn't read. It was something humans learned when they were children, but it was fairly rare for a neko to be literate. He knew this very well, but it still wasn't something he liked admitting.

  • "I understand. The only way I learned how was by having a human friend, and my new master taught me even more." Jake shrugged. "It's a skill I'm grateful to have. Of course, I can't read really difficult words, but for the most part, I'm good." He took another sip of his drink. "You know, I could probably teach you some words if you want. I don't think you'd really need that skill, though...unless you somehow manage to get a job."

  • Kuro perked up a bit at the offer, his eyes lighting up a little. He knew he probably wouldn't need it, but he would still love to be able to read. It would make some things less confusing, and he wouldn't have to know streets based on what they look like alone. He looked up at Jake and nodded. "Please, if love for you to teach me" he said quickly. It was a good thing his ears were pinned down because he would have completely forgotten about hiding them at this point. He really was thankful to Jake for everything he did, and was doing, for him.

  • "Alright," he mused, chuckling. Jake reached into his wallet and pulled out a receipt and a pen. Flipping the paper, he made sure it was turned on the blank side so he could draw on it. He wrote the letters "a, b, c" and so on, to create a long list of English letters. "Do you know your alphabet yet?" He asked, pointing to the list he had created. "This is the very base of the language. Each letter makes a sound, so when you read something, you'll be able to sound it out pretty easily."

  • Kuro looked over the letters, trying to see which ones he knew. "Um, I recognize them, but I don't know too many sounds they make, or what they're called" he said. His knowledge really was limited, and he only just realized the full extent of it. The only letters he really knew were the ones that spelled out 'neko', since he had seen and heard it a lot. Other than that, he had no idea.

  • "Well, it's kind of embarrassing," he smiled sheepishly, "but I learned this song from an old friend, and it's helped me remember it ever since." He proceeded to sing the "a, b c" song that most human children knew by heart. "Now, those letters usually sound exactly the same as how you say them. If you memorize that song, it will help." Clicking his pen, Jake wrote down a new English word on the paper. The word said "cat." "What does that say?" He asked, waiting for Kuro to sound out the word he had written.

  • Kuro looked down at the word, biting his lip in concentration. He did his best to remember the song, saying it quietly to himself a couple times to try and remember the letters. "Um...s-sate" he guessed, going off of the names of the letters alone. He didn't sound or feel too confident in his answer though.

  • Jake covered his mouth to hold back his laughter. He decided maybe it wasn't the best to give him that advice. "Well, maybe it's a little harder than I thought. C is usually pronounce with a hard 'kuh' sound, but it can also sound like 'suh.' 'A' can be pronounced 'ah' or 'aye', depending on the letters around it. 'T' is always pronounced 'tuh', unless there's an 'h' right next to it. So, with those rules in mind, try again," he suggested. To help, he pointed to the first letter and sounded out the "c". "Kuh..." Then looked to Kuro for the rest of the word.

  • "A-alright" Kuro said, looking back down at the word. He slowly pronounced each letter to himself, trying the different pronunciations he had been told of. "So...c-cat" he asked, looking back up at Jake "is that right?" He really hoped it was; he didn't want to make a fool of himself twice in a row.

  • "Yes, good job," he smiled, proud that he had been able to teach someone so quickly. He had never taught anyone like this before, but it felt...rewarding. Though he was supposed to trap this guy, he really didn't want to anymore. Jake had grown pretty attached to Kuro over the past few hours, especially now. Trying to take his mind off the future, he wrote down another word. The word said "cow." "Keep in mind, when the letter 'o' and 'w' go together, they make an 'ow' sound."