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  • Kuro looked at her, frowning lightly. "I'm sure you're a great cook" he said. He knew he had no evidence to base that assumption on, but he didn't want her feeling bad again. He'd never liked it when someone insulted themselves, and he always tried his best to stop them from doing so.

  • " master certainly didn't think so..." She averted her gaze, staring down at her food sorrowfully. "Every time I messed up, she would hurt me. Maybe I am, and she just has very high standards..."

    Jake looked over at her. "You should cook for us sometime. I'm sure you're wonderful. Masters are just insolent and have no respect." The neko glanced at his arm, remembering the wound his own master had inflicted on him.

  • Kuro nodded in agreement. "Yeah, they just look for reasons to hurt us" he said, frowning more "I'm sure you're great, and she was just lying through her teeth." It had happened to him multiple times with his old master; he'd act as well as he could possibly act but he would still get punished for it.

  • "M-maybe..." She said softly, shaking just thinking about her. Now, she was so thankful to be able to be here...even if it was with someone she didn't like. Well, at least she liked Kuro. In her opinion, Kuro was a very sweet boy with a lot of sympathy for other people. But Jake, however...she imagined him at a apathetic monster. This man, who she had once seen as a handsome, charming man, was now known to her as a mendacious demon.

    Jake had some trouble eating with only one hand, but pursued anyway. Soon after, he finished his dinner and sat there quietly, waiting until the other two finished as well.

  • Kuro noticed her shaking and frowned softly. "Hey, it's ok" he said gently "you're not with her anymore, she can't hurt you." It was clear that she was still afraid of her old master, and it didn't surprise him. After all, he was still terrified of his old master.

  • Jake burst out laughing but covered his mouth and silently laughed with his head pointed down. Him, protect her? If anything, Jake would be the one protecting both of them. Kuro was nowhere near intimidating...especially to a guy like Andrew. Jake smirked and uncovered his mouth, looking up at Caitlin. "If that doesn't convince you, well then I'll protect you too. Your lives are more important than mine, anyways." The way he said it seemed like he really, really meant it. He didn't seem to value himself much.

  • Kuro had flinched at his laughing, his ears pinned to the back of his head. He knew he really wasn't intimidating, but did he really have to laugh at him like that? "Your life is important too" he said quietly after Jake finished, frowning softly.

  • "You really believe that?" It sounded like a rhetorical question, but it actually wasn't. Jake didn't believe he was significant. This might have been due to the fact his master told him he was useless every day or because of the guilt Jake felt for capturing so many innocent creatures just to get by. Jake averted his gaze. "Well, you still deserve to live more than me. You two probably haven't even slept on a proper bed for ages...and from what I know, you both haven't done anything wrong. Me, however..." He chuckled, but didn't further expand on his point.

  • "But, we wouldn't be able to pay for it" Kuro pushed "we don't have any money, and no one will hire us. At least, no one we could possibly know. We really do need you Jake, whether you think so or not."

  • "Okay. I see." Jake finally gave up, not able to argue further. In truth, it wasn't even the fact that they needed him for the apartment that bothered him. It was that he felt both of them didn't care for him. Kuro probably still had respect left for Jake, but Caitlin? Definitely not.

    Caitlin finished her meal. Standing up, she pushed in her chair and glanced at the clock. "It's getting late. Uhmm..." She blushed in embarrassment. "I'll j-just...go to my room then."

  • "Alright" Kuro said, looking up at her "sleep well." He felt a bit bad, now realizing that what he said made it sound like they only needed Jake for simple things. However, he was going to keep his promise to Caitlin and keep anything close to being romantic to the two of them where she won't see.

  • Caitlin left into her room, shutting the door behind her. She didn't bother locking it, though, in case Jake or Kuro wanted anything. It also wouldn't be smart to lock it in case there was an emergency. Sighing, she lied down on her bed and looked up at the ceiling. It felt so relaxing to just rest on such a soft, comfortable surface for once. In seconds, she fell into sleep.

    Jake walked towards his room, expecting Kuro to follow him.