that took too long... -- open, gifts

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    • that took too long... -- open, gifts

      Fortunately, she'd mostly prepared an explanation for why WindClan hadn't received an invitation, in the event that they did ask; it was long-winded, and would probably raise some questions, but at least it was all grounded in truth. If they didn't ask, of course, then she wouldn't even need to mention it, but she was prepared.

      With a basket of herbs, books, and fireworks gripped firmly in her jaws, the small feline approached the border of the ever-familiar moor. On the plus side, she wasn't clearly injured or sleep-deprived this time, so she wouldn't have to deal with them trying to get her to rest there, like they had previously. Setting down the basket, she called, "Hey, gifts from LithiumClan."

      [spoiler=tags (12/25/16) (warning, long)]
      • Seija Kijin
      • Arbiter and Historian (and former Kaiser) of LithiumClan, currently has a dual-membership in BlizzardClan
      • female
      • Xeryus (now aware of, acknowledged) x NPC
      • nineteen months old (ages real-time on the 11th of each month)
      • created 8/20/15, first posted with on 8/27/15 (active for over a year)
      • small, scrawny bicolor domestic cat, with green eyes
      • two short horns on top of head
      • four small, faint scars on each cheek
      • currently recovering from a fall that resulted in a concussion and fractured ribs, along with multiple cuts on each front leg
      • no other bodies
      • overall current physical health: 40%, increasing slowly
      • suffering from bipolar 1: currently in a manic-depressive state
      • frequently suffers from hallucinations and delusions
      • overall current mental health: 25%, increasing slowly (albeit fluctuating)
      • powers:
      • telepathy (50% mastered)
      • gravity manipulation (roughly 25% mastered)
      • battle tags:
      • physically medium-easy: can dish out little damage, can withstand some damage, has little combat experience and difficulty dodging in close quarters (ability also impaired due to lack of sleep and injuries)
      • mentally difficult: can't be easily possessed or hypnotized- can however be susceptible to telepathic attacks involving the projection of hallucinations
      • attack in bold #690404
      • no kill and/or major injury without permission, ask for capture via PM
      • non-offensive actions may be powerplayed
      • kind-of-sort-of-almost-unofficially taken by Peregrine (it's complicated)
      attempts at romance will likely trigger drama and angst; try at your own risk
      • other:
      • PM Verdigris to plot
      • named after, and somewhat inspired by, the Touhou 14 character

      played by Verdigris
      Plot thread
      tags (as of 02/12/17)
      Image in avatar drawn by 無名 (used with permission)
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      [fancypost bgcolor=transparent; border: 0px solid black; border-bottom: 1px solid gray; width: 350px; font-size: 8pt][size=20pt]Littlespirit![/size]
      THE WORST IS YET TO COME[/fancypost]
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      Little wasn't aware of any sort of invitation, she didn't even know that their clan had an event or something going on. She wasn't sure if it was mainly the fact that she might of missed something or probably forgot it, it could be either. The smell of herbs had been what had brought her here, well that and someone was at the border too. "Thank you for the gift, uhm, can I get your name though? I'm Littlespirit." she smiled.

      'telepathy' ' thinking'
      info — updated 1/2

      ★ Littlespirit Duviel | Lit, Little, Lil | Female
      ★ Questioning
      ★ Single | ½ Zekle
      ★ Littletalks xx npc | G1 | Mentor - n/a | former mentors- Kate + Frisk + Henry
      ★ 12 months | Feb 8th 2016 | ages at real time
      ★ Advisor[hp] of WindClan | Medic apprentice[shp] of WindClan | Former Paladin[hp] of BlizzardClan | Ambassador to HawkClan

      ★ Joined WindClan
      ★ Gained memories of her biological family
      ★ Promoted to medic apprentice 12/02/16
      ★ Promoted to Advisor 12/18/16
      ★ Stuck as a shrunken leopard

      ★ Remembers currently nothing of her past life.
      ★ Originally is from BlizzardClan
      ★ Character bond with Lark
      ★ Big crowds make her nervous
      ★ She is a mute
      ★ Adopted daughter of Suiteheart and Margaery
      ★ Faceclaim is Wendy Marvell from Fairy tail
      ★ Wears a necklace with a green gem stone that was gifted to her(by littlepaw), also wears a hat that was gifted to her too(by Negan)

      ★ Leopard [current] | health: 100%
      — A pale yellow with black spots and white underbelly, neck and chin, muscular build but right now is stuck as the size of a small dog.
      major injuries: n/a
      [i]minor injuries: n/a
      ★ Domestic feline [birth] | health: 89%
      — A smaller then average Grey tabby w/green eyes, skinny and long furred, carries a brown bag around her neck. Be aware she can not speak correctly in this body and uses telepathy.
      [i]major injuries: n/a
      [i]minor injuries: n/a
      [i]scars: two branding marks, one on her other flank with the words 'BLOODCLAN'S BITCH' and a juvenile smiley face on her cheek, and a cauterized puncture wound on flank
      ★ Dragon [spare] | health: 100%
      — Large white feathery dragon with blue eyes, very tall.
      [i]major injuries: n/a
      [i]minor injuries: n/a
      ★ Husky [spare] | health: 100%
      — An average sized brown w/ white husky also has blue eyes.
      [i]major injuries: n/a
      [i]minor injuries: n/a

      — Friendly | Caring | Earnest | Faithful
      — Artful | Formal | Quiet | Moralistic
      — Ditzy | Cowardly | Insecure | Passive
      — Lit is very cowardly, afraid to fight back or isn't willing to attack others even if they give her a reason too. But she does have moralities, she knows what is okay to do and what isn't, thanks to past experiences from watching others. She does however end up crashing under pressure from others when told to do something, something that bites her back. Lit also has a bad habit of either stuttering or pausing when she's saying something.

      ★ Telepathy — barely mastered = decent control, uses only to speak
      ★ Elemental powers (earth) — Not mastered/undiscovered
      ★ Elemental powers (Air) — discovered/not mastered = has no control it reacts based on her emotions
      ★ Telekinesis — not mastered/undiscovered

      ★ Makes friends very easily
      ★ Easy physically | Very easy mentally | as little to no training
      ★ Doesn't start fights | Avoids them | will dodge attacks
      ★ Attack in #C0D9DB
      ★ Can powerplay peaceful or nonviolent actions.
      ★ If you want to plot or have a thread just send an pm!

      [size=6pt]☪ Endeavor
      Littlespirit Duviel ❄ 12 months ❄ Easy ❄ WindClan
    • Re: that took too long... -- open, gifts

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      [justify]Lusa was next to approach, shuffling forward on wide flat paws. Her green optics flickered over the Lithiumclanner, and her muzzle shifted into a smile. She didn't think she'd met a LithiumClanner before, but those outside of her own home clan was an interesting topic to the bear.
      "WindClan thanks you for the gifts." She would say. "How is LithiumClan doing? I'm Lusa."

    • Re: that took too long... -- open, gifts

      [fancypost bgcolor=none; bordercolor=transparent; borderwidth=0px; width: 370px;font-size:8pt;line-height: 130%;][justify]Cherviltea couldn't say that he was that demanding. He knew that Lithiumclan valued their alliance - or happened to hope that they still did. After all, Seija had traveled all this way.. Gifts were, perhaps, commonplace - yet, they were kind gestures, pertaining to an indication that, indeed, this ally did still care. If anything, the collie would hope to explain as to why they had perhaps been unable to give Lithiumclan as many gifts as of late. "Thanks for the gifts, Seija." Chervil would resound in response, offering a congenial smile.

      TAGS 07/12/2016

      "yesterday, today"
      cherviltea xerses | windclan leader | male | dating sanctifiedpaw | sexuality unconfirmed | (unknowingly) candyfangs x npc

      "and the day before yesterday"
      telepathy | flower prints | earth elementals | scent manipulation

      "i had a dream"
      extreme physical | difficult mental | attack in #76B07A

      "that this wide world"
      black and white border collie | yellow eyes | eyes will flicker red when under extreme mental stress | has faded purplish-black bruises on his neck | metal prosthetic right fore-limb, with various stems, flower, and leaves weaved within and around the material | bandages wrapped around the entirety of the left fore-limb | wears a fortune charm around his neck, from san

      "was easily crumbled"
      holds no memory of parents | bad memories of drowning | feels the guilt of having let an old, childhood friend die, by trading his life for his own in the heat haze | cannot and will not go near rivers without reason
      [fancypost borderwidth=0;color:#76B07A;font-size:26pt;letter-spacing:-2px]THESE ZOMBIES IN THE PARK[/fancypost][fancypost borderwidth=0;color:#76B07A;font-size:23pt;letter-spacing:-2px; margin-top:-5px;]THEY'RE LOOKING FOR MY HEART[/fancypost] [fancyimage][/fancyimage]
    • Re: that took too long... -- open, gifts

      [fancypost bgcolor=transparent; bordercolor= green; borderwidth= 3px; border-radius: 100px; width:540px; height:550px; overflow=auto;]
      Oliver Queen-Stark
      "The Arrow"

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      Oliver had been renewing scent markers on the borders when he heard voices up ahead. The griffin padded over next as he went to investigate, and saw some others with a Lithiumclanner. "Hey, Seija. Not sure if you know or remember me, but I'm Oliver," he said with a grin.


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      When you feel my heat
      Look into my eyes
      It’s where my demons hide
      It’s where my demons hide
      {Demons by Imagine Dragons}
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