Catch me, but you can't keep me {BxB PAFP}

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  • "I'm not that dramatic and its Valentine to you, not Cupid." He growled as he started the car. He glanced back at Ryan and said, "Okay, can you give me more details about it?" He asked looking at the road

  • Ryan nodded "her name is Allison Tanner, single, little to no family" he said "she's a secretary for an insurance company"

    Robert blinked "that doesn't sound like anything to do with this case" he replied glancing at his phone as Ryan sent them the file. "Wow 6'1"? No wonder she had a hard time finding a date"

    Ryan ignored the con man's rude comment "well it seems that way, but she's been on vacation for the past few days, and has been seeing going in and out of the same warehouse out con man has been staying at" he said "and I just send you the address Connor"

  • "Thank you, Ryan.. We can go there later. First we need to tell Garcia about this. She's driving so I doubt she knows about this.." He said after thinking about it for the moment.

  • Ryan nodded "I sent over the file, but I doubt she checked while driving" he said "the local authorities have also offered to help us, so we can cover more ground"

    Anderson glanced out the window, "yay more cops" he said sarcastically "I'd be careful if cops are too eager to give a helping hand"

  • "Anderson, you basically jumped when the board offered you this job. Yet your telling us to be careful when getting help. Stop being an idiot." He sighed, trying to focus on the road

  • Anderson shrugged "fine don't take my advice" he said "I'm just talking from experience". He glanced back at Ryan who was staring intently at the screen. Turning back to Valentine "where's your little analyst from? It's like I know him from some where" he commented.

    Ryan wasn't a big fan of being talked about in be third person when he was directly infront of them. Though shrunk a little more into the computer when he mentioned the familiarity.

  • "From experience? You're a criminal! Of course you hate the authorities!" He muttered. "How should I know? I'm sure you can ask that to Ryan later just focus on the task at hand Anderson. Stop flirting." He sighed. "I feel like I'm handling a kid." He muttered looking over at him

  • He chuckled "yes I am, but I've spied on law enforcement before" he said "I found plenty corrupt stations especially in India and Russia". He sighed at the file "sorry that you're taking for ever to get to the location so I just have to sit and wait and try to make conversation, of which you are rejecting"

  • "I'm taking forever because I'm not used to driving in a different country but I can't— scratch that, I won't put you behind the wheel. I'm rejecting conversation because it's pointless." He snapped, soon arriving at the location

  • Anderson sighed "I've been in Europe more than I've been in America, I could help you if you let me drive" he said but knew his suggestion fell on deaf ears.

    Ryan glanced out the window "Garcia beat us here" he commented, as another dark SUV was parked right infront of them.

  • "Yeah I figured she would've." He sighed, completely ignoring Anderson at this point as he parked beside the other SUV and got out of the car.

  • Anderson got out after him, glancing around glad that the rooftops were pretty visable. He may be with the good guys, but that might make himself an even bigger target.

    Ryan got out too, his laptop left there and a lighter and easier to carry tablet was with him. "Hey Garcia" he greeted.

    Garcia glanced up from the files she had "glad you guys finally showed up" she said and glanced at Connor "don't like the European roads?"

  • "I never drove on them before... I always made Phillip drive me around everytime I left the country." He muttered, grimacing at name of his ex. "Anyway did you get the information that Ryan sent you?" He sighed looking at her

  • Garcia nodded "poor thing" she said "we should head over there after we check in". She walked into he building, the head quarters for Germany.

    Anderson glanced up at the name Philip. He shook his head and looked at the place "Hm, I think I've snuck in here once" he said as he entered "or maybe hacked"

    Ryan's eyes widened as Anderson blatantly was announcing that he had tried to break in or hack into the place. He tried his best to ignore it, and kept to the case.

  • "I wonder if they have a jail cell for Anderson. Or a solitary confinement cell. Either one would work." He muttered, keeping a close eye on the male.

  • Anderson chuckled "can't get rid of me that easy sort cupid" he said "you'd be surprised at how many fiends you can make while in a holding cell"

    Garcia sighed "I hope that you two are done I'm going to talk to the senior agent here and see if she has any leads" she said "mean while you three try not to get lost or maim each other"

  • "... She didn't say anything about killing you or anything less than a maiming." Valentine muttered and added, "or maybe I can knock you out or something... That would be nice if it'll shut you up."

  • Anderson chuckled "so violent Cupid" he said "it's kinda cute". He pinched his cheek, and then walked off down the hall.

    Ryan blinked and watched after Anderson "Connor, is he authorized to go down there?" He asked, since they were in a governor building, and Anderson wasn't exactly government.

  • He slapped his hand away and glared at him as he left. "Probably not, Ryan." He sighed and followed after Anderson. "... I just have to go after him. I can't believe that I babysit someone my own age." He muttered

  • Ryan nodded "okay" he said "I'll wait here for Garcia, but you guys better be back first if you don't want to feel her wrath"

    Anderson grinned when Connor took the bait. He took a sharp right down the hall and started to quicken his pace.