Cat of absolute solitude. Open.

    • Cat of absolute solitude. Open.

      A cat walked into riverclan territory. Sweat dripped from his muzzle as he walked wearily. He was covered in scars from the many fights he had been in. Though he was not old neither was he young. Wisdom showed in his eyes. He wad medium sized and had smoke grey fur with orange eyes. One of his front legs have way and he collapsed.
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      [size=16pt]Brookmumble --- [/size]

      --- Brookmumble had been out and about, mumbling and thinking and trailing her trains of thoughts per usual, when she froze at an odd scent in the air. Turning around in a circle, ears perked, Brookmumble hesitated as a barrage of ideas on what to do hit her. Go back to camp? Warn everyone? What if it wasn't really THAT bad though and she ended up calling a false alarm? So then should she go an check it out herself? Oh, but, what if it WAS a big thing and she ended getting herself hurt?
      Her paw shot up, then, to touch her neck. The scarred, revealed pink flesh where her fur refused to grow back made her flinch. She thought of the red, red fox, jaws dropped the red, red of her parent's blood. She thought of the creature, as it turned it's hard eyes upon her and -
      Brookmumble padded, nervous but determined. She would make sure it wasn't a big deal, then go home and warn her clan if it was. She sucked in a breath for strength and followed the scent...

      She let out a gasp at the sight of the collapsed cat. Rushing forward, she squeaked, "''a-are you alright?? O-oh dear...'' she looked around, terrified, and wishing she hadn't been alone when she came across this poor cat. Could she carry him to camp? Could she heal him? He had a lot of scars, but no apparent injuries but - oh dear oh dear what if it was internal?! How could she help with THAT?!

      ☂ General ::
      ------ Brookkit || Brookpaw || Brookmumble
      ------ Cisfemale [She/Her]
      ------ 15 moons [ warrior ]
      ------ Riverclan
      ------ Single [Homoromantic | Bisexual]

      ☂ Physical ::
      ------ Thin furred blue-furred, white left paw, spot behind ear, aqua-green eyes and heterochromiac blue flecks
      ------ Reference
      ------ Bitten off tail and gruesome scar on her throat
      ------ Average size, average weight

      ☂ Personality ::
      ------ Positive
      Display Spoiler
      - Thoughtful, Kind, Honest, Trusting, Quick thinker

      ------ Negative
      Display Spoiler
      - Gullible, Shy, insecure, sensitive

      ------ Neutral
      Display Spoiler
      - talks a lot to herself, mile-a-minute thoughts, adventure-seeker,

      [b]☂ Interactions ::[/b]
      ------ Inexperienced in combat
      ------ attack in UNDERLINE WHITE
      ------ Speaks in Lightblue

      -------- --------

      'Ello one and all!

      -- CHARACTERS --
      Wasppaw | Trad. Skyclan
      Dovekit | Trad. Thunderclan
      Brookmumble | Trad. Riverclan
      Asphodelpaw | Trad. Windclan
      Daisykit | Trad. Shadowclan
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      The cat spoke slowly but his voice was strong. "Its....not so bad." He tried to stand but was to tiered to do so and fell back down instead. "On second thought......yes." though he was in a lot of pain his eyes were calm almost like he was happy to just lay there.