Fogs of Peril, Truth and Dissonance ~Semi-Advanced Persona 4 Roleplay~ 0/?? open

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      Full Name:
      Hikaru "Haru" Kashima
      Hikaru has a,"I care about nothing," attitude. He would rather spend all day sleeping than going out. He has a druggy, "treehugger," kinda vibe to the way he speaks and acts. Despite this, he takes everything very seriously. He is humorless and has a hard time understanding jokes.
      Hikaru isn't a people person. He would rather be an anti-social shut in than being an outgoing party-goer, but he has this charm to him and is able to befriend everything he meets when he does go out. he doesn't like crowds, he despises them. They are too cramped for him. They are also too noisy. He likes the quiet.
      Hikaru is somewhat quick to anger. He hates being messed with in any way shape or form. Even in the smallest of cases he will let out his wrath on a person. He hates being looked down on or talked bad to. He hates his voice not being heard and will be doing to get his voice across, even resorting to violence.
      He hates his views and opinions being questioned/challenged. It enrages him, again even resorting to hurting people to get them to shut up. One of the most things he his closed of to is love. As a part of his past his parents divorced when he was ten. He ended up staying with his mother and listen to her rants about never loving or this will happen. This thought was only justified when his first lover cheated on him. He also wants to lead, but he is not the leading type and can't accept that. He also tries his best to force his views on others
      Hikaru is a very smart kid. He spends a lot of time studying as well. He loves challenging his brain to think outside the box. He tends to brag about his intelligence and he is obnoxious while doing so.
      Of course after his dungeon, he soon accepts that he can't force his views on others and must be open to others opinions and that love isn't a bad thing and it's only natural that it causes a few heart breaks for inturn, life long partnership. He also opens himself up the more humorous sides of things. Though, the leader this is still there.
      Sexual Orientation:
      After dungen:
      Bisexual, Panomantic
      Likes and Dislikes:
      Maybe later
      Drawing, jogging, sleeping
      Art, X country, track and field
      April 25
      Shadow Self:
      "All of you sicken me, got it?! Now shut up and do as I say or else you'll find yourself in the morgue!"
      Shadow Self Appearance:
      It's him, but wearing a wulitersitic get-up that would (I forget the actual terminology of this) a ruler who fought alongside his men.
      Shadow Self Personality:
      He is loud, cocky, and arrogant. He goes off even if he sees two people barely bump into each other. He extremely defences and defines the denial coming from his human counterpart, and even at one point will try to kill him. He makes it every clear that this is his domain and makes his views every clear. They will do everything he says or else death will ensue. The point of the dunge is that when Shadow Hikaru yells at them to leave and they don't, he orders for them to be killed at once for disobeying him and thus the shadow encounters.
      Shadow Self Dungeon:
      When they first enter there a throne room and Shadow Hikaru appears. He tells them the rules in his "kingdom" and tells them they don't like outsiders and to leave. The they being shadows. He gets pissed and they get teleported, the dungeon starts. The first few levels are looks like a prison or dungeon prisoners were sent to in the medieval periods. It's gross, nasty,and dark. The second part resembles a rundown building Symblingliszing the poor dying middle class of an old timey kingdom. This represents the people who disagree with and and what he sees them as. The third part resembles a well kept building with gold lining on the roof, walls and doors, resembling the rich or those who agree with his views and who he sees them as. The last part resembles a palace with columns lining all the wall corners and doors. This represents himself. The last room where Shadow Hikaru himself is on a thrown yelling at his human counterpart.
      The end of the prison section will have a "mini boss" in the form of Cu Chulainn , and the end of the third section will have a "miniboss" in the form of Ares, if that's ok.
      Shadow Self Monster Form: He becomes a tall, heavily armored beast with four arms. One holding a spear, one holding a shield, and one holding bow and another holding a arrow, meaning this monster can do both pierce and slash attacks. It's armor is golden with white lining and only small red dots can be seen through it's thick shell. This thing is weak to both bash attacks and Zan attacks
      Evil Smile
      Arm Chopper
      Skull Cracker
      Persona Name:
      Persona Appearance:

      Persona Type:
      Zio, weak to Zan
      Persona Moveset:
      Magic: Zionga
      Dia, Rakunda
      Skewer, Cleave
      Over time:
      Magic: Mazionga, Ziodyne, Maziodyne

      Fatal End, Power Slash, Cruel End, Tempest Slash,
      Will be relieved as time goes on.

    • (Accepted, Lancers! Good job with the form! Didn't realize how complicated I had made it until I looked it through, XD.
      Oh, and having minibosses in the shadow dungeons your Shadows are in is fine. That's how it in the game. My characters' Shadows will probably also do the same.

      Also, take your time, DragonSpirit! We can wait.)
      I'm a trashy Dangan Ronpa fangirl.
      Do you like Portal?
      I also like Persona 4, so: Here.

      i like anime, dangan ronpa and desk fans. dont ask about that last one.
    • Full Name: Ahi
      Appearance: A normal man of that age with black hair, a t-shirt, and jeans.
      Gender: Male
      Personality: On the outside, Ahi just has a regular social life, making enough friends to talk to and that's really it.
      This, however, is just a facade. On the inside, he is a very socially awkward person. He just wants to live a normal life and make some friends, but his social awkwardness dose'nt really let him sustain friendships that often.
      Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
      Likes and Dislikes: (Will add if I feel like it)
      Hobbies: Guitar
      Clubs: (Same as Likes and Dislikes)
      Birthday: (Ill think about it)
      Arcana: Moon
      Shadow Self:
      "You want to be social... but you can't think of any way to do it."
      Shadow Self Appearance: Nothing really changes appearence wise.
      Shadow Self Personality: Shadow Ahi is a very socially akward person that, when there is more then one person in the room, starts speaking less and less.
      Shadow Self Dungeon: "The Endless Hall" The halls look like the halls of a apartment building. The stairs are elevators. The boss room is an actual room.
      Shadow Self Monster Form: A tall humanoid figure with a skull face and holds a guitar shape club. He has on a hoodie and jeans.
      Persona Name: Sui-Ki
      Persona Appearance: A humanoid figure with a skull face. It has a club, not in the shape of anything particular. It's clothes mimic Ahi's clothes.
      Persona Type: Ice type. Weak to fire
      Persona Moveset: Bufudyne, Power Charge, Vicious Strike, Regenerate 2, Tetra Break, Enduring Soul
      Weapon: A broken guitar that he uses like a hammer.
      History: (Will add as we go on)
      New sig who dis

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