Catch me, but you can't keep me {BxB PAFP}

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  • Robert frowned suddenly loosing his cockiness, "poor Connor, what happened to you, to make you store so much anger" he said as he sipped his coffee, "quit over a little criminal like me? Sounds like a defeate to me" he shrugged and walked over to him. "I'd say we work together, there's a reason the board put me here and not behind bars" with that he stepped out of the room, "I'll be at the jet" he called back.
  • "It's Valentine to you and I've always been like this, have a problem with it?" He muttered out looking at him annoyed. His eyes widened slightly at the words 'defeat'. "Me? Losing to a guy like you? Never!" Valentine snorted stubbornly. "I'll work together with you but only because I have to!" He called after him with a sigh. He sighed and headed to his office to pack anything that was necessary for them.
  • Robert smirked in satisfaction, it wouldn't have been any fun if Connor had quit of the first day. It was the best part of his deal he has thought personally; as he would have gotten out of prison one way or another, legally or not. He boarded the plane only to have a gun immediately shoved in his face, he calmly put up his hands up "I'm glad the director let the whole team know of my assistance" he said sarcastically "Hey! Cupid you want to call off your agent before he does something he regrets!" He called, frowning when the other agent another agent raised her gun. "Okay this is getting a little ridiculous, two against one? I don't want to embarrass you two". The woman, Agent Jessie Garcia who raised her gun had been through the most with Connor in catching Robert "Valentine tell me why this man isn't behind bars?" She said in a threatening tone already breaking out the handcuffs.
  • "You can put him in cuffs but don't shoot him between the eyes... Maybe in the foot or something else that kill him." He muttered nonchalantly. "The damn board decided that they obviously know best and set this dipstick free and made me work with him. Feel free to abuse him. I already feel like hitting him.." He muttered. "But I'm serious; you can put him in hand cuffs or something. Hell, I'll do it for you.." He said
  • The guns were put down, but the hostility in the room staid. "Are you serious?" Garcia asked Putting her weapon back in it's holster, "we spend months catching this guy and they just let him go! And [b]we [/b]get stuck with him?!" She glared at Robert "wipe that shit eating grin off your face or I'll do it for you" she hissed Robert smiled as he put his hands down, "neither would be appreciated" he said and glanced back at Connor "hand cuffs Cupid? Didn't think you were into that stuff, but don't worry I'm flexible" he winked and walked past them farther into the cabin. "This is nice, I've owned nicer" he stated and glanced back at the agents, "where's your little analyst?" He glanced around to see their analyst hiding in his books. He smirked and sat down next to him "don't worry I don't bite, hard anyway" The analyst, Ryan was trying his best not to get into the conversation, burrying himself in his book on psychology. He had also helped greatly in the capture of Anderson, but usually wasn't one to go out in the field. This was the first time he had really let the con man, other than through a one way mirror.
  • "Trust me I'm gonna put his ass back where it belongs, Garcia. If he screws up on [i]anything [/i], It's his ass on the line. I'm tempted to kick him out of the plane when we're in the air." He growled. He blushed slightly whin Robert mentioned the handcuffs. "S-Shut the hell up and f*ck off! My name is Valentine, not Cupid!" He snapped. "Stop messing with Ryan! I am not afraid to handcuff you in the bathroom for the entirety of this trip!"
  • Robert grinned in victory when he made the anger blush. "You know I'll get out of those" he said and glanced at Ryan, he put his arm around he smaller male "Ryan, that's your name, you're cute". He chuckled when the analyst started to blush, "I think I'll fit in just fine, the director will be please" [sup][/sup] Garcia was still pissed "isn't there anyway to make his death seem like an accident" she said siting down in her chair and look over the files "what if he gives us the slip during a mission, it's his ass free to who knows what country, and then we get it for not keeping an eye on a highly dangerous criminal." Ryan tried to move away, and hide his blush in his book. It wasn't a secret that he was gay, and he knew that Agent Valentine was atleast bi. "Thank you?" He said
  • "Garcia, I'd love to plot his death too right now but he's right there. It wouldn't work..." He muttered and glanced over to him. "Anderson, you should get neutered. God only know how many diseases you have. Now stop screwing around with Ryan." He muttered and yanked Robert out of the way and pushed him into a nearby seat, which he handcuffed him to. "Stay."
  • Robert huffed "I take offense to that" he said "as I am tested frequently and I can assure you none of my partners carry anything". He smiled a little when he was handcuffed "kinky" he said teasingly to the agent. He leaned back in the chair, still smirking. "This is going to be a long flight" he said "once we land, you guys will be walking into my territory"
  • "Yeah, yeah you huge perv. There's a reason you're frequently tested. You've probably had more partners than anyone in this plane and the department, Anderson." He muttered looking at the con man. "Just because we're in your territory means you get two new bracelets." He muttered referring to the hand cuffs. "And if you act up, you get a matching set on your ankles."
  • Anderson chuckled "no need to be jealous Cupid" he said and glanced down at his handcuffs, "these are cute really, I've personally been in worse". He glanced over at Garcia, "so sweet heart, what's it like working with mr. Valentine over here? Is he always a pain in the ass?" "It's Agent Valentine" she said, "and it's better than working with you any day" she turned away from both of them to focus on the file at hand. "Okay, knew you would be bias. What about you cutie?" He asked Ryan who was trying extremely hard to act like he didn't hear him. Ryan shuffled a little bit "I plead the fith" he mumbled as he flipped he page on his book. "We're flying over England right now, that right doesn't apply. Though I'll let it slip for you" he said and turned back towards Valentine "here that lover? He pleads the fith, what? Does he have some dirt on you?"
  • "How the hell should I know? If he does I don't know." Valentine muttered. Though there have been a few incidents of him walking into the bathroom and witnessing Valentine making out with one of the other agents named, Phillip Jean, currently an ex boyfriend of his. But Anderson didn't need to know such a thing.
  • Robert shrugged and closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair. They had a few more house left to kill, and he had already made a few calls and looked over the file. Garcia grabbed Connor as he walked pass, "this guy better not screw us up, or I will personally put a bulet through his head" she whispered. Ts to when they land?
  • "I'm with you. Geez you sound like I wanted him here." He muttered looking at her. "After we're done with him, do as you please." Valentine muttered sitting down to look through the files Yeah Valentine, who had dozed off during plane ride, woke up just as they started to land. Giving a small yawn, he looked around to see how everyone else was doing, specifically Anderson.
  • And we was leaning against the door way to the cabin, having easily gotten out of the hand cuffs. "Hey sleeping beauty" he said tossing the cuffs over to him, "if this guys is as dangerous as your director things, you don't want me to be dead weight" Garcia mumbled something under her breath as she checked the time "we're here, we're checked into a hotel south of here, cars should be waiting for us" she said and walked over to the other seat and tapped on Ryan's head "hey book worm, we're here"
  • "It's Valentine to you, you crook." He muttered catching the cuffs as he sat up and yawned. Getting up, he stressed slightly before grabbing his arm. "I don't trust you at all, Anderson. So I guess I'll be your babysitter." He muttered looking up at him
  • Robert smiled "goodie, I guess I'm stuck with you know" he said as they got off the plane. He glanced at the dark SUV's the were parked there. "This our ride? And I'm guessing me driving is not an option" Garcia nodded "you're not getting your paws on anything Anderson" she said "also Connor, you and Ryan are stuck to with criminal in a room, good luck". She got into the car with Ryan and drove off.
  • Sorry! I may have clicked on the thread by accident! Valentine sighed as they got off the plane, still holding onto his arm. "If you even think about driving or even think about being stupid, I will throw you out the damn car." He growled. "I figured that Ryan and I would be stuck with you." He sighed as they left and walked over to the other SUV and forced Anderson in the passenger seat before he climbed into the SUV.
  • It's okay Anderson rolled his eyes "don't be so dramatic Cupid, I know hound push me out of this car even if I didn't pull a stunt" he replied "but don't worry, I'm still here to uphold my end of the bargain". He glanced down at his watch as they began to drive. Ryan climbed into the back, he didn't really care for being in the front as e had more room for his books and computers. "Valentine, a file has just been sent of a murder, the authorities think our guy's behind it" he said looking over the file.