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    Henry was rather nervous about this. Even when he was a medic, he hadn't held one of these. Truthfully, he had been a medic just two weeks ago and he hadn't been one for very long before his depression had set in and he had isolated himself. It hadn't been a good situation but now that the medic team had so little members and he felt he could properly handle the task he was given, he was more than willing to help wherever he could. "If anyone is interested in learning about herbs, please make your way over here. This may also be used to check interest in regards to who would like to be on the medic team as well, so if you have any interest in that please say so," He called. He had his bag of herbs and various books beside him.



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    Little would make her self seen as she would take a seat close by Jekyll and give off a friendly smile. Lit had been to several herb lessons, when they had been held but they hadn't seemed to last long. But she had learned from most of them, so she was hoping to learn a bit more with this one, and maybe see who was interested too. If she were ever to be promoted to a full medic it would be smart to know who was interested and who wasn't.


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  • [fancypost bgcolor=;border:0px;width:425px;text-align:justify;font-size:7pt]naegi would stumble towards the area, grinning widely as he did and clutching his reading glasses in his jaws, before levitating them up onto his face. he figured he might need them, otherwise herbs just looked like green and yellow shapes to him. he'd keep quiet, however, simply smiling as he approached, as while he was eager to learn medicine, he had no interest in pursuing the ranks.

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    naegi shun panromantic asexual windclan warrior mentally 14 months physically 14 months

    naegi is a rare pink champagne arctic fox. his fur is a discoloured, pinkish cream, contrasting a pale violet nose and powder blue eyes. he carries long, thin limbs and an angular jaw.
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    other bodies: none
    injuries: none

    loves cheese pizza stutters can’t stand blood wears reading glasses has somewhat severe insomnia vegetarian
    powers: sand elemental taste manipulation - manifestation / conjuration
    • attack in bold underlined white  feel free to power play peaceful / nonviolent actions physically medium - hard mentally medium better offence than defence

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    Jonathan, for the year and half he has been apart of Windclan, has never been able to ever to go down the medic path. The deputy decided a long time ago that herbs were not for him, as he did not have the talent to memorize so many herbs and use them to hopefully save someone's life. He realized he had talents in different areas, that could benefit the clan just like the medic path.

    Padding in, the deputy would sit himself down on the ground, looking over at Henry. [b]"I am not interested, just here to watch," The former human explained, with a nod.

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  • [align=center][fancypost bgcolor=none; bordercolor=transparent; borderwidth=0px; width: 370px;font-size:8pt;line-height: 130%;][justify]Cherviltea had the same stance as Jonny on this note, seeking to observe for the sake of perhaps picking up on a few things, or maybe simply to see as to whom would be interested. The medic branch, unfortunately, was not always the most popular. However, it was of utmost importance, nevertheless, and the collie happened to hope that there would be a few who would be interested in the rank.

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    Healing has never been Tesla's expertise. He knows the basics, things like applying pressure and keeping something elevated but he's more of the person to put someone in those states than pull them out. It's not aligned with his skillset. Does he wish it was? Tesla doesn't know. He can't, when he doesn't think it's even possible, but when it comes to possible lives being on the line because he doesn't know what to do, Tesla needs to sharpen his knowledge. The wolf prowls closer, head low, and he doesn't know any of the people here. It sends a crawling up his spine even if he knows that none of them are hostile. He saw from when he joined, bleeding and cold, that none of them blink an eye when someone does something unnatural, like plucking things from thin air. Can he trust people who trust those people? Tesla keeps to himself, reluctant to stand next to anyone, and he focuses on the canine at the head of the group with different items beside him. They're for instruction, but he doesn't know how much he's going to be able to learn.
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    Tesla Chalybs
    Male w/ male pronouns
    22 months old | Appears older
    Unknown sexuality | Suppresses any attraction
    WindClan? | No rank
    Strong aversion to powers and robots
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    Timber Wolf
    Dusky brown fur that is almost black
    Of average height (83 cm)
    Muscled and hardy
    Eyes depend on lighting but are usually a dark blue
    A thick, prominent scar arcing down the right side of his face, from the uppermost part of his nose and over his cheek

    Lacerations from a blade on shoulders and chest
    Bruised ribs
    General scrapes and bruising

    Gruff and no-nonsense
    Not very capable chitchat wise
    Reticent with emotions, straightforward with thoughts
    Possesses a strong sense of duty
    Fiercely independent
    (All subject to any ic developments)

    Conditional difficulty
    Stubborn opponent
    Attack in bold gray
    Friendly actions can be power-played at character's possible risk

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    With his past as a military medic, Atticus had incredible knowledge within the medical field. He could tend to severed limbs and gunshots, well, with the aid of medicine yes, but here it seemed like herbs was the main way to go. It was rather unfortunate because there was only so much plants could do, but Attie kept his hopes and ambitions up as he approached Henry. He gave the lab a sweet smile and a firm nod as he listened into the lesson. Attie was trained to stitch up open wounds and stop blown off limbs from bleeding to death, but he had to admit into knowing around little to nothing on herbs.

    Roleplayed by: Number 1

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    [justify][size=8]Where he came from, medics were called maesters and they were always crinkly old elders. So he had never imagined himself on a medical path - he wanted to be a knight, and when his brothers died he was in line to become Lord of IronClan after his father. That did not turn out so well, though. His father's stupid pride had gotten him and countless other good cats killed. It had been a while since he had thought about all that. Hmph.

    Greypaw trotted over, deciding he might as well observe. He took a seat, waiting for the lesson to begin.

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    "Alright, so, I thought it would be more useful to give basic herb knowledge regarding injuries that happen frequently, such as small cuts and whatnot. In the case that a medic is not able to reach a member soon enough, it could be helpful for someone to help out so long as they know what they're doing. That being said, if someone arrived at the border with cuts on their legs and they aren't very large or bleeding badly, you'd first want to disinfect the cut. While the cut itself isn't deadly if it isn't bleeding much, if it gets infected the infection itself could be extremely harmful depending on what it may be. That being said, there are many different herbs that could be used for disinfectant. Does anyone know of any?" He asked. He supposed it would be best to first check what the group around him knew and then he could offer further explanation if necessary.



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    "Marigold is one, if I remember correctly," the black smoke she-kit said as she made her way over to the herb lessons. She recalled her brother using it often to treat his wounds after fights with other streetcats. She herself had not a huge memory for all the names and remembering the properties of herbs, but she figured it was good to always learn and know for the future. You never know when it may come useful when there isn't a medic present.

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