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  • [align=center][fancypost bgcolor=;border:0;width:500px;text-align:justify;font-size:8pt]He had returned from the gathering, eyes dark as he stared ahead. He didn't waver from his path as he returned, making his way straight towards the Tall Stone. There wasn't an uncomfortable puff of an exhale by the time he reached the top. He felt angry at the events which boomed before him. He had come to the gathering early, acting respectable and patient, but he witnessed leaders fighting like children and Clan cats crying among another at the shock. He grimaced, watching DarkClanners begin to form as a crowd below him as they usually did every week.

    He wondered what exactly he would recount. Perhaps the twoleg situation? He sighed, it appeared that not many DarkClanners actually cared about what had happened. It seemed like he had been recounting events for nothing. Oh well, if anyone asked - he would answer. After all, the ones who involved them quite specifically with the situation usually knew what was happening anyway.

    Cherrystar appeared unusually cold. "DarkClanners, gather for a meeting," he called out, and waited for them all to promptly appear. His icy hues would unsteadily pass over the heads, watching them as they spoke quietly among themselves with a critical stare. "Firstly, our activity has seen better days but we're in an alright position. I'm not disappointed, but we have had better weeks. The twoleg situation remains about the same. We've also had a few joiners this week including Acaciakit, Azaleakit, and Thornkit to name a few. Please help them feel welcomed along with everyone else who joins us."

    There was a small pause. "Now, I'm not sure how many of you attended the most recent gathering but I surely did. To recount the events, we were alerted of a kit murderer called Minkkit. Should Minkkit ever approach DarkClan seeking refuge, she will be turned away. I will not allow a kit murderer into the Clan, kit or not." He hoped no one would protest. A kit who knew deathberries could kill and use the poison against their own clanmates was no kit he would ever accept.

    "On other news, the gathering became the ingredients to what became a full fledged argument between the Clans. To my shock I watched leaders bicker like kits, pointing tails at one another despite pleas to continue the gathering with grudges aside. The arguments exploded even after Sootstar died within the meeting, and when Butterflysong, a warrior of ThunderClan, committed suicide through the use of deathberries at the moment - ShadowClan and ThunderClan left.

    "If any of you recall the gathering before the one this one, the Clans had settled that they were responsible for looking out for one another. Ensuring they were safe so all Clans could be in peace. But the display I watched showed nothing of what they had spoken about. They turned their backs against Sootstar who needed medical attention at the time, and argued over one another. I will now settle a new rule for DarkClanners. From this day on, we will not involve ourselves with the other Clans, particularly ThunderClan and ShadowClan. This will include gatherings. I will not allow us to become tainted by their hypocrisy and fatal behaviours. Thrushmumble, as our medicine cat, you may attend your own gatherings. We will be independent and grow in power by our own accord. I will not allow this Clan to be pulled down by the strings of other Clans.

    "As a reminder, all outsiders who are apprentice aged and up will be regarded as second citizens. I have decided to settle a time period of one and a half weeks of joiners being put in detention. They are to undergo the apprentice trials and answer questions to the warrior code. If they fail they are left in detention for another week for a retest. Second citizens who fail three times are to be turned away." It seemed like no one had spoken against him last time when he first introduced the idea of second citizens. Cherrystar was no longer accepting the idea of being kind to foreigners after all. DarkClan would not mingle with lowlifes who proved dangerous to their traditions. "Cats who appear on our border or within our territory are now to be turned away unless they claim to have any important business. Fight them if need be, but I want unnecessary business off the territory."

    He watched his Clan react to his announcements, keeping a calm gaze as he allowed them a moment to process what he had just said. He had another thing to do for the meeting as well. A formal apprentice ceremony. "Thornkit, please step forward."


    [ ooc ] apologies for a choppy thread, my sister uses my laptop in my room and always plays videos. like i say a lot, i can't write properly with people talking in the background.

    as a reminder, i will be cleaning up the board, although i'm not sure when i will do it since i'm semi-anxious about the updates removing all my changes. and during my holiday, cherrystar will be assumed sick and my posts that i might make will be retro to him being ill.

    currently darkclan is going to slowly transition into a corrupted phase. whether they end up following the dark forest during that time will depend on the outside circumstances. they will be hostile to other clans due to cherrystar's leadership. whether he dies or not within the time or is forgiven by starclan (due to his metal deterioration) is still undecided. basically this is the start of the transition. if anyone has any problems or queries with this, feel free to discuss with me.

    - i'd like to see our activity improve. we accomplished 1,000 posts last month so let's try to aim for 1,500 posts for january. we're doing a great job otherwise!
    - twoleg situation is the same, although it will be ending soon to make way for darkclan's corruption
    -please ensure our newcomers are welcomed and looked after
    - minkkit is not allowed to seek refuge in darkclan as she is a kit murderer
    - darkclan will no longer attend gatherings, except for medicine cat gatherings
    - outsiders aged apprentice and up are regarded as second citizens and... [please refer to the second paragraph]
    - cats who appear on the border are to be turned away unless they have important matters


  • ObsidianStorm and Coalstreak were nearby when CherryStar called for a meeting. They only had to shift their position to face him, then listen. Activity would be much easier to pick up within the next couple days, they knew. They were trying to at least.

    The two twins never went to a gathering, never seeing the point. Would they not be informed of important things later on? Besides, why should they be crowded by other cats they didn't know? Now, a kit murderer? To CoalStreak, that seemed unlikely. But why should she argue, she doesn't know. The twins agreed simply with CherryStar. Proving their point, gatherings were hectic, and there was no point to go.

    Outsiders were to be turned away? Alright, that seemed fair, Coalstreak supposed. There were a lot recently, so she can understand his want of this. ObsidianStorm just seemed nonchalant through all of this, with no expressions throughout the whole thing. They both turned to ThornKit, who was told to approach.

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  • [align=center][fancypost bgcolor=; borderwidth=0px; bordercolor=; color=white; font-family: trebuchet ms; width: 350px;][justify]quinn perked her ears and listened intently as cherrystar spoke. she had been at the gathering, she didn't need the recap, but she figured this was kind of important. it was a big change for the clan, and she wanted to see the reactions of those around her. she had a few questions for cher, like how they planned to identify minkkit simply by name, and if they were permitted to accept cats from other clans. she figured she could ask after thornkit's ceremony, so as not to interrupt the meeting. she nodded her approval to cher, then glanced around in search for their soon-to-be newest apprentice.

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    Tatteredfur listened quietly. sitting down by Obsidianstorm. He didn't go to the gathering, but by the sounds of things, it was probably a good idea. And Minkkit was a murderer. Just great. No more gatherings? He could live with that. So he watched Thornkit, waiting for the good part to commence, maybe an apprentice for him, maybe not.

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    //will post later but I just want a clarification. If someone wants to join with a none 'retro' cat are the still allowed or are they to be turned away?
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  • [align=center][fancypost bgcolor=;border:0;width:500px;text-align:justify;font-size:8pt][ ooc ] what do you mean by a non retro cat? ^^;


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    Raccoon watched the gathering begin with a smile and watched it end with confusion. No more gatherings? Even though she had yet to experience even one? Would she die before her first gathering? Never to meet another clanner outside of this cave? Her ears flew down at the thought, frowning miserably.

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  • //a cat who wasn't back written into the clan, loners kittypets and ppl who show up at the border aren't back written or retro,
    Does that make sense

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  • This... Felt wrong. No more clqn gatherings; Hornet was an apprentice at five moons. Small things, yes, but infractions on the code regardless. Not... That he was one to talk. And leader's word was code too, right? Everything was fine--probably.

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  • [align=center][fancypost bgcolor=;border:0;width:500px;text-align:justify;font-size:8pt][ ooc ] i'm assuming you're asking about what happens to cats who try to join after the rule has been implemented over retro to the rule or posting before the date of this meeting? they'd be made to join as a second citizen and asked to live in a separate cave for about a week (they may time skip the week and the trials and therefore skip to membership, or they can roleplay the whole thing out). Basically the second membership status is temporary until they complete the trials which can be considered assessments. It's like trying to become a citizen in Australia [idk about other countries], you need to pass a test first. I hope I answered your question.


    The code had always been flexible, and in the past kits became apprentices after notable feats or due to the high demand for warriors in training. Both of the situations had applied to Hornetpaw, who had notably defended himself against a rogue and former ShadowClanner and who was close to the to-be age of apprenticeship. They had few apprentices, and few warriors. It was called for. But the Clan gatherings was a new thing. Cher had been disgusted by the behaviours he had seen today, and he was not willing to see DarkClan be caught up in their dramas and become involved. They were scum to him from what he had witnessed, and definitely not followers of the warrior code to endanger the lives of other Clans and fight among each other. Even if they hadn't killed by claws or teeth, they had killed many with the power of language.

    It appeared like Thornkit was late. And the male grimaced slightly. That was perhaps a little awkward, but he decided he would pass the time by answering any inquiries. "While we wait for Thornkit, does anyone have any questions or suggestions regarding the changes?" he asked. "This meeting will be open for discussion until Thornkit is ready for his ceremony."

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    //thorn was dropped i think//

    "Cherrystar? What about kits? If kits turn up at our border, do we do the same?" He questioned, glancing up.

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  • [align=center][fancypost bgcolor=;border:0;width:500px;text-align:justify;font-size:8pt]"Kits can join like how they always have in the past," he said. He did after all say 'apprentice aged and up' but he guessed he didn't state the fate of kits clear enough. "That of course except for Minkkit. I forgot to mention a physical appearance for her. I ran past a ShadowClanner before leaving who told me she was a brown and white tabby with notable scars upon her body. I think they mentioned something about folded ears."

    [ ooc ] ah i see! thanks for telling me!

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    her first meeting! though she'd been excited by the thought, and further so when there was never any age mentioned, azaleakit tok a seat near the back, watching with a wide eyed curiosity. others didn't seem to take any of this well, leaving the kit terribly confused; still, she thought it rather interesting, figuring her sister might have some sort of input on the situation.

    [ahh - could azalea and acacia be made into apprentices? katie just reminded me that they're technically six moons at this point!!]

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  • [align=center][fancypost bgcolor=;border:0;width:500px;text-align:justify;font-size:8pt][ ooc ] i'll pm you two a link to a separate ceremony thread since it only feels cluttered here ^^;