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    SEXUALITY - ?? who knows

    PHYSICAL AGE - 25 moons
    MENTAL AGE - 36 moons

    OVERVIEW - Smokestar is a domineering figure to say the least. He appears the embodiment of smoke, ash, and all things alike. He dawns a rare pelt, being a black smoke feline paired with a short but downy pelt. His fur is best described as a leaden grey bearing ebony, smoke-like stripes across the length of his body. His build is essentially equal in proportions, but his legs are a bit longer than most and he has naturally slim shoulders- giving him a very streamlined yet powerful appearance. He is not exceptionally buff or skinny. His face is angular in appearance, and his ears are large and tufted at the tips.
    FUR COLOR - black smoke: mid-grey undertone with black smoke stripes on legs, back, and tail. reference.
    BUILD - average, long legs, whiskers, and tufted ears.
    EYES - cold silver, angular.
    SCARS - claw marks across his left shoulder, claw marks across throat.

    OVERVIEW - Smokestar is a very intimidating character in that he is not afraid to speak his mind, and knows the consequences. At first glance the leader comes off as quite emotionless, vowing to himself to never let any feeling out (he sees this as a weakness). He carries himself in a controlled manor and speaks with a good tongue. Those who cross him will feel the wrath of his wit and cunning, usually through some sort of debate or verbal dispute. He enjoys showing off his sarcastic yet logical humor and insults using the information he acquires through his observant tendencies. He also has a tendency to be over-analytical, but thoroughly enjoys observing the world around himself, taking in every detail he is able to scrutinize. One of Smoke's quieter traits is his ruthlessness. Should he know the need he will take advantage of someone to get what he wants, and will do so with ease. Smoke also has a habit of valuing his clanmates based on their usefulness to him.

    Smokestars's dissocial personality disorder forms a large part of his personality, and inevitably affects how he interacts with society and makes decisions. His disorder causes him to feel a lack of guilt and, and a callous unconcern for the feelings of others serves as a double-sided blade. His behavior contradicts normal reactions to gruesome and grotesque images; instead of reacting in fear or disgust, he is instead fascinated by them. He also has no difficulty establishing relationships, but will find that they never endure long. It would be safe to assume that those who suffer from a more extreme version of DPD cannot form bonds of any type, Smokestar is able to create rare bonds if given enough time ( eg; ratbreath, addertongue ).

    POSITIVE TRAITS - intelligent, practical, logical, observant, adaptable, cunning, articulate, resourceful, calm
    NEUTRAL TRAITS - curious, judgmental, brave, honest, sarcastic, skeptical, intimidating, apathetic, condescending
    NEGATIVE TRAITS - easily angered, insensitive, ruthless, calculating, [can be] abrasive, manipulative
    ALLIGNMENT - drifted from neutral-evil to true neutral
    MENTAL HEALTH/DISORDERS - dissocial personality disorder (mild)

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    FAMILY - Ashfall, ??
    FRIENDS - wasppaw, spiderlegs, cherrytail, ratbreath, silentstorm, cougartail, quietstar
    ENEMIES - eaglesoar, ravenpaw, adderstrike, mistleap
    LOVE INTEREST - ½ cherrycoke

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                                   — plotting thread previous riverclan leader [ cougarstar ]

                                   — biography study former bloodclan deputy

                                   — played by rinnie current thunderclanner

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    molly — 47 moons old — former thunderclan leader