What do you like or dislike about the layout?

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  • this has probably been said already, but tbh i don't feel like going through 8 pages.

    the 'new thread' button right next to the 'reply' one seems really unnecessary and annoying. is there a reason why it's there? because i can't be the only one who keeps accidentally pressing it.

    otherwise, everything's just fine! i appreciate all the hard work the staff put in to the new layout, and can't wait to find out all the nooks and crannies of it, and see that breeding game!!


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  • allllright, so, i've already said elsewhere what i DON'T like about the new layout, so now i'm going to say what i DO like:

    - the thingy where you can see the first post of a thread by hovering your cursor over the thread title is really great imo, like, it's so convenient i'm dying over here.
    - the not having to use bbcode is amazing, and i really like the new microsoft word-esque look now for posts.
    - this probably isn't shared, but i actually kinda like the new spoilers! of course, they're a bit too big, but other than that i think they look v nice.
    - the new version of the updated threads (aka the watched threads) i find rather convenient, since it actually tells you what threads you've posted in so you don't get startled when someone responds to a thread you forgot you had because it wasn't in your updated threads.
    - also, while i miss the old cat smilies, i gotta admit, these new ones are nice-looking.

    *aggressively dies of desk fan*


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  • This has probably already been mentioned, but so far today it has been a huge issue for me, I'm guessing because people are adding a set width to their fancyposts?

    But a portion of the writing gets cut off completely to the point of having to quote them in order to actually read the full thing. [Mobile]

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  • Considering that I come on sporadically to check for notifications, coming here and finding this change was extremely disorienting and extremely frustrating.

    The lack of the option for the desktop site on mobile is what frustrates me the most, and considering that I'm one of the people that usually accesses this site through mobile, it's my greatest concern.

  • In my opinion, the layout is a bit cluttered. It's hard to navigate, and I liked it better when all of the front boards were on the default screen. However, the notifications are well organized, and it's not that bad when you play around with it a bit.

  • Some positive opinions!
    I just posted a thread about this


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  • Most of it I can grow to like, for example the posts themselves looks sleeker than it did on old Feralfront. The fact you can now see how many characters/words you've typed his an amazing bonus, however...

    It's kinda hard to really get around in the site. Having the profile drop down is good, the notifications right beside it is clever, but it's now really hard to see some threads. What happened to our own threads on old Feralfront?

  • Being curteous, I highly dislike the way that you have to hunt for new replies. I really liked the ability of the old site where it was very easy to hit a button and boom- all the threads you're involved in, now showing that they've been replied to. Sometimes I look at replies, but don't have the time to reply right away. This site layout doesn't allow me to mark those replies as unread, so I can come back and when I hit that button again to see "unread" replies, it will still show it so I know I haven't replied yet. This is opposed to the now Watched Threads, which only lets you see all the threads you've posted in. You've got to hunt to see if they've been replied to, or if you've read them or not, and etc.

    It's also very difficult to find new threads that are interesting, though that could be just because I'm not used to it? All in all, 90% of navigation is very difficult, especially on mobile, which I'm currently bound to because of my computer being broken. Mobile in general is very, very unattractive. I liked the way the old site looked almost identical on both platforms.

    Something else that's nagging at me is the way old threads look really, really ugly now if you used to use fancyposts. Which, I understand there's a new code, and there's nothing else that you guys can do as far as I'm aware? And it's kind of a minor issue.

    There's a very, very low character limit on the "About Me" section of the profile, I had to cut my original down so much that it hardly looks like the same strings of text. Also, the limit of no ultimate profile is kinda sad (again, I think that one is one we can do nothing about) xc

    Dittoing the person who asked if it was possible to include our personal pronouns in our posts, by our 'Custom Title'.

    That's all I can think of at the moment, just woke up, but thank you guys for addressing this. <3 Hopefully the hyper negativity dies down.

    EDIT: Got a hold of a computer at school. The desktop version looks much, much better than mobile! Not bad at all, and though different, can be navigated to get where you want to find new things, at least.

  • Dislikes:

    - The user interface is extremely confusing to navigate.

    - I think that the dashboard is pointless; it would be much more logical to have the forum displayed as the home screen instead.

    - The fact that the board preview shows how many users are on that board makes the boxes way too long. This stretches the page and un-aligns the boxes. It looks untidy and messy.

    - Text around the site looks too big and clunky.

    - Highlighted text looks ugly and contrasts badly with the site colors.

    - Likes don't really go with FF as an RP site.

    - I think the mini profile looks ugly; I don't like the way that the custom titles / personal text and "online" button look. Avatars seem too small and boxy.

    - Kitty emoticons are gone???


    - I don't think the thread preview when hovering over a thread link is really needed.

    + I like the word / character counter.

    + I like how images work.

    + I like that we can see how many views a thread has.

    + I like how replying works.

  • I really like a lot of the new features, actually! I think notifications are cool, the new reply box is great, and I think it's kind of neat that boards tell you what users are in them currently now! As someone who never really used the old 'ultimate profile' all that much, I really like the new profile layout as well, especially the ability to add music so easily! I actually like how mini-profiles look too, the little box with the custom title looks neat. OH and conversations are pretty sweet now too, I love the little dropdown menu that shows your your current convos.

    My only suggestion would be maybe to put personal pronouns in mini-profiles somehow!! Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with all of changes, thank you guys so much for your work in the transfer! :)

  • Luka x Miku

    Yeah, that was the problem I was having and I was hoping someone knew how to make it work since the songs I have are too big.

    Ah, thanks anyway


  • what i dislike: the clutter. it's hard to explain, but on the forums, things are so pressed together, and the list of people on the forum extend the table to lengths unimaginable (esp the list on the help den box ww) / fancypost coding is different, and it's a bit frustrating, but shouldn't be too hard to get used to / post resetting, and threads being lost / idk things just seem,,, messy almost. it's a bit difficult to navigate, but that might just be because i'm more used to the old format

    what i like: the notifications are neat, and the navigation bar is pretty modern. posts look cool when writing them. i really like how you guys kept the same colour scheme though, so thanks for that!!

    ^ dislikes: really going to quote this, as well as everyone else having a little issue with the overcrowding of the layout : )

    this is essentially all that I personally care about in regards to the look of the new FF. It is quite frustrating to look at, and if a less compact set up can be rearranged, I feel as though this would make it easier on a large group of people! Also, I am unsure if we are able to 'unsubscribe' to threads like we were on the old FF? However, if we aren't, I think that would be really useful, since it gets a little bit annoying to receive notifications from a thread I no longer wish to be apart of. :") Also, if there was a way to save threads that we already read (if there already is, just ignore this part) so that we can respond to them later, that would be very convenient to include - if possible, of course. :)

    likes: I really do appreciate the notification system. Honestly, it makes responding to threads quicker for me! I also appreciate (this is small but for me it helps) that the avatars are already resized! 192 x 192 pixels seems like a perfect size. Then, there is the navigation system, which has been extremely helpful for me. It helps a lot with getting to certain boards at a quicker rate!

  • Speaking of the notifications
    What I really like is that it does to the first new person who replied then you can see the others instead of just clicking on the page number and having to go back a page to see if anyone replied to you or you missed someone's reply. I don't if that makes sense but I'm sure people know what I mean