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  • Dovekit: *smiles* yeah!

    Darkfrost: *i look over at her surprised at that remark, my ears drooping down and my eyes growing wide and almost sad-looking until she says that last thing and i stiffen up again, trying to look grumpy again, but i can't hide the smile on my face* i wouldn't have this look on my face if you would stop wasting time and fish already *smirks* unless maybe you're getting tired of fishing and wanna move on to forest prey

    I once had all of my kidneys, until I gave four of them to my friend, now I just have two.
  • Ebonypaw looked thoughtful for a moment or two. She glanced down at the water, watching the flashes of silver under it's surface. She knew that someday she'd have to learn to catch something other than fish, even if she didn't like eating it herself. "Sure," she meowed at last and turned her gaze to Darkfrost. "Not everyone enjoys the taste of fish, so I suppose I'll have to catch something else."