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  • Welcome to Yasoinaba! Or, more well known as Inaba! I know you're excited to start on your new life here in this little town, but there's one thing I have to tell you that's quite important, vital even. Doooon't get your hopes up. This town is great and all, but it can be sooooo boring sometimes. It's so quiet and lifeless and sometimes you'll wonder if people even live there. ... Weeell... That isn't to say there isn't it's fair share of...quirks. Wait, do you count murder as a quirk? I don't know if you do, but oh well! You might as well, so if you aren't packing your bags and hopping on the bus elseware, let me lend a voice as to what you'll be experiencing here! Grab your out-of-place weapons and turn on your late-night television! Inaba's no slacker when it wants to be scary, and you'll be witnessing and experiencing EVERY. LAST. MOMENT. .. ... Soooo... You still want me to welcome you yet? *ahem* Hello roleplayers! Welcome to Inaba- oh wait we went through the intro- author's note time, right? I'm tearabletrash, you call call me tearable if you wish, and no, I won't get mad if you do. Hey, I wrote my own insult, I can only say so much about it... Anyway. Persona 4 is a game developed by Atlus about late-night television jumping, shadow monster fighting teenagers who have to deal with solving a murder case, accepting themselves in a darker, more crazy way than you'd think (and no, it's not in THAT way, ya perverts), and getting to school on time to do exams! Man, I'm getting a Powerpuff Girls vibe. Okay, so here are the rules. [spoiler] 1) If you are playing a character from canon, keep them as in-character as possible. I can understand maybe the characters being more confident because they are so used to midnight-tv-channel-diving but nothing too crazy or out of it. 2) On that note, no pairings that are fan shipped in this thread are canon. You can hint at them a little bit or joke around with ir but enlarging it too much miiight ruin the character. Shippings like Rise and Yu or Naoto and Kanji are more okay than the others since they are hinted at more, but that's no exception to this rule. 3) No Mary Sues. Do I really need to explain this? Mary Sues can be described with one word- overpowered. The protagonist is the only one who can summon multiple Personas, everyone is not going to fall in love with your OC immediatly, and the typical super tragic backstory just will make everyone cringe. If you want your character to have a dramatic backstory, make it realistic- have it tie in with their personality, maybe it causes a major flaw, who knows, it just doesn't seem right if you make them have a tragic and sad past but then it doesn't affect them later. 4) You must go through a Shadow encounter before you obtain your Persona. Yu was the only one who obtained his Persona early for reasons I will not spoil but that gives no reason to have you be the same. Every party member from Persona 4 went through a Shadow. It's only natural if you want to do this canonically. 5) Friendship and bonds are especially important. You don't have to befriend your soon-to-be companions right away, in fact, it'd be kinda intruiging if you were a bit distant or akward at first (that doesn't mean everyone should do it, though) since you wouldn't be friends with someone you just met. However, think game wise- the protagonist establishes a Social Link with all of his party members and thus allows the characters to develop and open up. Use bonding as a slate for your character to open up and become more like themself- ESPECIALLY after they face their Shadow. [/spoiler] That is all for now concerning rules. If I sounded a bit rude, I must apologize- I'm a writer so when it comes to roleplaying I can be a bit strict. Don't take it too hard. I'll be as nice and welcoming as I can when roleplaying starts. Second of all, let's discuss Shadows. Or, more accurately, Shadow selves. To me, they are important to a Persona 4 roleplay for various reasons, and they are also quite fun to roleplay. [spoiler] Shadow selves are a copy of the self that portray a version of your true feelings all blown up and dramaticized. Say, for example, your hidden feelings are that you hate everyone in your classroom, but you don't say it in order to stay innocent. Your Shadow, then, could hate everything that moves and could be very violent. Shadows are identified by a dark purple aura, a distorted sort of voice and creepy golden eyes. Other than that, it's like looking into a mirror. Some Shadows might also wear different outfits that align with their self like Shadow Yukiko's princess dress and Shadow Kanji's...attire? Most Shadows also have a dungeon that aligns with their true self as well. Use this to your advantage. Make it as crazy as you want- I mean, look what they did with Kanji's! Remember that the Shadow isn't just the true self- it's the blown up, dramaticized version of the true self. So don't be shy (unless the Shadow's shy)- feel free to go crazy with it! After a character refuses to accept that their Shadow is them (you do have to deny them at first, okay? Unless they already met their Shadow and got their Persona, there should be no reason for them to say "okay you're me" right off the bat. After all, you'd feel like denying it too if it revealed all your deepest darkest secrets), the Shadow goes berzerk and turns into a monster, much like regular Shadows. The monster can be very symbolic or only a bit symbolic, but it has to fit in with your character's true feelings. If your character feels trapped with something, perhaps you could incorperate chains, as an example. Have fun with this as well. You can probably tell why I, as I writer, like this so much- it's ruthless and unforgiving character development![/spoiler] Well, that was long and somewhat unneccessary. Aaaanyway, characters! Fun time for all! Here is the lovely OC form for you to fill out! [spoiler] Full Name: (in surname, first name order, please. List any aliases or nicknames here as well. Age: (Remember that most of the people here are HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. I'll make some exceptions, but just keep that in mind.) Appearance: (Use a photograph, description, or both!) Gender: (Male, female, etc.) Personality: (No "meet him/her" answers here, the personality is very important. Also include the fear that surfaced their Shadow.) Sexual Orientation: (I won't judge with this one, so choose any preference you'd like.) Likes and Dislikes: (Optional.) Hobbies: (optional) Clubs: (optional) Birthday: (Optional, though somewhat important.) Arcana: (I will provide a link as to what these are. VERY important.) Shadow Self: "Insert quote" Shadow Self Appearance: (Do this Shadow obtain any appearance changes besides the obvious golden eyes?) Shadow Self Personality: (What is the Shadow like? What do they lament about to their finders?) Shadow Self Dungeon: (If your Shadow has a dungeon when the person is thrown into the TV, what does it look like? What is it called?) Shadow Self Monster Form: (What is the monstrous beast that emerges when your Shadow goes beserk? What elements does it use? Does it have any attacks unique to its form? What are these attacks called, and what do they do? What are they strong against, and what are they weak against?) Persona Name: Persona Appearance: Persona Type: (What element is it strong against and what it is weak against?) Persona Moveset: (What type of moves does your Persona learn?) Weapon: (What weapon does your OC use when not using their Persona?) History: (Optional, but recommended. You can choose not to do this and reveal it as we go.) Other: (Anything else we should know about the character.) [/spoiler] Okay, while we are on the topic of OCs, here are my OCs that I will be using in this roleplay! [spoiler]Full Name: Hashira Tori/Hashira Nori Age: Both of the twins are 14 years old. Appearance: A reference to their appearance is [url][/url], though there is several changes. Tori and Nori, as identical twins, look very similar to each other. They both are of the same build and somewhat pale skin tone, though Nori is a couple feet shorter than Tori, and Tori has a slightly more athletic build. Tori also has various bruises up her arms and legs covered by bandages due to her carelessness. Nori's hair is a deep black, reaching just past her chin in neat, thin strands. Tori has hair of an identical color, but her hair reaches to her elbows in messy, more thick strands. They both have bangs that cover up their forehead, but Tori's bangs are surprisingly more neat that Nori's. Their eyes are a bright shade of chestnut brown. Tori and Nori have a wardrobe that mostly consists of identical clothing with inverted colors, due to their family's craving over their twin act. They have very few wardrobe choices that differ from each other. Tori and Nori both wear fluffy, pink wool scarves that reach to their waists so they know where each other is. They also tend to tie each other's scarves together so they won't lose each other. Gender: Both twins are female, and identify as such. Personality: Tori and Nori on the surface seem like this cute set of twins that do little street acts, or those girls that always perform at that cafe down the street. They're two peas in a pod that speak in unison, and when they aren't speaking in unison, they're finishing each other's sentences. They bring a cute vigor to the crowd and everyone always thinks they're such a close bunch. However, under this cute facade is a conflicted confusion that drives the two insane every day. The two cannot tell if they like each other or if they don't. Tori, on one hand, is a peppy, energetic tomboy who loves to be outside. She likes exploring nature and prefers staying outside with her garden than doing homework. Her sister, on the other hand, is a studious, socially awkward "nerd", for lack of a better word. She often spends time alone in her room studying, and barely sees the light of day. Ever. In spite of their contrasting personalities, the two have tried time and time again to become compatible with one another, even ignoring their own interests to spend time with each other. However, nothing works. Even though time and time again they've accepted that they are simply unable to get along, they're forced into the same cycle of trying to get along simply because their parent's influence sparks doubt about their relationship. Sexual Orientation: Both Tori and Nori are currently straight. As they grow older, they grow a tad bit bicurious. Likes and Dislikes: Tori likes all aspects of gardening, even pulling weeds. She's the kind of girl who talks to flowers to make them grow, and spends every living minute of her free time outside. When she's not outside, she's usually playing basketball or soccer with her classmates, or roleplaying online. She's also a bit of a closet otaku who loves anime and manga. Nori's a neat freak, but cannot keep her room clean for the life of her, so she simply time and time again spends time cleaning her room so vigorously that you'd think she's crazy. She also likes writing poetry, reading complicated novels (and choose-your-adventure novels), and playing the flute in the band. On the dislike side, Tori's terribly jealous of her sister for all sorts of reasons. Nori always has higher grades than her, is always smarter than her, can come up with ideas better than her- Tori's often green with envy due to this, and Nori's completely oblivious to it. She also hates salty food, the dentist's office, book reports and unfair advantages (even if its her with the unfair advantage). Nori isn't jealous of her sister, but she hates her sister's fickleness- it drives her up the wall sometimes. She also hates Teddie and his pervertedness, movie cliches, getting low grades, vegetables, and the doctor's office. Hobbies: Tori spends her time birdwatching, gardening, playing sports, reading manga, watching anime and testing her luck with her abilities. Nori spends her time reading, writing, blogging on social media, cleaning her room, planning acts for her and her sister to perform, and internet shopping. Clubs: Both twins participate in the Drama Club. Nori participates in the Band Club, playing the flute, and Tori participates in both Basketball and Soccer clubs. Birthday: Both share a bithday of June 18th. Arcana: Both have the Wheel of Fortune Arcana. Shadow Self: "In the end..." "I'm just Tori..." "And I'm just Nori." "But nobody accepts that we're two people." "Not even ourselves." Shadow Self Appearance: Tori and Nori both have Shadows, unfortunately. Besides the telltale golden eyes of doom, Shadow Tori and Nori wear matching outfits that resemble the wear of a Lolita. They both wear ruffled tank tops, a petticoat, a jumper skirt, bloomers, stockings and Mary-Janes. Everything is lace-trimmed to hell and back and there is a lot of ribbons. Tori's outfit is mostly black with white lace trim and ribbons, while Nori's is mostly white with black lace trim and ribbons. The only thing that differs from this color scheme is their gloves which are white, progressively getting more and more gray the closer you get to the fingertips. Tori and Nori's Shadows also wear small top hats on their heads- Tori's has a white rose and Nori's has a black rose. Their hands are also always clasped together, and you can't get them unstuck no matter how hard you try. Shadow Self Personality: Shadow Tori and Nori are a creepy bunch to handle. They constantly speak in unison with a creepy monotone, and when they aren't speaking in unison, they're finishing each other's sentences constantly. To make matters worse, they have LITERAL twin telepathy- they can always tell what the other is thinking. Sometimes you'll find them acting like the Delightful Children from Down the Lane and if that doesn't terrify you the Shadows in the dungeon definitely will. However, you'll find that the two have a terrible relationship and show it often. They're constantly fighting over who says what and how stupid they said this and that, becoming a bickering mess when they're angry. Bring earplugs when you meet them. Please do. It'll save you a lot of trouble. Shadow Self Dungeon: These twins have a dungeon dubbed "The Twin's Playground". It resembles an elementary school. It looks very fancy and expensive, with fancy music and chandeliers and all that. However, the lights are cracked and flickering, there's a bunch of debri everywhere, and all sorts of things are floating all over the place like couches and beds. Everything is ripped up, torn, burning, freezing, in disarray in general. It's difficult to navigate sometimes. Shadow Self Monster Form: When the Shadows go berserk, they make two monsters, each with half the health a normal Shadow would get. Both are gray-colored humanoids. The one on the left, Shadow Tori, is tall and skinny, with long black 'hair' that moves on its own and attempts the choke the Shadow on the right. It wears what looks to be similar to a prisoner's wear, and its hands are covered by a handcuff. The one on the right, Shadow Nor, is short and small, with shorter black hair and it constantly writes words in a floating notebook with its mind. The notebook shoots illegible scrawls at the Shadow on the left. It also wears a prisoner's wear, but with inverted colors. It also wears handcuffs with chains that connect to the other's handcuff. Lastly, both of them wear tight, terribly made pink scarves that both connect. Both Shadows seem to pull against each other, eager to rip from the chains pulling them together. Shadow Nori uses physical attacks and the dark element magic. Shadow Tori uses healing/support moves and light element magic. They have a special move, called Wrath of the Conjoined, which, if it hits, causes multiple hits in rapid succession to hit, and then they will gain a random status. They cannot use this if one of them is fallen. Shadow Tori is weak to light, while Shadow Nori is weak to dark. Persona Name: Castor (Nori) and Pollux(Tori) Persona Appearance: Similar to their wielders, their Personas are identical twins, though they barely have any appearence. differences. They are humanoid beings with pale skin and reddish-brown hair, covered by red phrygian caps (think Legend of Zelda Link's weird hat thing). They wear red, torn up capes and light armor that covers most of their body. They both ride an individual horse, and Castor wields a sword sheathed on his back. Pollux wields a spear. Persona Type: Castor has the dark element while Pollux has the light element. They are both weak to each other. Persona Moveset: Castor and Pollux share a moveset. Castor: Brain Shake, Mind Slice, Mudoon, Brave Blade Pollux: Hamaon, Mediarama, Recarm, Amrita Weapon: Tori wields a katana, while Nori wields throwing spears. History: I'll be keeping this as a "reveal as we go" right now. Other: In combat, Tori and Nori share a slot in the party. Status ailments will affect both of them, and they also share a health bar. Half of the moveset belongs to Tori, and the other half belongs to Nori. If an element that is strong against one of the twins hits, the twin that is weak to it will go down, but the other twin will remain standing. Until the other twin gets up, you can only use the standing twin's part of the moveset. [/spoiler] Told you that I'm a writer. I make character profiles that are too long for this world. Anyway, have fun in Yasoinaba! Do try to not die while you're there, okay? [spoiler=List of Characters] [spoiler=taken canon characters] Naoto:Lancer~[/spoiler] [spoiler=OCs] [b]Tori and Nori Hashira [/b]of the Wheel of Fortune Arcana Persona: [i]Castor and Pollux[/i] (subject to change) [b]Hikaru 'Haru' Kashima [/b]of the Emporer Arcana Persona: [i]Seinaru[/i] [b]Ahi[/b] of the Moon Arcana Persona: [i]Sui-Ki[/i] [b]Nami Xanthupolus[/b] of the Fool Arcana Persona: [i]Apate[/i] [b]Akio Hayato[/b] of the Tower Arcana Persona: [i]Kitsu-Leo[/i] [b]Shinawabi 'Rudy' Nanami[/b] of the Priestess Arcana Persona: [i]Seikatsu[/i] [b]Takami Cory[/b] of the Chariot Arcana Persona: [i]Buranku[/i] [b]Nohea Tsuyoshi[/b] of the Strength Arcana Persona: [i]Kanayama-Hiko[/i] [b]Shure 'Toko' Rima[/b] of the Hanged Man Arcana Persona: [i]Tatusimi-Zira[/i][/spoiler] [/spoiler] [spoiler=OC Resources and Other Things] Instead of falling into the television and meeting your Shadow, you could also go into the television with the protagonist and meet your Shadow there. The only downside to this is that your Shadow usually will not have different attire and does not have a dungeon. If you'd like your character to take on the role of the protagonist of sorts, please let me know in the "Other" Section. Arcana link: [url][/url] Persona Skills link: [url][/url] [/spoiler]
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  • It's honestly not as advanced as it may look. I wrote the basis for this roleplay a long time ago when I was on a previous account but couldn't post it so I decided to reuse it here. I use the term 'moderate' very loosely. Whether you have lots of experience or none at all I'll still probably accept you given you clear all the guidelines. Sorry, that still probably sounded really advanced. I've been on this site for a while, it's a habit.
  • I might make an OC as well
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