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    [justify]Penny was sitting at the desk where she did most of her work. She was a law school graduate who was now working in the Mayor's office... it was a dream come true for Penny Adenydd... her name was weird, it meant something in Welsh, and was pronounced very differently than it was spelled... it ended in a 'th' sound, which was very typical of the language.

    Frowning the young woman leaned over her paperwork, scanning the document for anything that should not be there, any small amendment that could be detrimental to the city. Adjusting her glasses, Penny bit her lip in concentration, it was almost two, and she had yet to take her lunch, not that she needed lunch... she was a machine... well not really. But she did her best for her city, the city she loved.

    After a few more minutes of reading each line of the document, the woman sighed, and took off her glasses, placing them on the paper. Standing up she stretched happily, if someone had told her this was what she'd be doing after the long grind of law school, she might have laughed, but now, she loved it. Sure it wasn't defending others in court... but the Mayor's office was a great place to start her career, especially if she wanted to go into politics some day. That was her dream, to be a political master.

    Pulling her purse from beneath the desk, she walked outside and sat on the bench under an awning. She had in her purse a salad, she was a healthy eater most of the time... and heck, maybe some of her coworkers, or even citizens were around to talk to her. Opening her lunch she started trying to stab the lettuce with her plastic fork, having no luck. Finally with an exasperated sigh, she dug in with her fingers, and plucked out a piece of dressed salad, popping it into her mouth.

  • Aayan Amorite wasn't really a well known little boy, but since he was shipped here to the local orphanage from his home that was where he lived. The young eleven year old liked to walk around the town, that is when he wouldn't get caught, and sometimes stop outside the mayor's office. He liked to think about the important policies they might be planning on passing. He also liked to question if any of those would help him in his situation. Or, sometimes, just about his dream of being the president and how, the mayoral office might be his first step there. That particular afternoon he was dressed in a black shirt with a skull and lots of fire and such. He was also wearing ripped jeans and black tennis shoes with the souls falling off. He thought he looked slightly cool. He usually sat under a tree nearby, but that day he came over and sat down on the bench next to Penny. It was a more comfortable position and, there was no one trying to feed birds. Although, he did like watching them flutter away as he walked past.

    Every villain is a hero in his own mind.