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    [size=6pt] --- serein padded through the rocky terrain, marvelling at the tall trees and dense fog. she had been traveling for a while now, disappearing from the cat clans. now, she knew much more in relative to their laws and regulations. the code, as they called it. it all fascinated the young she-cat. in her daze, she didnt notice a glass shard until she stepped on it. serein cursed to herself, hiding quickly under a tree. a safe spot where she could remove the glass and dress her wound.[/size]

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  • [align=center][fancypost bgcolor=;border:0;width:500px;text-align:justify;font-size:8pt]It was a bad time for any outsider to step upon DarkClan territory. Immediately they would be shooed upon notice, chased out and told to never come again. Or at least that was how Cherrystar had begun reacting as he paced his sharp breath, clenching his teeth together. Figures. There were always figures that lurked through the fog, circling in the darkness with made his heart run wild. Sometimes it felt as if his paws were stepping over a spinning platform, circulating as each step pulled him forward. His dull hues flickered back and forth, and the male stopped upon scenting a rogue. He scrunched his nose, following the scent trail and noticing the metallic smell of blood.

    He noticed a glass shard, grimacing slightly. The twolegs seemed to leave a lot of pollution, and it was not a good sight at all. If only the flat faces actually bothered to pick up after themselves as he found the tree the tabby was staying under to look after her paw. His luminaries narrowed. "We're not expecting visitors. Begone," he warned. He didn't care if she was injured. He would not allow the Clan mingle with scum like the other Clans were.

    [ ooc ] aa hello! welcome to darkclan! if you're confused on how to join, just have your character explain they're looking to stay because otherwise cher won't let her in for treatment. there's a currently a new rule in place for joiners due to the events darkclan is following. if you're confused, do tell me.

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    [size=6pt] --- ooc;; oh okay, thank you!
    serein snapped her head to look at the large cat who approached where she was hiding under the tree. "oh, i'm terribly sorry. i didn't mean to intrude on your land. but i was actually looking for a 'clan' of sort to join, since i've been alone for so long. i can leave if you want." serein stood, trying not to visibly wince at her paw which had not yet been treated properly, due to being interrupted. she cautiously stepped over the glass now, and moved away from the tree to be exposed. she secretly hoped he wouldn't turn her away, she was tired of flitting in between clans.


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    His nose twitched. Another joiner so it seemed. It wasn't as if he hated the idea of their population growing, it wasn't as if they were starving to death, but Cher was beginning to grow tired of traitors. It felt as if there was a backstabber at every corner, a cat spying on them and trying to pull them away from the light of survival. A sharp sigh escaped his maw. "DarkClan no longer accepted warriors the normal way anymore. We have a second citizenship program in place for outsiders willing to join," he said, "Second citizens are allowed to live on DarkClan territory but are to live in a makeshift den beside our camp. You'd be allowed to visit our medicine cat or go to our main cave but you are not allowed to eat and sleep among our warriors. Think of it as detention that will go for a week before you will be asked to take trials to become recognised as someone a part of our ranks."

    He looked back up, hopefully she wouldn't back down from the challenge. "If you're still interested in the idea of joining a Clan, namely this one, please state your name and I'll explain the joining process further and have you settled in. Sound fair?"

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    [size=6pt]ooc --- no worries :)

    Serein nodded as he spoke. "Thank you, I will accept your offer, my name is Serein. However I would like to let you know that if I do end up staying longer enough to do these 'trials', that I am not a very skilled fighter, or hunter. My main gift is rather in medicine." She lifted her slightly bandaged paw off of the ground for the tom to see. "But if a warrior is what is required of me to stay, then I will try my best." Serein put her paw back down and looked him straight in the eye, hoping to convey the point that she wouldn't back down. She stood now on all fours with her chin lifted to meet his eye, her tail lifted slightly off of the ground behind her. The mist left small droplets of condensation on her fur from how thick it was, and she fought the urge to not shake them off. [/size]

  • [align=center][fancypost bgcolor=;border:0;width:500px;text-align:justify;font-size:8pt]They needed a healer, but he wasn't sure if the feline would be trustworthy. Yet he still took it as an offer. Thrushmumble was sick after all, and he said he was looking for an apprentice. His eyes examined her injured paw with a silent, unreadable gaze. "I'll speak to Thrushmumble about possibly changing your trials to be more herb orientated. Medicine is a rare gift among the Clans after all," he said, gesturing to the feline to follow him to the den she would be staying in. He wondered if Marcus would enjoy the company. "If he agrees to the idea, I'll give you the trial we usually give to apprentices and have him trial you on herbs."

    He stopped at the small cave, noting the place had been cleaned up and given moss for bedding. He figured some cats had been nice enough to make the place more comfortable. Perhaps they felt bad for second citizens. "This is where you'll be staying. The main cave is over there and should you need any assistance, ask a DarkClanner for my name and I will get to you the best I can. As the information you have given me is new, I'll have to delay telling you the rest of the joining process just in case. But if you want to know what to practice - it'd be your hunting, fighting and knowledge of the warrior code."

    He paused, narrowing his eyes slightly in an inquisitive look. "What's your background, Serein?"

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    --- Serein followed him as he spoke. She understood his caution in telling her things, or trusting her, but she was glad to hear that she could possibly become a medicine cat apprentice. She didn't speak until she was actually asked a question though, on her past. "I was born a rogue, with just myself, my litter mates and my mother. Last leaf-bare my two sisters and mother died of greencough. My brother and I split up in order to avoid being affected by the disease. But their deaths made me want to help other cats who can't help themselves, since not many cats know, or are willing to learn medicine. I've been on my own ever since. But I've spoken to some old rogue warriors, so my knowledge on the code isn't completely obsolete." 
    Serein looked him in the eye when talking, finding from experience that cats found it easier to talk, or to read others. She was primarily trying to get him to trust her, if she was to be accepted as a member of the flame-points clan. Serein now looked around the den they were placed in, she made a mental note to pick a nest towards the wall.

  • [align=center][fancypost bgcolor=;border:0;width:500px;text-align:justify;font-size:8pt]Sometimes Cher considered why he never showed interest in medicine. It was true that he used to hold no interest in trying to help the Clan, but he often thought of the 'what if'. He dismissed the thoughts, listening to the fem as she told him the backstory to her passion. It wasn't a bad reason as to why, but her rogue background was somewhat disturbing. Then again, she couldn't help it if she was born a rogue, right? He avoided fussing over his thoughts in front of her. "So how did you learn the gift of medicine?"