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  • “....well. If you’re sure, you should just try one at the next party?”

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  • "Just try and rest, yeah?" Darcy tilted her head. "It'll be alright!"

    "Ah, great!" Shayne smiled. "Let me know when you're tired then?"

    "... Have it if you're really sure." Samael put his drink down, raising both eyebrows.

    "Mm, I am actually?" Evelyn gave a nod once she'd finished some of it. "Fresh air and food, and time I guess. I feel like I know where and who I am again at the very least!"

    "Yeah I usually do, but since everyone found out that I'm-... That I'm not straight thanks to everything that's happened with Skylar, school hasnt been a great time." Logan shrugged. "Boys are stupid."

  • Clara nodded. "For sure! Do you only do it at parties though?~"

    "I really am!~" Belial didn't waste any time in grabbing and again downing the drink - a horrible mistake.

    "I will do." Sonya nodded. "Was there anything you wanted to do in the meantime?"

    "That's definitely an improvement!" Max nodded with a smile. "You sound more here which is nice."

    "Oh..." Connor twisted his hands together. "Sorry, I hadn't thought about that. That sucks."

  • Rio nodded weakly at that and the turned to face Luke. “...Luke.....are....are you okay?”

    “....not always no.” She admitted, “But it’s not something I do a lot though, mind you.@

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  • "Just recover from meeting your parents really!" Shayne smiled a little sheepishly.

    Samael just watched him. "...How's it feeling?"

    Evelyn smiled back, leaning against him. "How're you feeling though?"

    "Yeah. It's okay." Logan shook his head. "That's maybe just the way things are now, I guess."

    "I went home and packed you a bag." Luke told her, avoiding the question, "Some books and some clothes changes."

  • "Fair enough! I'd kind of like to do it with you though, sounds like fun~"

    "That's reasonable, I'm really sorry." Sonya nodded, giving an apologetic smile in return.

    "Mm~" Belial paused in thought. "A bit spinny now~ Less boring!~" His words were definitely less coherent, but that wasn't unusual for him.

    "Pretty good!" Max smiled. "This is a good evening, you're really good?"

    Connor shook his head. "Sorry. That's not fair on you."

    And Kat eventually knocked on Skie's door. "...Hey, can I come in?"

  • Rio sat up a little, looking him over, properly now. “......you look tired.”

    “...oh yeah?” She smiled a little again. “Well. We could do some. But like, not at school or anything.”

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  • "Hey, don't be sorry, you were the best part of tonight!" Shayne insisted, "And now we get even more time to make it better?"

    "Mm. Doesn't hit as fast as that rubbish you inject into yourself all the time." Samael shook his head.

    Evelyn laughed, sliding down so she lay in his lap instead. "I'm really glad you think so!~"

    Logan offered him a small, but genuine, smile. "Don't feel bad. It's probably a good think for me to stop denying it."

    "Sorry!" Skie replied through the door after a few moments. "I'm actually quite busy right now!"

    Luke smiled very slightly. "What kind of tired?"

  • “....pretty much all kinds of tired.” She reached out to touch his face, with a worried look on her face. “You should get some sleep.”

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  • "Why not?~" Clara winked. "It'd be fun~"

    "That's true, that does sound nice." Sonya smiled.

    "It's not rubbish!! You've never tried it, it's exciting~" Belial grinned. "This is more fun than I thought though~"

    "I really do! Very pretty and good to talk to?" Max smiled down at her, resting a hand gently on her shoulder.

    Connor smiled very slightly in return. "I guess, but I'm still sorry."

    Kat hesitated. "...Too busy to talk at all?"

  • Luke closed his eyes at her touch. "I can't sleep until we find out how long."

    "Not to be that guy, but I'm kind of ready to sleep now to be honest?" Shayne admitted, I don't even know what time it is."

    "I'm glad you think so, your first glass hasn't even kicked in fully yet." Samael told him, watching in interest more than anything.

    Evelyn reached up to play with his curls a little. "Hmm, you're quite wonderful~"

    Logan waved a hand. "Really, don't worry about it. I'm surprised you haven't had the same?

    "With you? Yes." Skie replied.

  • “That’s still a few hours.....you should rest.” She softly insisted, but not trying to push him too hard. “....you don’t need to push yourself.”

    Auri laughed a little. “Sure. Why not. Schools almost over anyways.”

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  • Clara smiled in excitement. "Sounds like fun!~"

    "That's very fair! We can head to your room then?" Sonya suggested.

    Belial stretched, turning his attention to untucking Samael's shirt. "Does it get spinny for you? Don't you get dizzy?~"

    "You're so lovely?" Max touched a hesitant hand to her face. "I'm so glad you contacted me, this is really good?"

    Connor shrugged. "I still violently deny everything that people could go at me for!"

    "I'm really sorry?? I promise I can explain??"

  • Luke slowly sat back down in the chair next to her. "Only if you promise you'll be okay whilst I sleep..."

    "If you're okay with that!" Shayne tilted his head. "You're fine to come up whenever, I'm just pretty exhausted from dinner!"

    "Not really, unless I drink a load." Samael shrugged. "I'm pretty used to it so it doesn't affect me very easily."

    Evelyn smiled up at him. "I'm really really glad you think so? You really did rescue me, to be honest. Things could have turned out really bad for me at that party?"

    "I'm... Kind of surprised that's working out for you?" Logan tilted his head.

    Skie opened the door, drink in hand. "Enlighten me then. You're going to try and tell me that's just your job or something?"

  • "I'll come with you; it was very tiring," Sonya agreed.

    "I get that with some drugs!" Belial nodded, dropping his head back into Samael's lap. "Woah it's really spinning~"

    "I'm so glad it was all okay, you deserve a lot better than all that?" Max nodded firmly.

    "Well I think everyone hates me even more now so it's not really working out that well, but it's worth a go!" Connor shrugged.

    Kat looked ready to cry, and clearly not for the first time that night. "It's true?? I'm so sorry I know it sounds so fake??"

  • “....yeah. I’ll be okay. Don’t worry.” She smiled, attempting to reassure him. “Just go get some sleep.”

    “Okay then, so after school, just come to my house~” Auri told her, throwing her drink into a garbage bin.

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