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    dumping my character's bios here, please don't post, but feel free to look, a little organizer is below if your looking for a certain character. also, please note the bios do have hidden scrolling!

    Post 1-Intro Post
    Post 2-WIP


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    [justify][size=7pt]give me a second i-i need to get my story strait. My friends are in the bathroom getting higher then the empire state





    NAME tatterdfur
    -- nickname(s) - tattered, tatter, raven
    GENDER male
    -- identifies as - male
    SEXUALITY hetrosexual
    -- romantic pref - female
    AGE 17 moons
    -- date of birth - july 15th
    RANK elite warrior
    -- former rank(s) - warrior, apprentice, kit, member
    CLAN darkclan
    -- former clan(s) - bloodclan
    PARENTS npc x npc (adopted by skullface)
    -- siblings - rosekit, sandkit
    FRIENDS thrushmumble, cherrystar, quinn, hornetkit, poppypaw
    -- enemies - quinn



    SPECIES felis catus (turkish van)
    EYES bright yellow
    COAT white with black van markings on head/tail and black toes
    SCARS torn ear, ripped ear, long scar over left eye, shorter scar over right eye, three scars above nose, scar on back of head, large scar on shoulder, three different scars on back, and four scars on haunches
    BUILD heavy muscled
    SIZE large
    HEIGHT 9.7 inches
    WEIGHT 14 pounds
    VOICE [color=black]ryan botter, hiro (click me)
    HEALTH usually healthy



    [font='arial']POSITIVE TRAITS loyal, friendly, hysterical
    NEUTRAL TRAITS selfish, angst, slightly depressed,
    NEGATIVE TRAITS rude, unkind, hard-headed, doesn't think before acting
    LIKES hanging with friends, hunting, escaping at night
    HATES other clans, being punished, reminded of his mistakes
    STRENGTHS strong, defiant, well bodied, knows when to start a fight
    WEAKNESSES heavy, quick thinking, a bit stupid, does the obvious
    RESENTMENT (what they resent doing)
    DREAMS (what they normally dream about)
    THOUGHTS (what they normally think about)
    MEMORIES (memories that stand out the most for them)




    -- addiction(s)