Catch me, but you can't keep me {BxB PAFP}

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  • [align=center][font='Comic Sans MS, cursive']Come Join Me in this Dangerous Game[/font][/align][font='Comic Sans MS, cursive'][font='Consolas, Courier New, Courier, monospace'][size=10]Alias: Multiple see file labeled [b]Beta_Anderson[/b][/size][/font] [b][font='Consolas, Courier New, Courier, monospace'][/font][/b][font='Consolas, Courier New, Courier, monospace'][size=10]Name: Robert Cvec Anderson Age: 25 Sex: male Description: extremely dangerous, known for espionage and conning. Read file; Alpha_Anderson for Victims. [img][/img] [size=12][font='Georgia, serif']Your character is a special agent who has recently caught the infamous Robert Cvec Anderson, expecting the man to be tried and locked up. Only to be ordered at Robert is now a crucial part of his team as an consultant. Outrage your character and Robert have a bit of a feud, but begrudgingly work together. Will this partnership become, friendship? Maybe more? [/font][/size][/size][/font][/font]
  • [img='',none,286][/img] Name: Connor Eli Valentine Alias: Agent Valentine Age: 25 Gender: Male Description: Sharp with his senses, cold toward criminals
  • Great! Thank you, I'll start. Anderson was not a man easily caught or kept. He was clever and slipped through the cracks, of course to end up in a hold cell meant he made a little mistake. Though he would never tell or admit it. Too bad Agent Valentine's rigorous hard work and time all ended up in vain. Robert was smirking all the way through his "trail" so to speak, but he knew that luck was on his side when the Director of the FBI requested to see him in an interrogation room with a deal that was too good to pass up. Free rein as long as he [i]helps [/i]out the Feds, what con man could pass an opportunity like that. Of course what really sweetened the deal was the look on Agent Valentine's face as he strode into his office side by side with the director in a nice suit, with out any chains attached. He flashed his perfect victory grin "Nice to see you again darling, miss me?"
  • Valentine was proud man and a good agent too. He worked endlessly to get criminals off the streets and into a jail cell but his best case was the one with Anderson. He had been following him for a while and finally glad to see him locked up. Finishing up paper work of other cases, he leaned back with a content sigh, blissfully unaware of the director and Anderson approaching his office. He perked up when he heard foot steps coming toward him. His eyes widened and he quickly stood up when Anderson entered his office with the director at his side. "Sir, What is this? Why is that man in here and not in a holding cell, where he belongs? Why isn't he in chains?!" Valentine asked looking solely at the director with wide eyes, dreading ths answer that the man might give him
  • Anderson felt like he has just won the lottery, not that he really needed to because he was a con man and has plenty of money hidden around the world. "I'm sorry Cupid it sounds like you're not very happy to see me" he said with a coy innocence. The director threw a file down onto the agents desk "Agent Valentine meet your new consultant and partner" he said "he will be aiding you in most further cases, since you've had the most experience with him the board has decided you should be his handler". The director didn't look any more pleased than Valentine was. Robert was still grinning "Orders are orders" he said in a sing song voice, almost mockingly.
  • "You, shut it!" He snapped glaring at Anderson briefly before turning his gaze to the director. He quickly picked up the file thrown onto his desk and looked through it. "S-Sir you can not be serious! He can't just come in here and after everything he did! I'll have to clean up after him so much.." He complained though he stopped when he saw the look on the directors face made it clear that his complaints were falling on deaf ears. Giving a small sigh of defeat, he sat down and reluctantly said, ".. Fine. But don't expect any kindness whatsoever, con man."
  • The director sighed, not seeing phased by his agents out burst as he knew it was coming. "I'm not thrilled about this either, but Anderson knows what he's doing in the field and the board decided to make him an asset" he replied placing another file on his desk "this is a critical espionage case, naval secrets combined with plans from the pentagon, they went missing almost a month ago and had only been reported now. Anderson has a few ties with his case and can help you in interrogations and identification. I expect full cooperation from both sides" he gave Connor and Robert warning looks, then proceeded to leave. Robert picked up the file before Connor had the chance, running through it flippantly. "So partner, I was told to play nice, but as you've seen I'm not a big listener" he said
  • "You better play nice or I'll send your *ss back to jail." He snapped, yanking the file away from him. "Straighten up, Anderson... Both of our livelihoods are on the line, and you're in a far worse situation than I am. Do your part and I'll do mine. But again, don't expect any kindness from my side at all. This is purely work and I won't play buddy-buddy with you of allp people." He growled. "I don't need you!"
  • Anderson smirked "touchy, touchy Cupid" he said letting go of the file and stepped forward. "God be surprised what a con man can accomplish when let loose in an environment like this" he said "you need me a lot more than you think Valentine, and this case has my trade written all over it. So I may have some friends on the inside, I'll need to make a quick call Cupid"
  • "Don't call me Cupid. It's Agent Valentine to you, thief. Also I don't trust you, so I'll have to listen on to that quick call. " he growled, putting the file back down and crossed his arms. "I don't want you to leak anything at all."
  • "Such little faith [i]cupid[/i] " he said and took a phone out of his pocket, "I have a deal to uphold, and I'm not going to jeopardize that". He walked away a bit and started to dial, seeming to know he number by heart "Jackle, hey, yea of course. Did you think they could hold me in the fox hole for long?" He said chuckling "anyway I've got a favor to ask, there is" he reached over and grabbed the file back "a Martin John, middle aged, German has a taste for stealing something that isn't his. No it's not me, it's the blues that want him"
  • He growled at the mans cockiness and followed after him and listened to what he was saying. He didn't trust him enough to leave him alone and he was going to listen to what he could no matter what Anderson said about it.
  • "Really? This guy likes to talk, to whom?" He asked and paused, walking over to Valentine's desk and started writing countries down, the cities. "Do you know where he is now? Or maybe some informants?", he stared writing things down again. "Thank you, I know I'll be seeing you very soon" he said and hung up. He turns towards the agent "I've got you countries who are interested in the product and areas he roams, and for some reason you look like you want to put a hole in my head"
  • "One, I don't like you, Two I hate your guts, Three you're way too cocky for someone I caught, and Four I seriously don't trust or need you." He muttered looking at him. "The board may think that I need help but I don't! Especially not from scum like you!" He mumbled, his prideful personality making itself obvious and he exited his office without even saying something like 'thank you'. He head to the break room to get himself some coffee.
  • Robert sighed as he watched the agent storm off "I thought these guys would have been a bit more collected" he said making another call while Valentine was busy being too prideful to care about anything else. The call lasted merely a minute before he followed into the room, not before giving he secretary a quick wink. "So when do we leave, Germany is one of the first on my lists, then Hong Kong" he said leaning against one of the tables.
  • He sighed as he poured himself some coffee and took a sip to calm himself down. He didn't even want to think about Anderson at this point. The man had no respect for him whatsoever and he wasn't going take it. He perked up and looked over to see Anderson. He let out a sigh as he talked and asked, "Why Germany?"
  • Anderson shrugged "he's German, makes a little sense if he wants his roots in his home country" he replied, pocketing his phone. "We can ask him once you catch him, right agent?". He walked over and poured himself a cup of coffee "and I hope you have a jet, or of course we can use mine, but you might be too prideful for my funds too" he said "your team might start take a liking to me, then you'll be really out numbered"
  • "If that happens I'll just quit. I don't need someone who has no respect." He snapped. "The board decided to waste my damn time on a man just so he would be freed after all those hard years of work. I don't need you, a criminal, who wasted years of my work. You need to be behind bars and I'll make sure that happens." Valentine growled. "It pisses me off that I have to work with some like you."