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    Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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    • WELCOME TO 2017 || Announcements

      [fancypost bgcolor=; border: 0px solid white; width: 450px; text-align: left; height: auto; font-size: 24pt; text-shadow:2px 2px 2px #000000; color: goldenrod; font-family: georgia; line-height: 90%]bill cipher !
      [size=7pt]YOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU'LL NEVER ESCAPE![/fancypost]
      [fancypost bgcolor=; border: 0px solid white; width: 450px; text-align: justify; height: auto; font-size: 8pt; line-height: 130%; margin-top: -8px][hr]"CREW, I have a few announcements, so get over here!" Bill announced as he floated down his temple. "First off, the Gang Wars have ended. Team Exile has won. So whomever was on that team has earned the Warmonger title, if they haven't already." They'll start another one later on this month, he was sure. "Secondly, I'll be holding tryouts for the Capo position, and it will include members of all The Clans, not just The Cartel. However, those whom are chosen must either be in the Division or be in the Division AND have a duel-alliance here. I'm not forcing both, but it is encouraged to have a duel-alliance here.
      "Those who don't win First Place for the tryouts will be given a title. Second Place and Third Place, of course. Those titles are: Smuggler for the Drug Division, Mafia for Hitman Division, and Hustler for the Prostitute Division.
      "The Currency Capo is now a title, not a position. I'm giving that title to Xael."
      That should be enough about that. "Anyone who participates in the contest will get a badge from me if they sell a certain amount of things.
      "Lastly, the Drug Dealer title will be known as Physician from now on."

      > The Gang Wars have ended! Congrats to Team Exile! Those who haven't earned the Warmonger title have now earned it if they were on Team Exile.
      > I will be holding tryouts for the Capo position (link will be up later on today). It will be Clanwide, not limited to The Cartel. Characters who want to be a Capo from an outside Clan MUST be part of that Division and sell for The Cartel. They don't have to have a duel-alliance, but it is encouraged.
      Those who place in second or third will be given a title!
      Smuggler > Drug Division
      Mafia > Hitman Division
      Hustler > Prostitute Division
      > The Currency Capo is a title, not a rank anymore. This title is given to Xael.
      > If you participate in the contest (or sell items in general) and sell x amount of things, you'll get badges!
      > The Drug Dealer title is now called Physician.
      [size=5pt]© counselor dreamíe[/size]

      INFO & LINKS - UPDATED 12/17
      [justify][fancypost bgcolor=; border:0px; width:375px; font-size:7.5pt]
      "godfather" bill cipher | male (he/him) | godfather [leader] of the cartel | the pitt slave; lucy's 'pet' | titles: weird ass motherfucker, cut throat, warmonger | mentally 1 trillion years; acts 5 years; doesn't really age in mortal bodies/takes the age of whatever body he possess

      [CURRENT] golden feline with black markings
      all bodies
      is a ghost (ghostmode)
      all of the bodies he possesses are sleep deprived, dehydrated, and starved.
      wears a deer teeth necklace and an intestine scarf
      black blood

      "FINN'S" written on right flank
      scars also change depending on the body he possesses; the "finn" scar stays, however.

      emotionally unstable
      currently dealing with keeping his corrupt! form at bay
      bleeds occasionally from nose, mouth, and eyes

      insane, sarcastic, irreverent, eccentric, psychopathic, quick thinker, quick talker, outlandish, outrageous, extremely masochistic, untrustworthy

      panromantic, pansexual
      ex-boyfriend of Musicbox Fazbear, Volatiletimes, Rejectedlove, and Discord Disharmony
      ex-spouse of Henri Leonidas
      ex-fiance of Demonblood and Jerome Valeska
      sleeping with everyone
      very few friends; difficult to become close
      hates "weak" people [anyone who he considers isn't worth his time]

      physically easy | mentally very hard | uses elemental powers and mental attacks mostly
      attack in BOLD BLACK

      | using powers affects his health! he cannot use them without using some sort of energy of himself
      attacking near his eyes will cause him to panic
      overreacts over everything and reacts violently
      corrupt! is speaking through italics on mobile; Bolded, italicized red when on a computer
      all powers
      self-proclaimed master of the mind
      from the nightmare realm/mindscape
      exiled from bloodclan, stormclan, the exiles, the rift, shadowclan, sunclan, blizzardclan, darkclan, boneclan, skyclan, colouredclan, knights of eden, and los santos
      have a litter with Bill!
      voice reference
      tv tropes/bio

      causing problems make you famous!

    • Re: WELCOME TO 2017 || Announcements

      [fancypost bgcolor=;border:0;width:450px;text-align:justify;font-size:11px;line-height:1.5]
      //we pm you for title badges right?

      Bethany raised a brow. Where has this looser been? The girl huffed and rolled her eyes, muttering, "noted" under her breath.
      tags (updated 12/2)

      Betty Lullabi Cardinal | no nicknames | female
      asexual | aromantic | single
      member of the cartel | npc/npc | 9 moons
      best friend [open] | mentor [open]

      • gray bicolor with fuchsia highlights
      • fuchia eye color
      • skinny and small

      • no current injuries

      two sided | sweet | sinnamon roll | secretly plotting your death | bete noire

      important facts:
      • Followed by a hate spirit named Maura
      • Maura takes many forms including a butterfly, wolf and hawk.

      • Emotion control (fear)
      • teleportation

      • physical easy | mental medium
      • high aggression level
      • talk in fuchsia
      • attack in dark fuchsia
      • can powerplay nonviolent or peaceful actions
      You got a revolver and some bullets
      Reach for the trigger and pull it
    • Re: WELCOME TO 2017 || Announcements

      [fancypost borderwidth=0;width:450px;text-align:justify;font-size:8pt;line-height:140%;font-family:verdana]/ i'm just sorta laughing because i can imagine feliks trying to win the competition and calling himself the poland pimp if he wins
      i will now proceed to the regularly scheduled sinning

      He was pretty sure that he hadn't participated in the most recent gang war, out of selfishness, but hey, good for the Exiles. The male quietly listened to the rest of the announcements, though the only one that stuck out to him was the Capo one. Did that mean he could finally get a name for himself around here? What would he have to do to get it? Hopefully not his job, that would suck... pun intended most likely. "Noted," he stated, thinking to himself.
      [fancypost borderwidth=0;background:linear-gradient(to right,transparent,#e8e8e8,transparent);height:1px;width:450px;padding:0px;margin-top:5px;margin-bottom:5px;][/fancypost]


      [fancypost borderwidth=0;background:linear-gradient(to right,transparent,#e8e8e8,transparent);height:1px;width:400px;padding:0px;margin-top:5px;margin-bottom:5px;][/fancypost]
      Feliks | Feli, Fel, etc. | No Former Names
      Masculine | He/Him Pronouns | Born A Male
      41 Months Physically | Ages Real Time | July 22nd | Cancer
      Deputy of BoneClan | Member of BloodClan/Cartel
      Ex-Leader of BlizzardClan | Ex-HP of DarkClan
      [fancypost borderwidth=0;background:linear-gradient(to right,transparent,#e8e8e8,transparent);height:1px;width:400px;padding:0px;margin-top:5px;margin-bottom:5px;][/fancypost]
      Fear Of Restraints | Fear Of Snakes
      Reads a Dictionary | Uses Big Words Occasionally
      Born a Phoenix | Will Revive Under Right Circumstances
      Shares Body With a Quiet Wraith | Source Of His Irrationality
      [fancypost borderwidth=0;background:linear-gradient(to right,transparent,#e8e8e8,transparent);height:1px;width:400px;padding:0px;margin-top:5px;margin-bottom:5px;][/fancypost]
      Eurasian Wolf | Male | Main Body
      Small | Slender | High Endurance | Quick
      Fallow Brown Fur | Light Green Eyes | Shortsighted
      Leg is in Constant Pain | Doesn't Limp But Movement is Robotic
      Scars: missing half of ear, bad scarring on hind knee, scarring on muzzle, long scar on shoulder, 'B' branded into chest
      [fancypost borderwidth=0;height:10px;width:400px;padding:0px;margin-top:5px;margin-bottom:5px;margin-left:0px;][fancypost borderwidth=0;height:5px;width:120px;font-size:8pt;float:left;padding:0px;padding-right:20px;line-height:5px;] Physical Health:[/fancypost][fancypost borderwidth=0;width:100px;padding:0px;height:5px;border:1px #e8e8e8 solid;float:left;][fancypost borderwidth=0;background:#e8e8e8;width:75px;padding:0px;height:5px;float:left;][/fancypost][/fancypost][/fancypost]
      [fancypost borderwidth=0;background:linear-gradient(to right,transparent,#e8e8e8,transparent);height:1px;width:400px;padding:0px;margin-top:5px;margin-bottom:5px;][/fancypost]
      ENTP - T | Sanity Slippage | Troll | Slasher Smile | Karma Houdini
      Intelligent | Sharp | Playful | Charismatic | Independent
      Stubborn | Blunt | Opportunistic | Wary
      Dogmatic | Disrespectful | Manipulative | Selfish
      Around Enemies, Feliks turns his eccentric behaviour up to 100, and pretends to be completely crazy in order to throw others off. Due to the nature of this persona, he may act like it around his clanmates too, only stopping when he's scared of something.
      [fancypost borderwidth=0;height:10px;width:400px;padding:0px;margin-top:5px;margin-bottom:5px;margin-left:0px;][fancypost borderwidth=0;height:5px;width:120px;font-size:8pt;float:left;padding:0px;padding-right:20px;line-height:5px;] Mental Health:[/fancypost][fancypost borderwidth=0;width:100px;padding:0px;height:5px;border:1px #e8e8e8 solid;float:left;][fancypost borderwidth=0;background:#e8e8e8;width:20px;padding:0px;height:5px;float:left;][/fancypost][/fancypost][/fancypost]
      [fancypost borderwidth=0;background:linear-gradient(to right,transparent,#e8e8e8,transparent);height:1px;width:400px;padding:0px;margin-top:5px;margin-bottom:5px;][/fancypost]
      Biromantic | Scared of Romance | Won't Have Romantic Relationships
      Bisexual | Unfaithful & Will Sleep Around | Iffy On Litters
      Single | Not Looking For Partner | No Crush
      NPC x NPC | Refuses To Have a Family Name
      Nihilistic in Regards to Trust | Lies To Anyone
      [fancypost borderwidth=0;background:linear-gradient(to right,transparent,#e8e8e8,transparent);height:1px;width:400px;padding:0px;margin-top:5px;margin-bottom:5px;][/fancypost]
      Difficult Physically | Difficult Mentally | Attack In #e8e8e8
      Will Start Fights | Will Fight Back If Attacked
      Will Hurt Anything That Hurts Him | Easily Distracted
      Peaceful Actions Can Be Powerplayed | Expect Bitterness
      Has Most Powers | Can Only Teleport Thrice A Battle

      delusional narcissist, dark humoured
      *feliks' opinions don't reflect his roleplayer's*
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      [fancypost bgcolor= transparent; border: 0px;][justify]Cool, so he used the names they came up with. Twilight trotted over and listened, and she couldn't help feeling a bit proud as he announced the titles. "Noted," she said cheerfully before padding off, whistling.
      ✧。・゚ sing you a lullaby when you die at the end - updated 12/20

      「ᴏғ ᴄᴏᴜʀsᴇ ɪᴛ's ᴀ ᴄᴏʀᴘsᴇ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ᴋᴇᴇᴘ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʀᴀᴅʟᴇ」

      && Twilightzone 'Astryr' Resurgam-Stormus-Acerius-Break-Harbringer-Cipher
      && Referred to as Underboss Twilightzone or Underboss Break in the Cartel
      && Formerly Twilightpoison
      && Female | She/her pronouns
      && 18 Months | Ages 1 month on the 30th | Real-time aging
      && Former sentry (shp) of The Exiles | Former ShadowClan member
      && Currently an Underboss (hp) of The Cartel
      && Temporary head of the Drug division and member of the Hitman Division
      && Blood Brother and Warmonger titles

      && Demisexual | Polyromantic
      && Taken | Dating Suga | Crushing on no one
      && ½ of Sugarzone ♥ | Forbidden Vampire Lovers™
      && Bubonicplague x Lirim | Generation 4
      && Granddaughter of Bill Cipher | Niece of Rick Grimes
      && Mother of a few wonderful kiddos
      && Very protective over family
      && Hates being called pet names by strangers
      && Will only let clanmates, family and friends call her by her nicknames

      && Speaks in "white"
      && Half ghoul | Left eye is a ghoul eye
      && Vampire | Can only drink blood
      && Insecure and has a hard time making friends
      && Recovered from depression
      && Owns a bright purple teddy bear | Gift from Corrupttimelines
      && Owns a golden key | Gift from Lirim
      && Speaks Arabic (semi-fluently) and French (fluently)
      && Smells like the forest, lavender and candy
      && Purple blood and tears
      && Refs drawn by me!
      && Original character | Not based off of icon characters
      && Carries a briefcase full of drugs and weapons when doing business with someone
      && A witch/enchantress | Can make potions and spells
      && Often wears a witch hat when making potions, spells, or enchantments
      && Voice and body begin to glitch when grieving or in pain | May cause her to faint
      && Chaotic neutral | ENTP-T personality
      && Sometimes acts insane, although is far from it

      MUTATED FELINE [main] | health: 99%
      Twilight is a very dark grey feline with short fur. Her right eye is a light pink, but her left is a red and black ghoul eye. She has a pair of pink horns that curl around her ears. She also has a very large and fluffy tail, which is the same dark grey as the rest of her body. Dark purple shadows cling to Twilight's frame. She has an upside-down heart on her chest, a brand given to her by Luca. Since Twi is a vampire, she has a pair of white fangs. They typically can be seen with blood on them, and they are always poking out if her mouth.

      Twilight adores accessories, and has quite a few. Around her neck is a pink collar, which was a gift from Suga. She never takes it off, and it's of great value to her. On her right ear, Twilight has two pink earrings. She usually wears these all the time, so you will probably catch her wearing them. Lastly, she owns a pair of pink armbands. She only really wears these on special occasions, so you usually won't find her walking around wearing them.
      click for: main body ref, birth body ref, human AU ref, headshot
      other bodies: domestic feline [BIRTH], mutated domestic feline [MAIN], horse, dragon, wolfdog, albatross
      scars: upside-down heart brand on chest
      [i]major injuries: n/a
      [i]minor injuries: small cuts, burns and bruises across flanks

      && Extreme Physically | Extreme Mentally
      && Fights with a large battle axe | Fire enchantment
      && Might start start fights | Will end fights
      && Telekinesis, fire elementals, telepathy, shapeshifting and conjuration
      && Discovering the use of shadow elementals
      && Fire is always blue when summoned
      && Nose and ghoul eye tend to bleed when using powers
      && Attack in bold white
      && Can powerplay peaceful or nonviolent actions
      && All opinions IC
      「ᴋɪᴅs ᴀʀᴇ sᴛɪʟʟ ᴅᴇᴘʀᴇssᴇᴅ ᴡʜᴇɴ ʏᴏᴜ ᴅʀᴇss ᴛʜᴇᴍ ᴜᴘ」


    • Re: WELCOME TO 2017 || Announcements

      ☆ ☆ ☆

      Oh, was that all? Mastermind didn't really care about badges or positions; sure, they were extremely nice, but she wouldn't fight for it unlike people she's seen before. "Noted," the female implied boredly, her eyes raising slightly.

      The Basics
      Mastermind | 17 months | single | The Cartel and The Elite | Female
      | Masochist | Sin of Pride

      Tigress (Main) | Cold, blue eyes | wears a hot pink bow on head | Blonde fur
      | Very tall, has sharp claws

      Beautiful, loves dressing up | enjoys pain and torture | feels no love or affection for anything, no matter how kind | maniplulative, cruel | loves the suffering of others

      single | no crushes | no love interest | no maybe crushes | 1/7 of the 7 deadly sins | 1/13 of the sins/virtues

      mentally extremely difficult | physically difficult | has no mercy | speaks in bold | attacks in underlined red | current injuries: none
    • Re: WELCOME TO 2017 || Announcements

      [fancypost borderwidth=0px][justify][size=12px][fancypost borderwidth=0; width: 450px; margin-top: -10px;][justify][size=11px]so bill was back from his little break from the cartel. xael liked to wonder what he did when he wasn't hanging around camp. perhaps wreaking havoc on the other groups, or wallowing in self pity. she doubted such emotions were known to him, though, as emotion in itself wasn't very common in this place. "understood, godfather." she mewed, waiting a few moments before taking her leave. it was interesting to have a title, she hadn't really done much as the temporary capo anyways. she did enjoy the division, though, counting out coin was predictable and comforting.

      INFORMATION - 11/27
      [fancypost bgcolor=transparent; borderwidth=0px; width:auto;][justify]GENERAL —
      ♔ xael
      ♔ female (she/her)
      ♔ 12 months
      ♔ the cartel
      ♔ executor, temporary currency division capo
      ♔ pm for threads

      - lilac, no white
      - pale laurel green eyes
      - very small of build
      - short, smooth fur

      ♔ many cuts in various stages of healing on body, all from raids

      ♔ introverted, calm, quiet
      ♔ loyal, laid-back, observant
      ♔ mature, polite, ethical
      ♔ judgmental, deceptive, artificial personality

      ♔ NPC XX NPC
      ♔ sibling to none
      ♔ heterosexual
      ♔ single
      ♔ no crush
      ♔ best friend: no one
      ♔ mentor to: no one

      ♔ physically hard
      ♔ mentally hard
      ♔ no kill
      ♔ ask for capture + maim
      ♔ attack in bold/ bright colors

      ♔ can powerplay nonviolent actions
      ♔ invisibility
      ♔ flower prints (lavender)
      ♔ scent and flavor manipulation
      ♔ multiple possessions
      ♔ reference x x

      you could tell me secrets that i'd probably repeat
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      [fancypost bgcolor=; borderwidth=0px; bordercolor=; width: 375px;][justify]"noted." the black dragon gave a brief nod of acknowledgment. she was definitely going to try out for the drug division for sure. 'cause that was up her alley.

      [size=6pt][abbr=spaceparty . colouredclan & the cartel . member & dealer of the drug division . non-binary . very large dark, smoky black dragon with a semi-fiery pelt, has self-inflicted scars on forearms . intp - chaotic neutral . drug user - usually high or tripping on something . known as whitesmoke when dealing to anyone, also a white domestic feline with yellow eyes . ]information[/abbr] - powers - [abbr=difficulty: extreme . no capture, no kill, no maim . can powerplay non-violent actions, such as hugs . pm for plots .]battle tags[/abbr][/size]
      [fancypost bgcolor=;border:0px;margin-top:-10px; font-size:20px;](  if you could count the skeletons in my closet  )