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  • Kuro looked down at him and shrugged. "No, I didn't" he lied "and even if I did, I wouldn't be able to read it anyway. I was never taught." He had grown used to lying since he had to lie about many things to stay alive. He didn't usually like lying to other nekos, but he didn't want Jake to think he was nosy.

    "How do you hide so well" he asked after a second "you must be really good to have gotten an apartment and phone. If I even look at someone I get kicked or yelled at."

  • Jake smirked. "'d probably be afraid of me if I told you..." he murmured. He stared up at the ceiling. "It took me a long time to get where I am today. The phone is easy to explain, though. My-" he hesitated, refraining from referring to "his boss". "Um, this human I'm friends with gave me it. I do chores for him sometimes so that was his thank you to me."
    Jake reached into his pockets and pulled out a bunch of tiny metal sticks. "These are also a big help. They're called bobby pins, if you've ever heard of them. All I do is just pin my ears down, if I don't feel like wearing a hat or a hood." His green eyes looked back into Kuro's. "I could let you borrow some, if you want."

  • Kuro's amber eyes lit curiously up as he looked at the bobby pins. He had seen some female humans using and dropping them, but he wasn't able to figure out how they worked. He never thought they could be used for his ears. "I really would" he started "but you'll have to teach me how to use them if I do." He didn't want to ask him for too much in fear that he would get annoyed by him, but he really thought those might be able to help him, at least a little.

  • Jake sat up and rotated so Kuro could see. "Here," he took the bobby pin and placed it right next to his left ear. "You see the curvy side? That's the side you put down, so it'll stick. What I do, is I flatten my ears," he explained as he did so, "and then pin it in so it clips my ears to my hair." He fluffed his hair up a little bit. "Then, you cover up your ears with your hair. That's why I have kinda long hair." Jake didn't have long hair, but his hair was more thick at the top. His hair wasn't like a buzz cut and wasn't to his shoulders, either. His ears easily blended in with his hair, due to them being the same color.

  • Kuro watched closely, taking note of each step. His ears perked a bit when he saw how well Jake's ear blended with his hair; he looked like a regular human. "Let me try" he said, taking a few. He tried his best to do what Jake did, his eyes narrowed in concentration. The finished product was definitely not as good as Jake's were. It was pretty sloppy, and his ears stuck out from his hair rather noticeably. "Did I do it" he asked, looking at the other male hopefully.

  • Jake chuckled, amused by his attempt. "Nah," he said, fluffing out Kuro's hair to get out the bobby pins quickly. Biting on one of the bobby pins to hold it, he used the other one to pin down his ear, then did the same with the other. Both of his ears were successfully pinned down, now. Even though pinning them down made it harder to hear, it was still better than getting caught by humans. "Here you go." Jake smiled. He looked around the apartment. "I know you just ate a sandwich, but it's around dinner time for me. Do you want to get something to eat?"

  • //that's fine, dont worry ^^

    Lito perked up a bit and nodded. "Sure" he said with a smile. He was always ready for more food since he usually didn't get much. It made him even more excited now that his ears were well hidden. Most nekos weren't that great at hiding their ears and got caught very quickly. However, he felt much more confident after Jake had hidden them for him. After all, he his his much better than any neko he'd seen.

  • Jake grabbed his wallet and checked how much money he had. Eighty dollars. It sounded like a lot, but that was the only money he had. Being a neko, he wasn't allowed to have a bank account or a credit card. The only money he ever got was from his boss. Not only that, but he got paid less than minimum wage. Jake didn't even know what minimum wage was. Basically, he got paid just enough so he could survive on his own, which meant he would need enough to pay for food, water, electricity, and heat. "Uh, I'm not exactly rich, so we'll need to go somewhere cheap." In his mind, he was planning on going to some fast food restaurant or just buying a $5.00 pizza from somewhere. That's what he usually did, anyway. That, and make sandwiches using ingredients he already had. Today, though, he felt like treating himself. He had already done his job. This mission would be at least $400.00. His boss always paid him well for catching nekos, because he could just resell them for more.

    "What's your favorite food?" He asked Kuro. Whatever he answered, he would just go along with it.

  • Kuro looked down a bit as he thought. He had never really thought about that before, he just ate whatever was edible. He never really thought if he liked it or not. "I don't really know" he said after a second "I've never really thought about it before." He tried to think of the different places he had searched recently, trying to remember what they had tasted like. There were a few things he knew for a fact weren't favorites at all. "Um, I remember really liking the fish a restaurant had thrown out" he said, looking up.

  • "Ah yes, of course," Jake smirked, "fish. I like that too." He pulled out twenty dollars and slipped on his jacket, preparing to go outside. "I'll show you my favorite seafood restaurant." He walked out of his apartment, and when Kuro followed, he made sure to lock the door before he left. Then, he left the apartment building and looked close by to find the restaurant he was referring to.

  • Kuro stayed close behind him, feeling a bit strange walking around without his hood on. He felt like every person they passed would notice he was hiding his ears, but none of them did. It was definitely something he would have a hard time getting used to. He didn't say anything as they walked, used to having to be silent in the streets.

  • Jake walked into a building with fish decorations all around the walls. There was even a small tank filled with a bunch of lobsters when you entered the building. He loved the atmosphere of it all, even though he couldn't afford to go there all the time. Moving forward, a nicely-dressed woman greeted them both and smiled. "Would you like me to show you to your seat?" She asked, somewhat rhetorically. She began walking down the aisles, expecting them to follow. Jake did as instructed.

  • Kuro couldn't help but look around curiously as they entered. He had never been in a restaurant in his life, so he was very excited to see it all. He made sure to stay close to Jake though, not wanting to accidentally be left alone there. He followed them both, still looking at what was around him.

  • The restaurant was most definitely lavish--from the fancy painted walls, foreign music, and sculptures everywhere. However, though it was a beautiful place, the food was cheap enough for a guy like Jake to afford. Not dirt cheap, but just right. Jake sat down in a booth while the waiter stood in front of them both.
    "What would you like to drink?" She asked, holding a notepad and pen in her hands.
    Jake stared at the menu and refused to look into her eyes. "Uhh..water," he muttered. He wanted the cheapest drink he could get. They were only here for the food.

  • "I-I'll have water too, please" Kuro said after a second. He hadn't really had much other than water for a long time, and he couldn't help but be afraid to try other things. He looked at the menu, trying to make out anything he recognized, but that didn't seem like it was going to happen. Instead, he looked at the few pictures they had put on there. He hadn't seen food that looked that good in a long time. Everything he found was half eaten and covered in other foods.

  • "Very well, I'll be back with the drinks soon!" She promised, sustaining her wide, white grin. Leaving the table, she left to go get their current orders.

    "Nice, isn't it?" Jake smiled and looked around. He leaned back in his chair and scanned the menu. "I haven't been to one of these places for a long time...Last time I was here I..." he paused and didn't continue his sentence. Thinking about that time just made him depressed, and he didn't want to have to explain it to one of his targets. It wasn't like he'd be around for much longer, anyway. Jake was planning on bringing him back to his boss as soon as morning arrived. "Well, that was two years doesn't matter anymore." Changing the subject, he looked up at Kuro. "Have you ever had a master?"

  • Kuro was a bit confused about why he didn't continue what he said, but he didn't question it. Whatever it was, it didn't seem like he wanted to talk about it. His next question, though, made him look down a bit. "Yeah, but that was a really long time ago" he said. He had lost track of how long it had been since his master abandoned him. He had tried to, but soon stopped when he realized they wouldn't come back for him. "He wasn't very nice...he treated me like I was nothing, and everything was my fault."

  • Jake nodded in understanding. "Yeah, most of them are..." His eyes narrowed in uncertainty. What he wanted to say would be risky, but he still felt the urge to tell him. "You know, I have an owner right now. He's just really kind and lets me go out sometimes," he bluffed. It wasn't entirely a lie. His boss technically was his master. If he dared quit his job, he knew his boss would be out to kill him right away. Of course, the him being kind part was a lie. This man was definitely not kind, possibly quite the opposite.

  • "Wow, you're really lucky then" Kuro said quietly, looking down. He was always a bit jealous when he heard of nekos with kind owners, since there were little and far in between. He was always reluctant to try and find one though, since he was always afraid he'd be wrong. "W-wait, does your owner live in that apartment with you" he asked slowly. It seemed strange that a human who lived in those conditions would have a neko, since it was mostly richer people, but it was even stranger for someone to let their neko live on their own. If they did live with Jake, that made Kuro very nervous. What if they came back and hurt him for being in their home? What if they did something even worse? It was too scary to think about, but he needed to know.

  • Jake shook his head. "No. That's my own apartment." He chuckled and took a sip of his water. "That's why it looks so cheap...I pay for it with the very little money I own." He rested his head on his chin. "It's all very complicated, and it would take a while to explain..." he said quietly, trying to dodge the subject. If Kuro kept asking all these questions, he was afraid he'd be caught in his lie.