MISSING | things i almost remember

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    • MISSING | things i almost remember

      [fancypost bgcolor=transparent; borderwidth=0px; bordercolor=transparent; width: 375px; height: auto; margin-bottom: -32px;][size=16pt] PAINTEDWINGS L. [/size][/fancypost]
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      [justify]She was gone, there was a small pool of her blood, and some drag marks leading off towards the Cartel, but nothing else, no scent except hers, and no trace of where she might have gone to. Paintedwings was, effectively missing.

      //note: she's been captured by the cartel...

      paintedwings - info — updated 12/17
      Paintedwings Lystander | Female
      Undecided | Panromantic | Single, Crushing on Specklepaw | ½ ---
      Adopted by Twinskelletons
      12 months (ages on the 17th)
      Former mentor is Kelseylace, currently mentoring no one.
      Apprentice in ShadowClan, promoted to Initiate 09/06, promoted to Vanguard 09/21, promoted to Mercenary 10/17.
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      [fancypost borderwidth=0px; width: 450px; text-align: justify; font-family: verdana; font-size: 8pt; line-height: 1.3;] it seemed that someone was... gone? genji had never really known painted all that well, even though he had seen her from time to time while he was living in shadowclan. and even though genji was in the middle of a crisis where he was constantly worried about his brother's safety, he knew that he needed to take his clanmates disappearances seriously as well.

      "from the looks of it, someone was captured." he would mutter to himself, inspecting the claw marks closely. "but i can't seem to smell a good scent to know who it is, or who stole them." maybe he could send out his dragon? of course, it would make his exhausted without the extra support from the spirit beast; but it would help smell out what was needed to be smelled.
      [fancypost borderwidth=0;width:450px;background:linear-gradient(to right,lightgreen, #fff);height:1px;padding:0px;margin-top:8px;margin-bottom:6px;][/fancypost]

      played by teeth.
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      "Hmmm... Weird." Henri bent over, taking a few licks of the blood. "Yeah, that's a cat... And those marks looked like some fight happened. It could very well be a capture. Probably The Cartel again."

      A VILLAIN'S FATE / 1/8

      - | | GENERAL
      - Henri Leonidas | [i]"Auhn-Ree"[/i]
      - Shadowclan | Non-HP
      - [i]Hover for surnames[/i]
      - XY chromosomes | Identifies as male
      - Currently 12 months | Spiritually immortal
      - Constellationdreamer x NPC | Adopted by Grima
      - Born in Shadowclan | Raised in The Exiles
      - Former leader of the Exiles | [abbr=All the exiles ranks before leader, Exiles apothecary, held a high position in Shadowclan but I don't remember which] Hover for more former ranks[/abbr]

      - | | BODY
      - Albino feline | White fur, red eyes
      - Wears a coat with a glowing purple brooch
      - Carries spellbooks strapped to his side

      - Single
      - 1/2 of Billri | Henri x Bill Cipher
      - Ex-husband of Bill Cipher | Still crushes on him
      - Bisexual | Biromantic
      - Future mentor of Shiloh
      - HPR | [abbr=Mother was a Shadowclan leader, brother was Shadowclan deputy, two sons were Exiles Paragons, ex-husband is former Exiles leader and current Cartel Godfather, and a whole lot more] Hover for info

      - | | PERSONALITY

      - POSITIVE
      - Friendly to children | Will not hurt children
      - High levels of sympathy
      - Tries his best, no matter what
      - Loves his friends dearly
      - Will not attack unless provoked

      - NEGATIVE
      - Morbid | Creepy
      - Low levels of empathy
      - Displays symptoms of psychopathy
      - Takes nothing seriously | Always laughing
      - Likes to be abused | Low level of self worth

      - | | OTHER INFO
      - Born on January 11th
      - Worships Belial
      - Owns 501 crows
      - [i]Hover for powers[/i]
      - Medium difficulty- attack in white


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      Hyacinth knew Paintedwings, albeit vaguely. She remembered when she first saw her, when she first washed up on Shadowclan border as an unwanted castaway. The other had such a bright glimmer in her eyes, her smile glowed with joy, her voice was bouncy and light and jovial. Yet, as time wore on, she changed. Her tail disappeared, her eyes stopped glowing, her smiles began to remind Hyacinth of her own forced smiles, as if no emotion would ever be quite as genuine again. The mute didn't know the Nightwatcher personally but she did know that someone so innocent and kind didn't deserve whatever happened to her.

      And now it seemed she was gone.

      The cream point brushed past fronds of tropical foliage, undergrowth brushing against her soft white flank as she looked to the pool of blood staining the grass beneath it. Little tufts of fur were scattered around area and tracks of scarlet were scattered on the surroundings, accompanied by the overwhelming scent of struggle, desperation, and most importantly, Paintedwings. Swallowing thickly, the medic rushed forwards, nearly stumbling through the undergrowth in her struggle to reach them. Frantically, she showed Genji and Henri her wooden communication pad, blue eyes wide with sincere worry. "Paintedwings, she was captured, wasn't she?" it read, her hurry shown in the messy curvature of her letters. "We have to get her back."


      Hyacinth Demisexual Spritseeker & Duskreacher of Shadowclan
      Mentally: 16 months Physically: 16 months

      The first thing one may notice about the young female are her eyes. They are a pallid sea blue-green that seemingly shimmer like sea water itself, and they are rather large, like a kitten's. Hyacinth has a very fair, light eburnean base coat, a coloration that is similar to light beach sands; her coat is thin but medium-length, while her streaming, sleek tail seems to hold an unusual thickness of hairs. Her chest is also thickly covered as well; the fur is downy and incredibly soft, framing her face well. A rich toffee hue colors colors her tail, back neck fur, ears and face, as well as patterns her paws and toes. A soft wisp of ivory hair curls over the right side of her face. One of Hyacinth distinctive traits is the spray of two-toned freckles that speckle her cheeks and the back of her neck. This characteristic too inspired yet another nickname for her- Freckles. Grotesque scars mark her neck, blaring and red, deeming her mute and unable to speak.
      other bodies: Massive red tiger.
      injuries: many scars on neck

      — bashful, shy, very quiet
      — intelligent, kind, interested in nature
      — constant struggle with PTSD, often gets very violent when triggered and cannot stop
      — naive and innocent despite her past, memory is spotty

      • Skilled in Fighting Hard Difficulty
      • Starts fights Ends fights
      • Attack in light pink
      • Can powerplay nonviolent or peaceful actions.

      • Born on March 24th.


      ⋆ ⋆ ⋆
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      [fancypost bgcolor=; borderwidth=0px; bordercolor=; width: 420px; margin-top: -6px;][justify]The male heard the Cartel and that was all that mattered to him. It gave him the greatest excuse to go over there. Besides no one hurt Painted. He turned then and walked off, headed for that group. His face gave nothing away nor did his body language at the idea bouncing around in his head.

      info — updated 01/03

      ★ Bisexual | Biromantic
      ★ 1 year and 8 months | September 26th | ages realistically
      ★ Shadowclan | Rank: Spiritcaller[HP] + GRAVEDIGGER[HP] | Titles: Shadowhunter, Bard, Devastator, Sociable, Patriot

      ★ Has five children - Caden, Fayina, Whitenoise, Omorose, Maya
      ★ widowed, late husband Setekh
      ★ uses sarcasm as a defensive mechanism
      ★ currently is being manipulated by something
      ★ wears a black obsidian necklace, given to him by Sango [very important to him]

      ★ finally healing from the traumatic event
      ★ return to Shadowclan

      ★ SHADOW BLACK DOG/GRIM [birth/main] | health: 100%
      — he is a canine like beast that stands, measured at the tips of his ears at almost 11 feet tall. his whole form is created out of shadows and is his skin. it moves and swirls across his form sometimes making his form almost undistinguishable from the darkness if he goes out at night. his claws are just a black but larger, almost like talons. his eyes are a mixture of red and orange like hell fire with a solid yellow pupil in the middle. he bleeds black blood and his gums and tongue are black but his teeth are surprisingly white.
      other bodies - black savannah cat, black stag
      major injuries:
      [i]minor injuries:

      ★ Taken | Dating Sango
      ★ Writingsins x Hope | Generation 2 | Widowed
      ★ Mentoring Caligula | Mentoring Hyacinth

      ★ give pain - discovered - mastered
      ★ telepathy - discovered - mastered
      ★ heat vision - discovered - mastered
      ★ the sight - discovered - mastered
      ★ conjuration - discovered - mastered
      ★ supersenses - discovered - mastered
      ★ multiple possessions - discovered - mastered

      ★ Message this account to plot
      ★ makes friends cautiously
      ★ Hard physically | Hard mentally
      ★ Close combat, close quarters, forcefully
      ★ Attack in limegreen
      ★ Can powerplay peaceful or nonviolent actions.

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      [fancypost borderwidth=0px; width: 450px; text-align: justify; font-family: verdana; font-size: 10pt; line-height: 1.3;]Specklepaw had no idea that painted was gone. But she found a faint scent of her among others. The two had become a little close recently. And of course she was developing a small crush on her. But she didnt know it yet. "Painted? Where is she?"

      //can she host a resecue raid?
      [fancypost borderwidth=0;width:400px;background:linear-gradient(to right,teal,#DBFEF8,#fff);height:1px;padding:0px;margin-top:8px;margin-bottom:6px;][/fancypost]

      they call me a gorgeous nightmare |updated 1/9
      opinions ic | main character | speech | bump threads after 2 days

      [fancypost borderwidth=0;width:410px;background:linear-gradient(to right,teal,#DBFEF8,#fff);height:1px;padding:0px;margin-top:8px;margin-bottom:6px;][/fancypost]

      you're such a gorgeous nightmare / GENERAL INFO:
      Undetermined Sexuality | Interest level: 4/10 | Homoromantic | Cis female [she/her]
      9 months | Dec. 7th | Sagittarius | Ages 1 month on the 7th or however the role-player wants
      Shadowclan | loyal to family
      [fancypost borderwidth=0;width:410px;background:linear-gradient(to right,teal,#DBFEF8,#fff);height:1px;padding:0px;margin-top:8px;margin-bottom:6px;][/fancypost]

      I feel so alive / RELATIONSHIPS:
      Single | maybe crush on Haiiro. Maybe crush on Paintedwings
      Lithiumkisses xx Bubonicplague | Generation 2?
      Mentor; Fautus
      ⅓ of Specklekisses,¼ of Spectus, ¼ of Spealei. | [½ ⅓ ¼ ⅕ ⅛ of name ships]
      [fancypost borderwidth=0;width:410px;background:linear-gradient(to right,teal,#DBFEF8,#fff);height:1px;padding:0px;margin-top:8px;margin-bottom:6px;][/fancypost]

      brownish orange wolf with orange eyes. A black nose and short whiskers. Most of her fur is verge thick with colors of brownish and orange and a hint of white. Her long tail is almost solid black except for the tip which is white. The wolf stands at almost 1 and a half feet tall which is tall for a young juvenile pup. She is a lot heavier than the average.
      wears a black scarf with her initals & a silver bear necklace she received from her mother on Christmas.
      INJURIES/ILLNESSES: scar across her face
      [fancypost borderwidth=0;width:410px;background:linear-gradient(to right,teal,#DBFEF8,#fff);height:1px;padding:0px;margin-top:8px;margin-bottom:6px;][/fancypost]

      you've resurrected me / PERSONALITY:
      Loyal, Honest, Trustworthy, Strong-willed , looks you for others.Sometimes rude, asshole.

      Well, Bear is hard to put a set personality. It's because she changes her additude depending on the person. However she still remains loyal, honest and trustworthy. However she can be brutality honest. Especially if she doesn't like someone.
      DISORDERS: suffers from anxiety & ptsd.
      [fancypost borderwidth=0;width:410px;background:linear-gradient(to right,teal,#DBFEF8,#fff);height:1px;padding:0px;margin-top:8px;margin-bottom:6px;][/fancypost]

      you make me feel brand new again / COMBAT + INTERACTION:
      Physical medium | Mental hard | currently training
      will not start Fights | will fight if provked
      All nonviolent, friendly and/or peaceful actions can be powerplayed.
      To engage in combat, use bold white, black or bold underlined.


      roleplayed by REIKO