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    Ok, so this is a part of a roleplay *cough, cough* FireClan *cough, cough* But yeah, these are rogues.

    || Leader | Shadowtrax - Oaktalon16 ||
    || Co Leader | Kayfoot - Oaktalon16 ||
    || Medicine cat | Poppy - Bluetrombone7 ||
    || Followers ||
    Darkflame - Meh
    Wolf - Bluetrombone7
    Blackpaw - Solacestar
    Mist - Solacestar

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    Hello there, I'm Blue. Just saying hi! I'm always open for rp, so send me a message or invite me to a thread and I'll check it out. Also, I'm always open to just chatting so pm me at any time. Finally just wanted to say... You're absolutely fantastic!
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    Darkflame watched Mist get rid of the intruder.
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    Sorry if I make random Doctor Who or Star Wars references
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