Fogs of Peril, Truth and Dissonance ~Semi-Advanced Persona 4 Roleplay~ 0/?? open

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    • Full Name: Xanthupolus, Nami

      Age: 16


      Display Spoiler
      Psychical Description
      Basic appearance: Nami is a small-body person who is probably one of the smallest of the group. Her tan hair and aquamarine eyes do little to give her Greek heritage away as well, which is probably a blessing in disguise in her eyes.
      Body (skin tone, physique etc.): It's olive in color in a small hourglass figure.
      Hair (style, color etc.): It's mostly tan with dirty blonde mixed in as highlights, she mostly ties it up in a pony tail, though it's down while she's Butterfly.
      Eyes: Aquamarine
      Defining Features: None, she looks hilariously average.
      Scars or other?: None.
      Clothing Style: Mostly casual.
      Accessories: None as of yet.

      Gender: Female

      Personality: Initially Nami can come across as someone overly sweet and innocent, to the point where one can wonder how she managed to land herself in a bail for forgery, for most people this is an act she she can lie, cheat and deceive her way to victory for whatever she feels she needs. She seems to care very little for the people around her and has quickly become a social outcast even among her own troubled peers because of this. As such she's initially an aloof "lone wolf" character, only approaching people when she needs to cheat something out of them. As the one who is being approached she acts more like a blank slate, never quite knowing what to say or do until she knows something of a person and tends to edit her behaviour to fit in with other people better.

      Her demeanour when fighting in the TV world changes dramatically as she knows that no one sees her as the shy and innocent one. She acts wilder and tends to like using vulgar language with a slightly cockier attitude on top of that. Her sense of self preservation diminishes as well, throwing herself into dangerous situations with little thought or care, it makes her appreciate being alive. Her sense of justice and emotions are amplified as well, she can express herself and her creative talents much easier behind a "mask" as well as think quickly on her feet which lets her command a field with little difficulty. Though this also means her emotions can also get the better of her. This does not help those who try and make advances on her.

      Only a few people see her innermost self, she's polite and has a huge affection for most animals (save one really annoying parrot) as well as openly expressing her artistic styles in many forms. Sometimes even able to act as a motivator, not necessarily seeing a light in the darkness, but a reason to keep pushing on with a task that to others may be seen as hopeless. She has an uncanny ability to read most people like an open book and this is where her charisma and empathy skills can also kick in. Above all, this is the self that can prove she's an honest person.

      Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

      Likes and Dislikes: Abstract art styles, the gang of misfits/friends she's formed, sweet and sour pork rice.
      The authorities, rich snobs, perverts of all kinds and don't let her in the sight of mushrooms. She hates them.

      Hobbies: (optional)

      Clubs: "Go join them Wild Card you need those Social Links~!"
      "Shut UP Henry!"

      Birthday: 27th August

      Arcana: Our new Fool Arcana ladies and Gentlemen!

      Shadow Self:
      "That little b!stard got what he deserved! !"
      Shadow Self Appearance: (Do this Shadow obtain any appearance changes besides the obvious golden eyes?)
      Shadow Self Personality: (What is the Shadow like? What do they lament about to their finders?)
      Shadow Self Dungeon: (If your Shadow has a dungeon when the person is thrown into the TV, what does it look like? What is it called?)
      Shadow Self Monster Form: (What is the monstrous beast that emerges when your Shadow goes beserk? What elements does it use? Does it have any attacks unique to its form? What are these attacks called, and what do they do? What are they strong against, and what are they weak against?)

      Persona Name: Apate

      Persona Appearance: Apate is a Persona that is covered completely by something, be it cloth, a mask, leather feathers or even chains. The only thing visible behind the hood she's always got on is a large butterfly mask that Nicole wears while she's dormant. Her cloak is formed out of what appears to be scales or feathers that all mix in blacks and yellows to create a butterfly-like wings design out the cloak. She wears mostly dark-coloured rouge-styled clothes that's interrupted by streaks of yellow all the way down to her insectile feet her hand are covered with dark leather with small claw-like fingernails. Her ankles and wrists are cuffed and chained to a plain white box that appears underneath her, almost like she's struggling to break free of it.

      Persona Type:

      Persona Moveset:
      Begins with - Garu, Skewer, Rakukaja, Counterstrike
      (more moves will come as I think of them)

      Weapon: A long spear, Naginata, anything to make up for her initial lack of reach.

      Display Spoiler
      Nicole was born in Greece to a Greek mother and Japanese father, though she does not remember her home country much at all because they immigrated to Japan as the country was beginning to suffer economic crashes at the time. Her mother did not want to raise a child there, but did not speak much Japanese. So Greek and Japanese was spoken in the household. She essentially grew up learning two languages.
      Display Spoiler

      As school life for her began she had been struggling a bit in Japanese with only her busy father to try and teach her before hand. She knew more Greek at the time, this lack of ability to communicate alienated her from the rest of the class as the other children just didn't know how to hold a conversation with her. This was how she told her first lies. "I'm fine." she'd repeat over and over to the concerned staff, just isolating her further.

      In her loneliness she found a talent for imitation, she could paint or make things that looks similar to what she's seen in the past, with no one to see this talent for forgery grew more and more until in high school she shows some people who were brave enough to approach the Greek outcast. They seemed amazed by her ability and she never questioned a thing. Up until they asked her to fake ID's for them to make them look the legal drinking age. She questioned why until she was given cash. Having been struggling recently economically she accepted them and forged the requested ID's.

      A few days later she had head about someone getting into a party and nearly dying of an alcohol overdose. One of the same people who approached her for an ID. As soon as she realised this she turned herself in out of guilt. However she was able to get out on bail, but still carries guilt about the incident with her and began to drift away from people on purpose. No one will ever take advantage of her again.

      Other: Nope!
    • Except for the Shadow part, you're pretty much set, and therefore you are accepted! Since you are the Fool, however, I guess Nami wouldn't have to encounter her Shadow- she could have a situation like Yu's. Or she could get her persona before facing her Shadow and face her Shadow later on.
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    • The real only issue I'm having is who ia behind all this, which is funny, you'd think that'd be the first thing you would develop in a plot, but I made the idea for this thread a loooong time ago.
      It can't be Izanami, obviously, because while she says she can't guarantee humanity happiness, she won't interfere with them anymore.
      I'm thinking of using some other god or deity but I'm not quite sure yet.

      In the meanwhile though, I will be making the roleplay thread today. The main reason I planned on using another god or deity for a possible hand in all this is because it'd be a bit easier on me ti explain how someone would have their Persona before facing their Shadow, y'know, with a god's influence. But I'm still at a bit of a loss because even then I'd have to explain quite a bit about that.
      Plotting a story you developed a year ago is hard. What you do for a game you love.
      I'm a trashy Dangan Ronpa fangirl.
      Do you like Portal?
      I also like Persona 4, so: Here.

      i like anime, dangan ronpa and desk fans. dont ask about that last one.