mysterious phenomenon | PLANT ON BOARDER

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    • mysterious phenomenon | PLANT ON BOARDER

      [fancypost bgcolor=transparent; borderwidth=0px; bordercolor=transparent; width: 375px; height: auto; margin-bottom: -32px;][size=16pt] PLANTY [/size][/fancypost]
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      [justify]The plant was sitting there, as plants do, happily in its pot looking much like a plant normally did. It was here to join, despite the fact it was a plant. How it had gotten to the boarder was as good a guess as anyone. It was quite a tolerant being, it found the antics of animals interesting though it never really saw them having no eyes. But the one thing it didn't stand for (well it never stood, being a plant) was paper, books, anything made of plants really... it did tolerate salad though, it wasn't lettuce after all. 'Greetings Cartel, I am here to join!' The plant broadcasted it's thoughts throughout the territory. It probably smelled vaguely of SunClan, but after having a member threaten to eat it, it had decided it was high time it left.

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    • Re: mysterious phenomenon | PLANT ON BOARDER

      [fancypost borderwidth=0px][justify][size=12px][fancypost borderwidth=0; width: 450px; margin-top: -10px;][justify][size=11px]xael was fairly used to seeing odd things on the cartel's territory, whether pranks from other groups or something from one of the many odd members. she was currently nosing around a potted plant, which she'd originally thought to be drugs of some sort, but not saw it was literally just a potted plant that smelled vaguely of sunclan. suspicious, but it didn't seem to be anything special. that was, until it spoke. she jumped backwards, even though the voice had been inside her own mind. it couldn't have come from the..? "what the *? who left their science experiment over here?" she mumbled, still bewildered that the thing seemed to be sentient.

      INFORMATION - 1/9
      [fancypost bgcolor=transparent; borderwidth=0px; width:auto;][justify]GENERAL —
      ♔ xael archer
      ♔ female (she/her)
      ♔ 13 months
      ♔ the cartel
      ♔ executor, currency division capo (title)
      ♔ pm for threads

      ♔ DOMESTIC FELINE [birth/main] | health: 90%
      - lilac, no white
      - pale laurel green eyes
      - very small of build
      - short, smooth fur
      - two piercings in right ear, wears silver rings

      ♔ healing cuts on shoulder and underbelly. generally healthy and mentally stable

      ♔ introverted, calm, quiet
      ♔ loyal, laid-back, observant
      ♔ mature, polite, ethical
      ♔ judgmental, deceptive, artificial personality
      ♔ overly concerned with social standing
      ♔ martyr complex

      ♔ NPC XX NPC
      ♔ sibling to none
      ♔ heterosexual
      ♔ single
      ♔ no crush
      ♔ best friend: no one
      ♔ mentor to: no one

      ♔ physically hard
      ♔ mentally hard
      ♔ no kill
      ♔ ask for capture + maim
      ♔ attack in bold/ bright colors

      ♔ can powerplay nonviolent actions
      ♔ invisibility
      ♔ flower prints (lavender)
      ♔ scent and flavor manipulation
      ♔ multiple possessions
      ♔ reference x x

      you could tell me secrets that i'd probably repeat