Fate of Souls 4

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  • Gideon shot her a rather dazed smile in return. "Y-yeah, this is a good time~"

    "We don't even know what the babies going to be like... If it's growing this fast?"

    "I... guess that's understandable given everything she's been through..."

    "...How did you get here, anyway?"

    "It's not... that's not what it is." Troy huffed. "Also you don't know that for sure!"

  • "Good~" And went in for the kiss again! I imagine that they actually headed back the cabin to continue!

    "....we'll see I guess....." And they just waited with Lilith in pain!

    "....youve been through a lot too though?"

    "I don't know....? I just wanted to leave and....I ended up here....?"

    "I guess not." She smiled though, "Well, it doesn't matter. Let's just focus on the task at hand."

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  • Yes! Gideon's or Faith's though?

    Uriel was Nervous and Uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as Lilith.

    Paris shrugged. "People deal with that stuff in different ways. Just look around camp."

    "That's... odd?..."

    "...Right." Troy nodded kissing her again and slipping a hand up her skirt this time.

  • Probably Faith! Cause all the rest should be out! I hope!

    And I guess.....it was there! And born and Lilith really didn't look good. :/

    "That's true. But Auri.....I don't know...."

    Emilia was clearly lying but didn't want to say anything. ".....y-yeah....."

    Auri didn't mind and actually just kind of teqsed him in all kind of ways. "....this is pretty good....~"

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  • "This is a pretty good time~"

    Uriel was far more concerned about Lilith. "Are... Are you okay?..."

    "...As long as she's safe I guess?..."

    Sophie frowned slightly. "...How did you even know there was another universe?"

    "You're such a tease? But I don't mind~" Troy laughed, before kissing her neck.

  • Faith laughed. "Pretty much, yeah~ It's great~"

    Lilith didn't reply, it didn't seem like she's could hear him, she was really out of it. She actually just kept looking at the tiny baby she had just given birth to. "....."

    "....we might need to make sure?"

    "...uhm...." See looked slightly panicked now. "Cause you've done it before?"

    She pressed herself closer against him, starting to tug at his shirt a bit. "I need to make it a bit challenging~"

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  • Gideon smiled. "You have such a nice laugh~"

    Uriel grimaced. "You're going to be okay? Right?..."

    "We can ask when she gets back then, I'm not going there now if there's a chance!"

    "...Done what?" Sophie was obviously getting suspicious.

    Troy immediately took his shirt off because he hates clothes. "Challenging, huh?~"

  • "Hmmmm....so do you!" At which she actually pushed him down on the bed.

    Lilith made a noise that could be described as a grunt of pain, and started to sit up a little. ".....I'll.....I'll be fine....."

    "True. Disgusting."

    "Dimension travelling! We knew you could tear a rift through time-space, we just didn't know how yet! And now.....we do?"

    "Don't you rather have that then just be meek~?"

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  • Gideon was shook again, but seemed pretty into it. "Oh?~"

    "If... If you're sure?..."

    "Embarrassing for everyone involved..."

    "That makes sense, I guess? Why just you though?"

    "Oh definitely, it's good fun~"

  • Faith straddled him at that, VERY drunk if she was doing that. "Yes~ Good times~"

    Lilith was still watching the baby, who was in turn just staring at the ceiling. It was pretty eerie how it was actually watching Uriel and Lilith too, like she could understand what they said.

    "So let's not....."

    ".....the rest....didn't want to come yet."

    She pressed herself against him again and just leaned into him in general. "You'll have to do most of the work though."

    [img width=510 height=287]http://stuffpoint.com/code-geass-lelouch-of-the-rebellion/image/112762-code-geass-lelouch-of-the-rebellion-code-geass-lelouch-of-the-rebellion.jpg[/img]
  • "Very good!~" Gideon put his hands on her thighs, leaning up to kiss her.

    Uriel was visibly uncomfortable. "It's not crying... Babies are meant to cry when they're born..."

    "...She might not even be doing anything like that though?"

    "Yet...? That's a little worrying."

    "Fine by me~" Troy picked her up with her legs around his waist, still with her against the wall.

  • Faith leant down to kiss him more and she pretty much enjoyed that. "It's pretty warm in here." She concluded after a bit and proceeded to take off her own shirt.

    Lilith nodded slowly but reached out to take it in her arms like you do with babies, and the baby stretched out its little hands to touch her face and all that like babies do. "....she's.....not like other babies."

    "True! She's might be just training?"

    "....I think they'll be come on a while but I don't really want them to...."

    Auri put her arms around his shoulders, enjoying this more then she actually should. "You do have you way with how to deal with girls~"

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  • "Wow yeah, so hot, we may aswell have no clothes at all it's that hot." Gideon decided.

    Uriel nodded. "It's... very advanced already."

    "If she's with Troy then I wouldn't be surprised, that's like all the guy does." Paris nodded.

    "Me neither, from the way you've described them?..."

    "My finest talent, really~" Troy shot her a wink.

  • "Pretty much!" Faith agreed! And proceeded to strip!

    "Yeah.....it's what I expected somewhat actually." Lilith did look rather softly at it and just held her close in general. "A name."

    "Probably? I don't know, I might need to meet him then."

    "....:maybe they'll never come here....:"

    "Your finest talent indeed~" Auri started to kiss him again and soon, the deed began ik guess!

    [img width=510 height=287]http://stuffpoint.com/code-geass-lelouch-of-the-rebellion/image/112762-code-geass-lelouch-of-the-rebellion-code-geass-lelouch-of-the-rebellion.jpg[/img]
  • Gideon did pretty much the same, and things probably heated up!

    "Names?..." Uriel shook his head. "Do you have any in mind?"

    "That might be good, incase they're not training."

    "No offense, but I hope so..."


  • Yes! Sex! Although immediatly after, Faith pretty much fell asleep on top

    Of him.

    "I have one. Just to mess with God a bit more. I think her name should be.....Eve."

    "Yeah.....it's weird that both of you already might have done it.....it's weird to think about."

    "Haha....I get why though, don't worry."

    Yes and Auri was pretty much out for the count afterwards but pretty happy altogether! "Wow~"

    [img width=510 height=287]http://stuffpoint.com/code-geass-lelouch-of-the-rebellion/image/112762-code-geass-lelouch-of-the-rebellion-code-geass-lelouch-of-the-rebellion.jpg[/img]
  • Gideon fell asleep shortly after!

    "Oh wow." Uriel shrugged. "If that's what you want, I don't mind?"

    Paris smiled a little. "Ew, don't think about that?"

    "Okay, good. It just... sounds pretty terrible there..."

    "Feeling better now?" Troy laughed.

  • "R-really?" Connor shook his head. "I'm sorry I didn't talk to you sooner!!"

    Sonya offered a slight smile. "You can do it too, if you get some food on your hand?"

    Katrina narrowed her eyes. "Why would you listen to Kat above me?"

    "We... need to figure out a way around that if we can..." Kat kept her voice soft too, continuing to move her hands to heal him.

    "If that's really what you want?" Max raised his eyebrows.

  • "Me too, I should have come to check on you but I thought you needed space." Shayne admitted.

    "...Yes! !" Logan copied her, cupping some seeds in his hands.

    "B-because she's nicer to me..." Skieros straightened up, taking a few steps back. "She's better than you!"

    "How..." Skie shook his head a little. "I can't read minds..."

    "Yes." Evelyn nodded. "I don't like being on my own, plus being in a hospital right now might actually end up benefiting me."

  • Connor shook his head. "No it's okay, that's very fair! I'm just glad we're talking now!"

    Sonya nodded approvingly. "If you get him used to your hands you might be able to pick him up. It depends on how trusting he is though, it could take time."

    Katrina snorted. "Don't be ridiculous, take that back now."

    "Dean can?" Kat ran a hand through her hair. "We have to get Dean?? Did she say anything about him?"

    "That's true, are you feeling okay??" Max ran a hand through his hair.