POLAROID ・゚★ ☾ [visitor for hostesscupcakes | open]

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  • [fancypost borderwidth=0px; width: 450px; text-align: justify][size=8]"hello?" her heart thumps against her chest as she comes to a stop at shadowclan's border. she wants to pin the blame of her nervousness on the fact that the sanctuary and shadowclan are neutrals [or, thats what she thinks, what with them being allied with colouredclan, and a shadowclanner having even dropped off gifts at their border] but really the anxiety festers from something else, something deeper than alliances. "my name is chicagocrimes, 'n im one of the sanctuary's leaders and blacksmith. im looking for my.. mother, hostesscupcakes." rumors had spread like wildfire of her return, but she is struggling to believe it, to accept it. she's never met the woman before, never talked about her to her own children because what was there to say? she knew next to nothing of her, other than perhaps her being a former leader here. she wishes she asked olive to tag along. she needs her girlfriend's support more than ever.
    [align=center][fancypost borderwidth=0;background:linear-gradient(to right,CHOCOLATE,transparent);height:2px;width:450x;padding:0px;margin-top:5px;margin-bottom:5px;][/fancypost][justify][spoiler=GIMME THAT CAN'T SLEEP LOVE / ★ / 1/9][size=8]GENERAL TELL ME AM I GOING CRAZY?
    chicagocrimes mayella calibur xerxes | female [she/her]
    taken, dating olive | ½ of cholive
    hostesscupcakes x nya | adopted by xeryus | mentoring inkpaw
    soul bonds with onechance/frightfur/amnesiacub
    fourteen months | november 18 | aged real-time
    the sanctuary seraphim/leader | colouredclan member | blacksmith

    — pretty pale bluegrey ragdoll cat with splatters of orange and white accenting fur. a dusting of dark bluegrey freckles dot cheeks and nose. somewhat plump, lanky figure. dark goldenbrown eyes— when upset sclera turns black and pupils are white. wears a stolen white lace choker. reeks heavily of cotton and orange cloves. PREGNANT, NOT SHOWING YET.
    injuries: none.

    ESFJ | More Teeth than the Osmond Family
    — aggressive | impulsive | lazy | humorous | vengeful | sensitive | dependent
    — trying to heal. has difficulty forgiving creatures, including herself, for past crimes. learning to protect those she cares about. loyal to few individuals. under no circumstances should she be touched without her permission; the response is typically very violent. chaotic neutral.

    attack in CHOCOLATE | physically/mentally medium, extreme with hatchet
    aims to kill | might show mercy if spared first
    no kill/maim/capture | pm for plots/threads
    violent and nonviolent powerplay permitted
    — [i]powers:
    ghostmode, the sight, conjuration, shapeshifting


    ☽*˚⊹ ———————— how i make you my toy && resident ghost

  • [fancypost bgcolor=transparent; width:400px; border:0px dotted white; text-align: justify; padding:20px;][font=times new roman] Finch Harbringer
    Finch approached, examining the tortoiseshell. She searched her mind to see if she perhaps knew her from somewhere - but she didn't. She noddded a greeting to the female, a smile gracing her lips. Her voice was welcoming, as she adressed the visitor. "Hello, I'm Finch Harbringer. You said you're looking for... Hostess? Yeah, she's around. What is it you need her for?"

    [spoiler=tags jan. 9][fancypost bgcolor=transparent; width:400px; border:0px dotted white; text-align: justify; padding:20px;][font=times new roman][size=8]
    [color=white]finch harbringer | daughter of valentine | shadehunter (hp) of shadowclan | ages at roleplayer's discretion | 9 months old

    [color=white]finch is a white domestic feline with oddly short legs, and oddly large ears. she has soft blue eyes.

    [color=white]single | heterosexual | she/her | 1/2 of n/a

    [color=white]finch is fairly easy to get along with. she is laid back and socially awkward in some situations. she is friendly to clanmates, but ruthless to enemies. since she is smaller than most, she prefers using her intelligence to assist in battles - this includes strategy and battle planning.

  • [fancypost borderwidth=0px; width=146px][justify][font=trebuchet ms]
    [size=20pt]K-[/size]hostesscupcakes? yeah she was out and about. she was a total badass too. she could eventually befriend her but she didn't have time and she really could care less about making new friends. she pulled up next to finch and stared, bored at chicagocrimes who had come to visit. "family right? or something." she guessed.

  • [align=center][fancypost bgcolor=;border:0;width:340px;text-align:justify;font-size:11px;line-height:1.5]

    "Ah, Hosty!" Henri giggled as he sauntered over. "Uh, yeah, I'm sure she'll be here shortly. Also, she's a little cute tiger cub now, but she's still got the temper of a furious woman."



    tags - played by madster

  • [align=center][fancypost bgcolor=;border:0;width:420px;text-align:justify;font-size:11px;line-height:1.5]
    Hostesscupcakes was a name she heard, accompanied by the vaguest image of a face, but Hyacinth could not say she knew the feline personally. The cream point had seen the other drifting around the clan, yet as time wore on, the mute realized she had hardly spoken a word to the other. Sure she heard her name on the lips of many of her clanmates who seemed to almost adore her, but the Spiritseeker could not say she shared the same mindset. Perhaps she was just being a tiny bit asocial, but a part deep down wished she didn't have to introduce herself anyways, as first meetings were always the most awkward moments of a budding friendship.

    The cat approached on long, lithe legs, stepping through the forest almost like a bird might. A forced smile appeared on her soft, delicate features, her blue eyes easily matching the sky in color and glittering like the sea might at noon. She lowered herself into a sitting position, her toffee-hued tail whisking around to settle at her paws, which trembled and shivered anxiously. Despite her jovial smile, Hyacinth's optics were shrouded with stress and her body language told stories of how she was doing; which, didn't happen to be very well.


    [center] [fancypost=borderwidth=0; width: 400px; font-size: 8pt; line-height: 120%;][font=arial][color=white][b]DON'T BELONG TO NO CITY,[/b] [color=lightpink]DON'T BELONG TO NO MAN[/color][/color] [size=8][color=#FFFFFF]? ? ?[/color][/size]