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  • [fancypost bgcolor=#100E0E; borderwidth=0px; width: 460px; padding-top: 2px; padding-bottom: 2px; letter-spacing: 2px;]GHOUL ☠ EXECUTOR ☠ HELLHOUND ☠ LIVES 2/9[/fancypost]

    [fancypost bgcolor=; borderwidth=0px; bordercolor=; width: 530px; margin-bottom: -27px;][align=center][font=times new roman][shadow=#100E0E,left]ERASE THIS MONSTER I´VE BECOME FORGIVE ME FOR ALL THE DAMAGE DONE[/shadow]

    [/fancypost][hr][hr][fancypost borderwidth=0px; line-height: 14px; width: 520px; text-align: justify; font-family: verdana; font-size: 8.5pt; color:none;]It was uncommen to see the executor relaxing only times that actually took place was when he took a short break to drink some coffee otherwise the ghoul wa son a constant move not being able to deny concidering how many captured and tortures he had done recently. One after the other without much break at all and for what reason really? It lay in his nature to love to create chaos whenever he went so had planned out every single move carefully. However despite all of it all the true cause behind all of this had been to get Ryusaki back. Now he was all safe and sound in pure victory but it was no longer like before and that seemed to nag the mind quite badly to contunie on the work and every single decision afterwards. But yet so it contunie on to pester the mind to not let him get even one single blink of sleep before that coydog face would arrive up in front of the executor eyes. Like an attempt to erase it all had Sol keept on pushing forward to return back to the creature he always had been predicate to be until having captured that one last shadowclanner which had been a few days since then. Ryusaki apperance had been most unexpectantly but more so acted out in sympaty for the clan how had scarred that face of his a while ago. Despite all of it Ryu had wanted him to show some sort of mercy which had of course angered him quite badly to the point of what he believed had hurted Ryusaki feelings quite badly. Harsh and cold he had used words he so easily could tell anyone else without even one single guilty afterwards but had ended up in a complete different route when acting out with this coldness towards this thug but failed to understand why exactly.

    The captures had ended after that incident in a quick flash of a light.

    Sollux was laying in the middle of a field covered in snow with single eye closed with a cup of coffee beside yet untouched. The coffe was far along cold no longer invitable to drink. To actually think Sol would waste a such good opportunity to drink did not seem like him at all. Nothing had seemed like him recently which might be hard for others to figure out only being clear by the faint signs that was almost impossible to even notice. Sol had tried to fix his unsettling emotions inside that gave him discomfort to capture an windclanner to bring here to use like yet an other distraction. Feliks was simple not good enough needing something more in the bright day light. But the spark of that was all gone, the enjoyment that was. Inside the chest he could feel it slowly increasing for each day having tried to change it by giving himself a new slave to make it up for but ended all up in failure. What he had once enjoyed quite badly like a sick hobby of his was now getting ruined by the up growing tiredness inside that made it impossible for him to be amused when seeing a suffering face in front of him. Not even when Windclan had come to raid them had cared to show up to partake in it which was very unusual concidering the deep clouded hatred he had hold for them all this years. It was so much unlike him. Sol almost felt numb motivation drifting of into the sand in a slow killing blow.

    Ryusaki had someone else now, a brother how he seemed to be spending alot of time with. Sol had noticed it impossible to not do so. Even now he was secretly keeping a eye on the coydog although it was very discrete but it was there. At times it was almost like the eye got drawn over to the coydog without even noticing it. To see Ryusaki so close to someone else was unpleasing not being found of this 'brother' special much badly wanting to rip that shiba apart to pieces to be given such smiles that now was just to much distance from him. Ryusaki would never smile at him again because he was a monster having shown his true colors by now.

    He almost looked in peace there he lay not making the troubles inside a surface factory. In the first place Sol had never been good with emotions, to express them in the right way, to always carry that stoic cold look whenever being faced with anything. Calm and uncaring without any sort of kindness inside the orb. That was just the way he ahd got born and probably why many misjudgment had taken place in the past. People where just like that judging someone very easily without knowing the story itself. Funny how it all took place with such silly things prefering to more focus on his animal instinct rather then involving himself with attchment bonds filled with unecessery emotions that was undecribtable. Weaknessess that was all it was in the end. And Sol did not wanted them just because they where to hard to figure out. It was a bother otherwise he would not have felt like this right now. To lose his interest for killing.

    What was wrong with him?

    // new fancy post again because me love making fancy post cx and yeah just to explain the conflicted confusion going up inside Sol head right now, also because after this he is probably going to become more unmotivated from this point on [s]i hate capture/torture threads kay, i have suffered enough already just for this plots[sub][size=1pt][c] Seina



    — ghoul | godfather | the cartel | tighound | played by seina —

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