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  • [fancypost bgcolor=transparent; width:400px; border:0px dotted white; text-align: justify; padding:20px;][font=times new roman] Finch Harbringer
    Finch approached the high position den, and immediately began speaking. She knew someone was in earshot. And if they weren't, then she'd just repeat herself. No biggie.

    "Hey - when that Windclan patrol came to the border, and after learning one of our members accidentally captured a Windclanner, I've been thinking. We've had a large influx of new members as of late, and I think at the next meeting an important point to cover would be just to review our allies and enemies." She meowed, her blue eyes dancing.

    [spoiler=tags jan. 9][fancypost bgcolor=transparent; width:400px; border:0px dotted white; text-align: justify; padding:20px;][font=times new roman][size=8]
    [color=white]finch harbringer | daughter of valentine | shadehunter (hp) of shadowclan | ages at roleplayer's discretion | 9 months old

    [color=white]finch is a white domestic feline with oddly short legs, and oddly large ears. she has soft blue eyes.

    [color=white]single | heterosexual | she/her | 1/2 of n/a

    [color=white]finch is fairly easy to get along with. she is laid back and socially awkward in some situations. she is friendly to clanmates, but ruthless to enemies. since she is smaller than most, she prefers using her intelligence to assist in battles - this includes strategy and battle planning.

  • [align=center][fancypost bgcolor=transparent; borderwidth=0px; bordercolor=transparent; width: 375px; height: auto; margin-bottom: -32px;][size=16pt] PAINTEDWINGS L. [/size][/fancypost]
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    [justify]Paintedwings slipped up, "I agree, it can be quite detrimental to neutrals and alliances to have our members accidentally capture someone we aren't at war with." The feline meowed staring blankly past Fisk.

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    that would be a good idea. sometimes she herself had no clue as to who she was capturing unless it was the exiles, cartel and riverlcan, who they were in the middle of a peace treaty with. kaleidoscope nodded as she came over.

  • [fancypost borderwidth=0px; width: 400px; line-height:97%; height: auto;font-family: helvetica; font-size: 12px; text-align: justify]Haiiro was, shockingly enough, a peaceful soul, not interested in capturing or fighting others. While he knew he would gladly throw himself into the fray if someone close to him was threatened, he also acknowledged that he had no idea how to fight, and would only leave the Clan with two injured people to care for, maybe only one if he got too reckless and got himself killed. It wasn't for his own benefit that he wanted to know who their allies and enemies were, but for the benefit of others who actually enjoyed captures. "That seems like a good idea. Even if I, uh, don't plan on attacking any enemies, it's good information to know and stay updated on," the canine-like hybrid spoke up as he felt his way over.



  • [justify][fancypost bgcolor=transparent; borderwidth=0px; bordercolor=transparent; width: 350px;][justify][size=7pt]★ ★ ★[size=3pt]--[/size][/size] [size=9pt] Sango approached with an attentive expression, giving a little nod as everyone present spoke their minds on the matter. "I'll be sure to do that, thank you. Getting into sticky situation's with neutrals and what not more so than we already are would definitely be a problem and a pain in the ass to patch up."