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    " K I M O N B E L I A L A C E D I A"[hr]

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    Name meaning - [ Kee-mon ] derived from Greek, possibly meaning “sleepy”. Other sources also refer to the name being derived from the word for “winter” which is known to be still and lifeless. Can also mean “thunderous”. The second two names are his middle names, with Belial [ Bel- ee-al ] meaning "worthless" or "satan" and Acedia [ As-ee-dee-ah ] referring directly to sloth itself along with meaning "not caring" or "lack of concern".
    Birth date - TBA [currently 20 moons], ages real time [subject to change]
    Character creation date - January 3, 2017
    Parents - NPC x NPC
    Gender - Cisgender male.
    Group - BloodClan.
    Deadly sin - Sloth.


    Kimon isn't the stereotypical deadly sin of sloth where he will simply dislike the idea of moving. That's just overkill. Of course, he will often avoid activities that seem too tedious or unnecessary, but these points do not point to the male lounging around in camp doing nothing. He does not call this being unproductive or 'lazy', but in fact claims that he is simply being energy efficient with the way he will seem to aimlessly stroll from one point to another rather than run, or cut through into dangerous short cuts rather than take a safer route. From time to time he may leave patrols earlier than necessary to sleep. Sleep after all is his favourite activity as he feels it is the time where it is easiest to let go or speak to himself with an intelligent tongue. It is necessary for Kimon to fulfill a significant amount of rest as he is a heavy thinker and would rather full his troubles with an empty mind. He is not to be confused with being in constant physical fatigue and lack of activity. His sin actually affects more of his mentality rather than his physicality.

    Upon first glance it is noticed his expression is like stone. He is rarely bothered or annoyed, and is somewhat the more passive one among his other siblings. He is the type who will unquestioningly follow commands set towards him. This, however, does not mean he holds no opinions. Kimon is a factory of criticisms and unbias opinions towards what he observes to happen around him. When others ask, he will create a statement about what is requested without his words being clouded by emotions like others would do. This is not saying that Kimon is a keen observer of how others internally think. He is merely a watcher of events who actually understands very little about why cats will act a particular way due to Kimon's general lack of emotions making it rather difficult for him to empathise. His observations are of the physical, making him a somewhat reliable source for direct recounts of information. From time to time, some actions will not make sense to Kimon and he will quite openly ask and justify his reasonings to why he is curious about what he has witnessed or is curious about. But this will only happen once he has taken the time to ponder and watch his curiosities deepen further.

    He is not social at all, and would strongly prefer to stay out of notice. When strangers speak to him for the first time, he will often ignore them at first - assuming the attention was given to someone else. Kimon is a tom who dares to speak only little, and his messages are quite easily misunderstood. He makes no attempts to fix the defect in his behaviours, and instead finds this very amusing. This is because under his cool exterior, he is a natural sadist. If desire defined him, his desire would be entertainment. In Kimon's mind, happiness and good blessings among others often fails to fill his need for satisfaction. He finds them too temporary to be of interest and too expected. Pain, on the other hand, is filled with mystery. The look of misery and fear is erratic and quite amusing. It may even cause a cruel smile to crawl upon his lips.

    Kimon feels indifferent to the world and understands his place. He recognises that life is meaningless and he, like everyone else, will one day die and cease from existence entirely. He knows that regardless of how much he will build and work for, upon his death it will no longer be in his control. This is perhaps why his behaviour lacks a sense of light itself, and rarely changes. He is more likely to follow routine aimlessly, but is flexible enough to follow what his siblings decide to do. Kimon is not afraid of death. He holds no beliefs in religion or an afterlife and his emotions are practically dead of life. He views things through a more logical way and has little care towards his own health or the ones around him. Upon seeing his siblings injured, he may even ignore their problems and move onto the issues he finds more important. His siblings may sometimes take advantage of his consistent absence of concern and use him as a messenger.


    Kimon encompasses a predominantly rusty, caramel-beige body and a rounded, but triangular, facial structure. He doesn't hold up the typical broad body-type, but instead is on the thinner end with lanky, elongated limbs causing his figure to appear defined at each joint. This is due to Kimon's forgetfulness that he needs to devour food in order to survive causing him a slender structure. His short fur only adds to his angled physique. This doesn't mean he is heavily underweight. As he doesn't engage in many strenuous activities, he often manages to retain enough weight to not look like a walking skeleton. But it does mean he is out of shape.

    He has coffee brown points which gradient upwards to a light beige which is also present on his belly and chest. Kimon is the bearer of lightning blue eyes, however they are missing the usual, mysterious gleam of a cat as if a part of him remains absent or lost. Although he is described to be lanky, his appearance fails to showcase his tall body as he is often slouching.

    Kimon has a recessive condition where he is incapable of feeling physical pain. This includes the sensation of being burned alive, starvation and broken bones. As a result of his congenital analgesia, he finds himself a great deal of difficulty trying to understand what makes pain tick and can only ever observe the reactions of felines who are hurting. This is another reason to why Kimon's personality fails to empathise with others. Being unable to feel pain doesn't exactly bother him but it does mean he is often found with scratches, deep wounds or injuries he fails to notice.

    Species - Domestic cat.
    Eye color - Blue.
    Fur color - Siamese seal point.
    Disease - Congenital analgesia.

    10 moons / to-be / russian blue / played by Grey.