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  • <woltlab-metacode data-name="align" data-attributes="WyJjZW50ZXIiXQ=="><p><span style="font-family: Times New Roman,Times,serif"><span style="font-size: 10pt"><img src=";amp;height=1080&amp;amp;crop=true"></span></span></p></woltlab-metacode><p><span style="font-family: Times New Roman,Times,serif"><span style="font-size: 12pt"><strong>Quiet, calm, and peaceful.</strong></span> That described the atmosphere of Kin city...but not for long. Pulling his hood over his head, Jake prepared himself for his next assignment; to find stray nekos. </span><br><span style="font-size: 10pt"><span style="font-family: Times New Roman,Times,serif"></span><span style="font-family: Times New Roman,Times,serif">He thought of his job as a type of animal control. Though nekos actually had the intelligence of a human, he didn't care. Capturing them was the only way he figured he'd be able to survive. If he quit, his boss would find him and kill him immediately. Jake wasn't willing to quit his job, especially knowing the exact amount of creatures his boss had killed in his lifetime. This man was a serial killer. Why had no one sent him to jail, you might ask? The reason being was that every creature he's killed has either been an animal or a neko, never a human. In this world, nekos meant nothing. Their lives were no more valuable than a squirrel's. If you ran over one with your car, everyone would just ignore it until a garbage man would pick up the corpse. Nekos were kept as slaves, pets, and more, and were not allowed to receive payment for jobs or vote.</span><span style="font-family: Times New Roman,Times,serif"> </span></span><br><span style="font-family: Times New Roman,Times,serif"><span style="font-size: 10pt">
    <p><span style="font-family: Times New Roman,Times,serif"><span style="font-size: 10pt">Jake scowled as raindrops fell on his shoulders. This was no type of weather to be hunting in. He shoved his tranquilizer gun in his pocket. "God damn it," he muttered to himself, "how the hell am I supposed to find those little rats in the dark?" His eyes narrowed and a large smirk grew on his face as he saw someone sitting down in the distance. This could be his chance...if he saw cat ears, he'd shoot. Right now, though, he'd have to approach them calmly. He only hoped they wouldn't recognize him. Walking up slowly, he made sure his face was silhouetted by his hood. "Hey." His smile appeared to be genuine and warm. Jake held out a damp hand, trying to show this person he was friendly. "Need a place to stay?"<br></span></span></p>
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  • ooc: oh yeah, sorry, I forgot to add that ^^' Basically, your character is a stray neko. My character, Jake, is a neko hunter. He captures your character and keeps them in his apartment. His plan is to hand him over to his boss once the weather gets better. However, after they talk for a while, Jake realizes he really cares about this person, and doesn't want to give them to his boss.

  • Kuro sat with his back to a wall, the hood of his jacket pulled over his head. His ears were hidden under his hood, and he kept them pressed against his skull out of both precaution and cold. The building did nothing to shield him from the rain, and he was completely soaked. He had to force his ears not to perk up as he heard someone near him, knowing only bad things would follow if he did.

    He looked up at the person, a bit surprised by his offer. Usually he would refuse an offer like this, but he desperately needed help right now. He would definitely fall ill if he stayed in this weather too long, and he was already starving. He couldn't deny this offer, no matter how much he wanted too. "P-please" he stuttered out, eyeing his hand unsurely. He'd never been offered a hand before, so he didn't completely understand it.

  • (Your form is great, but Jake is 16, so your character could be from 15-17. :) Also, yeah, I should have wrote "species" instead of "race")

    Jake kneeled down and looked into the figure's eyes, trying to figure out if he had ears under his hood or not. For now, he couldn't tell. He decided it would be best to invite him to his house and then figure it out later. After all, neither one of them wanted to stay out in this awful weather. And if he ended up being a human, then there would be no harm done; he could just let him go the day after and consider it as an act of kindness.
    Jake smirked. "Very well. Follow me. I live in an apartment nearby." The man began to walk forward towards a tall apartment building. It was hard to see through the heavy rain, but he pressed on anyway. "What's your name?" He asked.

  • //Alright, I'll make sure to edit it. I just didn't see his age in the first post, so I didn't know what to assume

    Kuro got up and followed close behind him. He may have been able to see better than most humans, but it was still very easy to lose someone in this downpour. He was shivering quite a bit and kept his ears and tail close to his body under his clothes. He wanted to keep them hidden for as long as he could. He had no idea what this guy would do if he found out he was a neko.

    "Kuro" he said in response to the question. He found no reason to lie about his name; there was very little chance of them seeing each other again after this. After all, he didn't have a last name that could be searched, and there were most likely multiple Kuros in this city alone. Nekos didn't have the luxury of last names. They usually had only one, unless given a second by their owner, which was still rare. "What's y-yours?"

  • "Alright. I'm David," he blantantly lied. "David Frazee." The only truth in that was his last name. If Kuro somehow knew him, then it wouldn't be an issue. He would just respond, "oh yeah, that's my brother. He's crazy," and it would all be fine.

    Breaking into a run, Jake rushed into the apartment building. Finally out of the rain, he pulled out a sandwich wrapped in a plastic bag from his pocket and handed it to Kuro. "Here." The sandwich was supposed to be his, but he didn't need it anymore. They were already so close to his apartment. He was planning on making some fish for dinner. If Kuro asked, he would share it; however he would be reluctant to. Jake was already low on money. He didn't like spending it on strays.

  • Kuro carefully took the sandwich, giving a small thank you. The boy's name sounded familiar, but he couldn't pin point it at the moment; he was far too hungry to concentrate too much. He unwrapped the sandwich and examined it out of instinct, used to finding dangerous or disgusting things in food.

    As soon as he decided it was safe, he quickly ate it. He was so happy to have real food that he almost forget to keep his ears hidden, but he quickly reminded himself to before the other noticed. The sandwich was gone very quickly, and Kuro felt a bit better now that he had something in his stomach. "Um, why did you offer me help" he asked after a second. He hadn't seen much help given to people on the streets, not even homeless humans, so his question was understandable for anyone.

  • "Ah, well," Jake hesitated, "you looked so desperate for broke my heart to see you like that." As they walked, Jake took the directions to his own apartment, and unlocked the door once he got to it. He stepped inside and shut the door once Kuro followed.

    Gently, he pulled off his jacket and held it under his arm. His jacket was soaking wet. "Also...I'm a neko too." A smirk crept onto his face. Brown and black striped ears were revealed as he removed the hood. They looked real, but one couldn't quite be sure unless someone pulled at them. "I hate seeing nekos out on the street, so I try to help them if I see them. I know what it's like, being abandoned by your owner...or not even having an owner at all..." He sighed. "You can stay here for a while. Just until you feel better. I'm not rich either, you know."

  • Kuro's eyes widened a bit in surprise at the sight of his ears. Usually he could smell other nekos, since they smelled much different than humans, but he guessed that his scent was covered by the rain.

    He hesitated a second more before slowly pulling off his own soaked jacket. He still had his ears pressed against his head from the cold. "Thank you" he said quietly, looking down. He didn't like to think about his old owner anymore, and did his best to avoid it as much as possible. "I'll try not to be a burden" he told him.

  • "Burden?" Jake laughed. "Nah, it's a pleasure to meet you." When he walked in, a pungent scent hit them like a punch. Jake didn't seem to be effected, though. The scent smelled of blood and rotting flesh. It wasn't positive where it was coming from, but if Kuro had ever seen a dead creature before, he would recognize that smell.
    Jake plopped down into the couch. "Yeah, it's not much," he admitted, looking around his bare apartment. Pictures and paintings were hung up on the wall, but except for that, there wasn't much decoration. There was just simple furniture, such as a couch, a table, and a TV. Jake hadn't used the TV in years, though; it probably still didn't work."But it's better than living out on the street."

  • Kuro covered his mouth and nose almost immediately after the smell hit him. It reminded him of the roadkill he would sometimes see in the streets. He wasn't sure how he hadn't smelt it before, but what confused him more was how Jake didn't seem affected by it at all. Maybe he had gotten used to it? He didn't know.
    He really didn't mind the rest of the house, it was definitely better than nothing. He didnt sit down, still not used to being an equal.

  • "Something wrong?" As Jake looked at him, a tiny smile crept out of his concerned expression, almost as if he was secretly amused by this all. It wasn't a normal smile, though. His smile looked crazed, like he was stressed out and intrigued at the same time. He was no ordinary man. Over time, Jake's eyes slowly had faded from a green to a deep amber. Or was it just Kuro's imagination? It wouldn't be hard to forget a stranger's eye color so quickly. Jake patted the seat beside him. "Sit down. You're equal here."

  • Kuro nodded a bit, slowly sitting down on the other end of the couch. He noticed the smile, and it immediately made him uncomfortable. He only became more uneasy when he noticed his change in eye color, but he didn't say anything. "Do you know what that smell is" he asked after a second, his voice muffled by his hands.

  • "What smell?" He asked sincerely. He genuinely looked confused this time. Scanning the room, he looked around for anything that could possibly smell putrid. As he was looking, his phone beeped. For now, he ignored it and went into another room.
    The phone was lying on the couch, the screen lit up and everything. If Kuro wanted to, he could just look at the message easily. That was, if he could read English.

  • Kuro didn't know what to think of Jake not being able to smell what he did. Even a human would be able to smell something that bad, right? Maybe there was something wrong with his nose, he didn't know. He perked slightly in surprise as the phone buzzed, looking at it curiously. His old owner hadn't taught him how to read, but he managed to figure out a few words before he was abandoned. He leaned over a bit, furrowing his eyebrows as he attempted to read it. He made sure to listen for Jake in case he came back sooner than expected.

  • The only words that Kuro was able to read were, "where", "neko", and "Jake", which was strange, because this person was texting a guy named David, right? On the notification, it said that the text was from a man named Andrew.

    Jake returned from the other room. The house already smelled a lot better. "Ah, yeah, I forgot to throw out that old meat I brought home a while ago. It went bad," he admitted.

  • Kuro had looked up from the phone when he heard Jake coming, acting like he hadn't been doing anything. The text greatly confused him, for reasons other than his lack of literacy, but he didn't say anything about it to Jake. "Well, it's a good thing I was here to tell you" he said, offering a small smile. He had let his hands go back to his sides, glad that he was able to breathe a bit more now "it already smells better."

  • "That's good," he murmured, lying down on the couch. There wasn't enough room, so he just placed his head over Kuro's legs and grabbed his phone. He was oddly nonchalant with Kuro, like this was a usual thing for him. It was, to be honest. Every week, Jake had around two or three nekos he had to lure back to his boss's house. His social anxiety was almost nonexistent, especially around nekos.

    Jake reached for his phone on the side of the couch and unlocked it. Seeing the message, he suspiciously glanced at Kuro. "You didn't see my phone, right?" He raised a brow.
    After asking, he quickly replied to the man and sent his text. Jake was able to read English quite well; simple English, at least. He obviously didn't know words like "onomatopoeia", but he could read the basics, such as "you", "where", and "him".