Fogs of Peril, Truth and Dissonance ~Semi-Advanced Persona 4 Roleplay~ 0/?? open

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    • Akio Hayato

      Full Name: Hayato Akio

      Age: 17


      Gender: Male

      Personality: Akio prefers to act for himself but, he'll help others from time to time. He's is pretty egotistical and prideful, he will often make comments about how great he is. He's pretty easy going and never really takes anything too seriously unless he has to. He loves to play around even if he is in a bad situation.

      He's very friendly and kind towards most people. he likes to joke around with his friends and will often poke fun at them. He's very outgoing and doesn't mind speaking to complete strangers.

      Akio won't back down from a challenge he's rarely ever intimidated by anythings. He's brave and will gladly face what threats him. Akio never knows when to give up he will keep trying no matter what until he wins. He's a bit of a risk taker and is willing to risk most things just to win. It's every hard for him to admit defeat or that he was wrong about anything.

      He's very forthright and will always speak his mind. He's likes to think with logic and reason. He's a very curious person that loves to explore new things and ideas. He's super ambitious and often takes on things that might be too tough. He also has a huge passion for animals and wildlife.

      Akio's in biggest problem lies in the fact that he is very sly. He may act like he cares about you and your needs but, it fact, he pretty much only cares for himself. His willing use and step on people to get what he want. He likes to take advantage and has little consideration of the others feelings.
      He does feel remorse for any acts that may hurts someone but, he writes it off as not his problem (even though it is)

      Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

      Likes and Dislikes:
      -Video games
      -The hot summer months
      -Being social

      -Anyone who doesnt see him as amazing
      -The cold winter
      -People who abuse or mistreats animals
      -Cloudy days
      -People who can't take a joke-
      -Watching fauna

      Clubs: None, for now

      Birthday: 2/21

      Arcana: Tower

      Shadow Self:
      "You guys are nothing but clay that I can mold and bend to my will"

      Shadow Self Appearance: He wears a business suit with a stereotypical king crown and cape.

      Shadow Self Personality: He doesn't see people as people, he sees them as tools. He doesn't see the wrong in treating people as if they are stepping stones. He's very nonchalant and chill about everything. He just doesn't seem to care about anything.
      Shadow Self Dungeon: The dungeon is simply known as "Aftermath". It takes place in a mansion that looks like it had been destroyed in a party. Furniture is misplaced and thrown about, the walls are grafitied Wil multicolored scriddles, popped balloon, confetti, and streamers litter the floor. In the final room is completely untouched, All of the artifacts and furniture are gold colored. The walls, floor, and ceiling are gold. At the door, there is a red carpet that runs until in hits a gold and silver throne directly parallel to it. In that throne, is where Akio's shadow lies.

      Shadow Self Monster Form: Shadow Akio's true form has a body shape similar to a bear. It's 4-legged and very stocky. It has a thick neck that connects its large head to its muscular body. It's head looks like a deer skull but instead the normal horns it has to 2 sets of black horns, the first set is large and has curves (like in the pic below), the second set is place almost directly behind the first one and, is smaller and has curves(like in the pic below). It's eyes glow yellow. The entire body is black with the exception of an orangeish-brown (mostly oragne) colored main that connects at the back of the skull all the way to the three very similar colored tails is has. Its front two limbs have hands very similar to are own but the fingers have very sharp claws at the end. The back to limbs are hooves that look very much like horse's. It's also very large.

      This thing is almost pure, raw strength. It's standard attack is a bash attack.
      Double Fang
      Skull cracker
      Piercing horn - special move to it - A pierce attack that ignores any resistance to pierce attacks (including drain or reflect)

      Weak to bufu skills resistant to agi skills

      Persona Name: Kitsu-Leo

      Persona Appearance:

      Persona Type: Weak to bufu, resistant to agi. A very physical heavy fighter.

      Persona Moveset:
      Beginning skills~
      Double Fang

      Learns later on (in order over time)~
      Arm Chopper
      Kill Rush
      Blade of Fury
      Power Slash
      Poison Mist
      Cruel Attack
      Vile Assult
      Vorpal Blade
      Primal Force

      Weapon: Two-handed sword (slash)

      History: Will learn in story (might put here soon)

      Other: Nope :3

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    • Nanami Shinawabi

      Full Name: Shinawabi "Rudy" Nanami
      Age: 15
      Display Spoiler
      Rudy is pretty short for her age, being 5' 9". She has long white hair neatly unkempt and occasionally wears blue flower clips and light blue bangs. Her eyes are silvery-blue, and she has tannish skin. She wears a schoolgirl uniform(similar to Ibuki's) and white knee-high boots. She occasionally wears a few white pins. Also wears glasses since she's nearsighted and black leather fingerless gloves.

      Gender: Female(Uses she/her pronouns)
      At first, Rudy is a shy, curious little girl who would jump at anything. But getting to know her, she's a real sweetheart with a sense for adventure. She loves spending time at aquariums and is a bit of a nerd at animal species(Just looking at a very fluffy dog she could interpret as a Pomeranian). She is a bit of a klutz and will be stubborn if she thinks her thinking is right till proven otherwise.
      Deep inside, buried beneath all her personality, she is merciless and will be glad if someone she finds annoying dies. This deep personality also likes inflicting self-harm and gaining feelings of pain from others. She gains these feelings from her past, but is afraid to show them because she feels like people will isolate her as "emo" or a killer.
      Sexual Orientation:
      Likes and Dislikes:
      -Likes music, fluffy cats, and Sunflowers.
      -Dislikes violence(even though it's inevitable it still makes her uncomfortable), bullies, and...probably heights.
      -Video Games(Mostly RPG's)
      Not in one.
      November 2nd
      The Priestess
      Shadow Self:
      "Another birthday goes by and you still don't feel happy...ah well, you're probably glad that he died!"
      Shadow Self Appearance:
      OTHER than Rudy's looks, her Shadow wears a grey Navy uniform instead and has stiches, cuts, bruises, and scars where skin is visible. And has a black knife hairclip.
      Shadow Self Personality:
      Rudy's Shadow is very pessimistic, and will occasionally sing a few lines of "Happy Birthday" with a sick twist at the last line. She will talk down to people if nessicary(which is almost every line), and says every other line something having to do with everyone that died in Rudy's family, mainly stating that Rudy's glad they're gone. Also will mudder, "Self-inflicted Suicide Syndrome." every few times.
      Shadow Self Dungeon:
      Called "Self-Inflicted Insanity," it resembles a hospital or an Insane Asylum. Knifes are scattered about, with a few hanged bodies from the ceiling. The walls and floor are a white-washed stone color, while the ceilings are midnight black. As you go deeper, more hanged bodies are on the ceiling, while theirs the addition of a few dirty syringes around. The final room(where Rudy's Shadow is) is a complete mess. Corpses are strewn about, with upturned coffee tables and a fluffy bloodstained chair where she sits. Most of all, dirty syringes and bloodstained knifes are littered everywhere on the floor.
      (I feel like this Dungeon would fit this theme: Here.)
      Shadow Self Monster Form:
      Her Shadow's Monster is a Wyvern-like monstrosity. The top part of the Wyvern has bone plating, like armor. The scales are a light maroon red color, while white patterns are around the eyes and tail. The tail has an arrow tail tip, and the eyes are bloodshot red. The wings have multiple tears, and their are cracks in the bone armor.
      -Type is Fire.
      -Their specialty move is "Five-Star Blazer," which is a Multi-Attack that can cause Confusion/Panic(P4G) and decreases Hit/Evasion stats for 5 turns.
      Persona Name: Seikatsu
      Persona Appearance:

      Persona Type:
      Wind(I think...)
      Persona Moveset:
      Virus Wave, Garula, Diarahan, Muzzle Shot
      Vorpal Blade, Panta Rhei, Amrita, Heat Riser
      (Rudy hates sharing it, but I'll share instead)Rudy was born the middle child, having 1 brother and 2 sisters and her parents. Early on, her father left the household and took everything belonging to her, leaving her poor. Later on, at around her 7th birthday, her older brother, Shino, left for the American Navy and never came back because he got shot and killed on the ship. Rudy fell into deep depression afterwards, falling even farther after her older twin sisters committed a double hanged suicide after what happened with Shino. She eventually started to learn Japanese and hide her feelings about her family and her bouts of self-harm. With her mother, both of them moved to Inaba.
      "Hey, brother!
      There's an endless road to re-discover.
      Hey, sister!
      Know the water's sweet but blood is thicker.
      Hey, brother!
      Do you still believe in one another?
      Hey, sister!
      Do you still believe in love I wonder?"
      Ryuji says, as he pours himself a bowl of Captain crunch in the morning."

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    • I'm assuming this is a WIP but is there a secondary nickname your character could go by? We, uh, actually already have a 'Nami', so to speak. Something similar is fine, we just don't want to get the two confused.
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