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  • Luther shrugged his shoulders at Dream, unbuttoning his suit jacket so that he could grab his gun easier. It had an elaborate mount that worked across his chest, although you couldn't see the activator, it seemed that it pulled the gun out of it's holster and aimed it directly in front of the tom's right leg with a bite-trigger. "I say if they aren't a bunch of girls here we just move on. Besides, who said they were a gang member anyway.


    Hal jabs the barrel towards the guard's helmet again, motioning for them to walk a respectful distance away from them but away from the building at the same time.


    Streak looks over at the other kits and decides that he's hungry. "Can I have something barbequey?"

    Pestilence awakes drowsily. "I wouldn't mind food, whatever you guys want."

  • The yellow suit raise a leg in a ‘relax’ motion and walked a bit away from the structure and Hal.

    Trin finished checking himself over and shook out his right rear-leg.

    “Alright. Let’s go in. They’re going to know we’re coming so be prepared for a fight.” Trin meowed, padding over to the open hatch and gesturing within. On the other side was a dark and rusty airlock. There a single dim, flickering light inside and it seemed as though every surface was rusted beyond repair.

    “Ladies first.” Trin said.

    “How kind.” False Lamb said, strolling into the airlock. As she walked in she could start to hear bustling coming from the other side.

    Trin padded in after Thrush and once everybody was inside and the yellow suited animals was still stuck outside he pulled the hatch shut. a hazard alarm went off and the room began to drain.

    “Remember, don’t take your helmets off.” Trin said as he readied his weapon, moving it so that it hung against his chest.


    “You did.” Dream said, glancing at Luther’s gun nervously. His anxiety never had a chance to build though because a moment later the door to the house opened.

    “Yes?” A bipedal figure asked, standing on two legs but being no larger than Luther.

    “Ah! Gosh! Hurk.” Dreamdrop freaked, retching and turning away from the door and bounding a few paces away. The figure resembled a bandicoot but bipedal. They watched Dream freak out before looking at Luther.

    “Yes?” He asked again.


    “Barbeque for Streeeak.” Speed merowed, ruffling the fur on young tom’s fur as she did so.

    “Fish?” Italia asked cautiously.

    “Fish for the miss. Anything else!?” Speed yowled one last time.

  • Thrush had taken position next to Trin, pressed up against the wall next to the door, hidden from view from anyone looking outside. Pulling out her knife, her muscles tense when the door grinds open, ready to spring into action. Instead of shooting on sight like she might have, Hal makes the guard walk away with no shots fired. She sheathes her weapon, trading it for her pistol, and steps into the chamber. At Trin's reminder to not remove their helmets, her paws curl tightly within the gloves of her suit.

    Thistle, now sitting up in bed, gives Holly a questioning look. "What do you mean?" He asks. From the shadows and sleep still clouding his vision, the tom can't make out Holly's prosthetic limb. He licks a paw and draws it over his head, flattening his sleep-ruffled fur.

    "Antelope steaks for me, please." Nyx chimes in.

  • “And antelope steaks.” Speed meowed, hopping off the couch. Her spot was immediately taken up by Bailey.

    “Let me just caaaaaall-” Speed dragged the word out in a coy fashion. As she finished the word there came three bangs from the door.

    “Perfect!” Speed cheered happily, strolling over to the door and pulled it open. On the other side stood a fluffy auburn cervine. She had fluffy and feathery wings and huge ears reminiscent of a german shepherd’s. She wore a brightly colored red and blue uniform shirt with white accents and had a matching hat with holes for her ears. The delivery uniform didn’t stop there though. The cervine had athletic sneakers with a matching color scheme. Her forelegs had mismatched kneepads with white colored straps; red pad on the right and blue pad on the left. The faint eye shadow on her eyes corresponded with the colors of her knee-pads. Her “classic unicorn” tail had a single blue athletic band on it and lastly the base of her wings were wrapped with white athletic tape that sported the name of a sports apparel brand. If the large red and blue, square bags underneath her wings with the words “Tele-trans” on them wasn’t enough to tell you she was a delivery girl, the rest of her get-up would.

    “Th-that was quick.” Anya meowed with raise brows and wide eyes.

    “Hey there! Speed, yes?” The delivery doe chirped, kneeling down and unzipping her bags from the bottom. Carefully she stood back up and the white boxes within came out. Printed on the top of each box was a red and blue logo featuring a winged animal flying down an hourglass.

    “Barbecue beef kabobs, with various dipping sauces. Grilled justice fish, with lemon and killiki. Boneless hawk filets. Fruity tooty caviar chicken. A large mint soda. Ritterwink sopapillas as a thank you for your business. Annnd-“ The delivery doe pointed to a larger box,”-Vaugen antelope steaks, medium rare like she likes them.” The cervine finished with a smile. Speed nodded that this was indeed their order and the delivery doe pushed the boxes into the apartment with her wings.

    “Oh and there’s some unflavored cold medicine in there for your friend. Thank you for choosing tele-trans!” The alien doe added on, pointing to a tiny box.

    “Thanks-“ Speed purred as she began to push the door closed.

    “If it’s not too much, can I use your balcony?” The doe asked, flaring her wings to indicate her intent with a grin.

    “Oh! Yeah sure.” Speed said, pulling the door open and stepped aside. The doe gave Speed a quick bow and jogged through the living room.

    “Enjoy your food!” The delivery doe trilled over her shoulder as she hoped onto the railing of the balcony and leapt off of it.

    “Come get your stuff guys.” Speed meowed, grabbing only Streak’s and her box. She set the youngest tom’s box down in front of him and opened it up for him like it was the holy grail.

    “Enjoy kitto.” Speed whisper purred, giving him a quick nuzzle on the ear.

    “Flame you want to split this?” Speed asked, gesturing to her own box.


    Trin quietly looked over his weapon as the water level in the airlock went lower and lower. Just as the water had completely drained, the hatch was pulled open and a flurry of bullets came flying into the room. Sending Trin and False Lamb to the edges of the room, pressed against the walls.

    “I think they’re angry!” False Lamb growled. She was struggling to put her mantis claws on while flinching whenever a bullet whizzed by or ricocheted closer than was comfortable.

  • Streak looked over at his mother, beaming. "Thanks mom!" He squealed excitedly, brushing his forehead against her neck. With little manners he began to dig in to his portion.


    Luther scoffed at Dream's reaction. "Rude." The tom scolded, turning to face the animal who had answered the door. "Sorry for his rudeness, I'm with God-ring's Starworld Investigative Division. Could we come in?" The tom asks, his tone polite but slightly authoritative.


    "It's like he's an adult. An angry adult." Holly mewed, looking down at the race-suit which had been hung up in the closet. "Do you suppose maybe we could go back to the market today?" She asks, her voice a little less tired sounding than usual.


    Hal ducks away but a bullet pings off the wall and showers him in rust particles. He makes it into cover unscathed and angrily fires a shot from his gun at the attackers. "How many do you think there are? -Agh fuck."

  • At Hal’s question Trin relaxed his posture and started staring at the wall opposite the doorway. His eyes followed the bullets and bullet holes on the wall for a few seconds before he pressed back against the wall.

    “Four are firing.” Trin informed, fumbling to grip the charging handle on his rifle.

    “Grr, I’m used to using my mouth for this—got it!” Trin growled, finally flexing his paws around the small level and pulling it back hard. The railgun buzzed awake and Trin rested his right forepaw on the trigger.

    “False Lamb, switch places with me.” Trin informed calmly. While the white tom was closest to the doorway, False was behind him. A spot that was reviving no ricochets or gunfire.


    “Becauseyoudon’thavearangedweapon!” Trin snapped at hastily before she could even finish the question. The she-cat in the white suit hesitated for a couple seconds before climbing over Trin’s back while he backpedalled. With their places switched, Trin placed the barrel of the railgun onto False’s back. With tiny kitten steps Trin eased his way towards where the gunfire was coming in while he aimed his gun through the wall. Right as a bullet skimmed the ground no more than a nanometer from his left rear-leg Trin stopped.

    “I know where one is.” Trin stated. He lifted the gun off of False Lamb and laid down onto his side.

    “I’m going to get one of them. Be sure to use to shock to your advantage.” Trin said, adjusting his so that he could pull on the trigger.

    “3. 2. 1!” Trin counted down with his eyes closed. At the end he pushed off the wall with his rear-legs and slid across the airlock. For a short moment he could see the four animals shooting at them. All of them were quadrupeds and none of them had actual weapon mounts, they were all shooting over some metal crates they were using as cover. Trin let off a single shot from his gun before hitting the other side of the room with a loud “ting”. The railgun made no noise when shot but you certainly heard the round’s impact. In went straight through the animal it was aimed at and hit the rear wall. When Trin hit the wall, the gunfire ceased for a second accompanied by a panicked animalistic shriek.


    The biped looked at Luther silently, then to Dream who was gagging yards away, and then back to Luther.

    “No. What’s this about?” The bipedal creature responded. They were a pale blue color and wore a white toga obscuring everything but their thin feet and three fingered hands. Their head was bald with no ears and the rest of their features looked as though they’d been sanded down.


  • Nyx watched the avian doe with intrigue as she delivered the gang's food. She perks up when the delivery doe brings out her meal. The canine hasn't tried Vaugen before and they're prepared how she likes them. A slightly-less-toothy smile is offered before the winged being takes off for her next delivery. Nyx takes her box of food and opens it at the table.

    Lethe rejoins everyone back downstairs, having been roused by the smell of food wafting to the second floor. He waves at those who notice him and makes himself comfortable on the couch.

    Thistle hums, thinking over what could possibly be causing Bailey to act so strangely. He hops off the bed and stretches some more. "That sounds like a great idea. After breakfast, yeah?" The tom pads over to the bathroom, wanting to wash up again to make sure all the makeup is out of his fur. He presses a kiss to Holly's cheek. Now up close he can finally see the change Holly had done to her leg. "Kære?" he reaches down and grabs Holly's prosthetic paw, gently lifting it up a little to get a better look, eyes scanning the limb up and down.

    Thrush remains pressed up against a side wall as the hail of bullets comes flying in. When the gunfire stops, she pokes her head out, quickly taking in the layout of the next room. Ducking back inside the airlock, she quick sends out a couple spells before the gunfire can start back up. She pictures the aftermath either flushing their enemies out or destroying their cover. A rumble and a loud metallic crunching can be heard on the other side. Thrush balances on her haunches, shoulder braced against the wall and pistol clasped in both paws.

  • “Gah! Tone is dead!” A yowl came from the room outside the airlock.

    “What was that stuff!? My suits covered in metal splinters.” Another voice came accompanied with three random shots towards the airlock.

    “I’m calling them. This wasn’t part of the deal! They said no one would know!” An aggravated growl joined the chatter.

    “Remind me to invest in more magical retardant clothing.” False Lamb quipped, impressed at Thrush’s display. The mob poked a head out of cover and ducked back when a bullet whizzed by, but the hail of gunfire didn’t return. The goons were shocked and demoralized. False took her chance while they were still dazed and charged into the room. The first animal she spotted was a red crystalline fox in a yellow suit, behind a now broken metal crate. Her fired a shot at her that missed and before he could aim again the mobster was upon him. False dove at him and imbedded her blades into his chest and neck. Viscously she pulled them out of his body before ducking a bullet and taking covered behind some more crates. The room was filled with crates and literally nothing else. Except for the cooler with drinks in the corner that was on top of, you guessed it, a metal crate.

  • Hal leaned against the wall as a few more shots rang out, before firing the shotgun again and quickly retreating back into cover. He tried to shoot as straight as possible but his depth perception was off on account of his ruined ocular implant. "I can't really get a bea-" He's cut off as False advances and he provides covering fire for her, just like back in Frenziland when he'd been with soldiers.

    Once she's safely to cover, he moves as quick as he can into cover beside her, sliding awkwardly over and reloading. "Nice moves."

    "I went with Speed to get the old one removed. It was causing me a lot of pain." Holly mews, gently while leaning against him both for assurance and comfort. "I'm better off with out it." She mews, quickly disregarding a thought that suggests he might be better off without her in the same way. "Maybe some time after all this, I can get something that looks more natural, like Hal's." She suggests, giving him a small smile.


    Flame nods his head. Ushering Aceline over so that they can join Speed and her son for breakfast. "It smells great." He mews before digging into his food. He isn't the cleanest eater but he keeps all of his food and his mouth and off of the floor and table.


    Luther frowns and reaches into his coat-pocket, pulling out a cigarette and striking it against the collar of his under-shirt. He maintains eye-contact and inhales deeply, small wrinkles appearing around his eyes from the sting of the smoke entering his body. He exhales into the biped's house. "That's fine, if you aren't going to show me any courtesy, then I guess I'll have to go ahead and get a warrant. You could be the suspect of a murder investigation, but if you're not going to talk to me then I won't waste my time." He mews, turning around.

  • The biped scowled at Luther and waved away the smoke.

    “Then go get one God-Ring prick.” The biped responded with a scoff. With that he slammed the door closed.

    “Smu-smooth moves kitty cat.” Dreamdrop teased from his spot kneeled over in the grass, wiping his mouth off on the ground.


    Speed put on a fragile grin, complemented by her stretched wide eyes.

    “You don’t mind?” Aceline asked, padding over and cocking her head.

    “Oh no no no no, I don’t mind.” Speed said, pushing the box towards Aceline in a gesture or reassurance. Speed scooted to the side to make room on the crowded couch for Aceline. The orange sheline sat down and started to eat. Speed on the other hand struggled to fight the urge to knead her paws in a flurry of feelings. From anxiety, to dejection, disappointment, and awkwardness, all of which were making her ears, paws, and neck burn. There wasn’t that much food in the box to share between three animals. And the only thing keeping Speed’s melancholy from taking over her facial features was distracting herself with the news on tv.


  • Luther took another obnoxious puff on his cancer stick and gave Dream a pitiful glance. "Did you think I was bluffing? I could have the nebramblekin here if I wanted to. I'm just going to get a warrant." The tom remarks, pulling out his communicator and calling his overlord. Who that was was ambiguous but after a few moments of talking he was off the device. A small smirk on his face. "Stay put, can't have you assisting me on a warrant, probie." The tom mewed, slipping off his suit-jacket and exposing his holster. He moved forward towards the door in a well rehearsed movement, cigarette hanging in his mouth. He pawed at his chest and the holster slung the pistol in front of him into his mount, keeping his paws free. Carefully, he angled it at the door and held up his PCD to a camera on the side of the door. It showed a valid warrant to search the property.

    "God Ring Prick, open the door now, don't make me blow this pretty little thing into splinters." He orders, the movement causing the cigarette to come out of his mouth and land on the porch.


    Flame could feel the awkwardness immediately, having known Speed for quite some time before his death. Maybe it was selfish but he couldn't leave his mate to eat with a cat that he truthfully did love but in a different way. "Uh, here, Aceline, you can have my portion. I'm not super hungry." He mews, noticing that there wasn't enough food for the four of them.

    Streak looked up and offered the messy remains of his own food but Flame shook his head at him. "You're still growing kitto, eat up." The tom mewed softly, keeping a smile that wanted to fade upon his features.

  • The other side of the door was silent for half a minute before finally the lock clicked and the door was pulled open. On the other side of it stood the blue biped looking at Luther with annoyance.

    “You want to state what in the stars you’re looking for here!?” The biped asked angrily, stepping aside to let Luther in.

  • Thistle releases Holly's paw. "If something more natural or realistic will make you happy, go for it. I'm glad you're not in pain anymore." he purrs, giving her cheek an affectionate nuzzle. The tom steps into the bathroom to begin cleaning up. True to his suspicions, he finds his face is still stained with rouge when he looks at himself in the mirror.

    Thrush leans out of cover and for a moment she sees the top of a helmet poking up behind one of the crumpled crates. She raises her pistol and lines up a shot at them. "Come on... They're right there. Stand up and end them, I dare you." She mutters to herself. One of the remaining goons finally pops up, assault rifle propped on the metal container and aimed at False and Hal. She squeezes the trigger. The anonymous figure's head lurches backwards before collapsing to the floor in a heap. Spiderweb cracks centered around a single bullet hole cover their blood spattered visor.

  • “Ah! Okay! Okay! I’m d-I’m not shooting anymore!” The last remaining goon yelled, stepping out of cover. She was wearing a green suit and she was clearly an aquatic species. She had stiff tentacles on her caracal/sea lion head and her skin was yellow with a blue stripe down the center of her face. She raised a leg up submissively to show she was unarmed.


    “Thanks!” Aceline purred. She eagerly accepted the extra food and continued eating.

    With Aceline ducked down to eat out of the box, Speed looked at Flame in perplexed aggravation; her mouth agape, her eyes squinted just a twinge, and an edge of her Jowl pulled up into a subtle half faced snarl.

  • Hal angled his shotgun around the crate, pointing it at her without exposing very much of his body. "Trin, what's your angle on this?" The tom asks over the comms, watching the goon carefully. " Lay on your stomach and splay your limbs, now!" He orders harshly.


    Flame catches her sneer and returns it with a quizzical glance. While Aceline is eating, he steps away, motioning for her to come with so that they can talk about whatever it is that is bothering her. He has an idea but he doesn't completely understand. She had never made it clear to him that she desired any sort of long term bond with him...


    Luther turned his head to face the creature. "Well, if you'd had a little courtesy, we're trying to find one of the culprits of the shooting last night on the Barnabas." The tom mews, shouldering his way into the house and scanning around. "One of them was wearing a red dress and according to the designer, one of those dresses was shipped here." The black and gray tom mews, scanning the house with his gun.

    "Is there anyone else here? Don't lie."

    Holly wants to say something about it seeming as though he was uncomfortable with the artificial nature of her new limb but stays quiet. "I think it's fine the way it is. It doesn't use any electronics so I won't be crippled if there is another EMP." She mews, following him into the bathroom so that they can talk while he gets cleaned up. "Maybe we could get some clothes?" She suggests as she watches him try and get make-up off of his face.


    Pestilence leans over to Lula with the bottle of cough-medicine. He reads the label and pours some into a little cup for her. "Here, this'll have you feeling better in no time." His tone is unusually soft and loving.

  • “You knock on MY door out of the blue with a gun out, expect to be let in, and then blow your smoke in my face when I refused after you didn’t tell me what you were here for. And then you wonder why animals don’t like God-Ring pricks on Starworld. I’m filing a complaint about your abuse of power the second you leave a**hole. Just my wife, she’s upstairs. She’s a similar species to you. Want to go demand she twerk for you too?” The blue biped snapped, his angry tone coming out between his gritted teeth like a shredder.


    “She can’t hear you, remember?” Trin said, padding into the room. He looked the surrendering girl up and down. False Lamb reared up to peek over her crate.

    “They never put microphones into these things.” Trin said with a tinge of annoyance. Not to Hal but whoever manufactured the suits. Without hesitating Trin twisted his helmet and pulled it off.

    “Kick your gun.” Trin ordered immediately. The girl nodded immediate and kicked the black smg she had across the floor. Awkwardly she looked around, trying to avoid staring at the barrels pointed towards her.

    “You guys can take your helmets off. But you’ll get one huge migraine when you put them back on.” Trin said, slinging his gun onto his back.

    “Th-they said no one would know we were down here honest! And they said you guys would be too busy defending Avalon to come. I don’t have anything against you guys, really. It just seemed like easy credits.” The aquatic girl said, nodding to herself while she desperately explained to Trin directly.


    Lulalissa gave Pest the warmest, sweetest smile as she took the cup between her paws.

    “Thanks Pest.” The Mia’Moray whispered as she drank the medicine.


    “Even here on Starworld if you look up you can see Valerian fleet 88 amassing at the north west hemisphere la grange point, they’re set to be the apart of the first wave to retake Frenziland and reinforce the angels. Now we’re going to go off world with Dakoby Lorren. Tell us what you see Dakoby.” The news anchor on the tv went on about the growing war preparations. The screen switched to a purple Mia’Moray with a microphone but more interesting was the massive feline behind him.

    “.....Hey! As you can see behind me, Lussmill is the first giant to have been mobilized and put on the ready. I can’t get too close but it’s not hard to see what’s going on. I’ve been told that she’s already gone through her two day carb load diet and now she’s ready to start being fitted for combat.”

    “WOOHOO! That’s my girl!” Yuripi cheered loudly from behind the couch, pumping a paw into the air.

    “You can see behind me a cargo freighter is lowering the first armor plate onto her back. The first of many I’ve been told. And earlier today we saw them fit that black suit over her body. They started at, um, 2 Am planet time here Trent and you can still see if you look closely, there are engineers tailoring every joint every seam to perfectly fit her as she will not be able to take it off for a while. The helmet portion of her armor is to be next and after that they’re just going to place armor piece after armor piece. That black suit is already a thick kevlar neoprene weave and she’s only going to get more and more warship proof by the day. Oh look! Look you can actually see her circling one of her legs now to test the fit. She looks slow but I’ve been told that Lussmill has the highest reaction time of the giants and she’s really raring for the fight. Experts have said that her muscles strands-“ The second reporter rambled on about Lussmill while the she colossus was being prepped for war in the background.


    Speed caught Flame’s gesture and made no hesitation to hop off the couch and follow him. Hell she was practically nudging him into the office. Speed closed the door softly and then turned to Flame.

    “Dude what the dung? I give my food to her and then you give yours to her too? What? To spite me!? You a**hole. Geez! Sorry for asking you to share MY food.” Speed hissed, re-adopting her agape expression with a shake of her head.

  • Thrush contemplates keeping or removing her helmet. While she wouldn't have to deal with the impending migraine, which will be hell to deal with while on the job, communications are severed from Trin now. "If he's fine, I'll be fine. I'll be fine." Thrush holsters her pistol and takes off her helmet, sticking it to the magnet at her side.

    Thistle stops scrubbing and looks up at Holly in the mirror, water and soapy suds dripping down his face and into the porcelain basin. "Clothes shopping sounds nice." He rinses one last time, shuts off the faucet and buries his face in a paw-towel hanging nearby. The tom pulls away, fur still damp, but nothing stains the white towel.

    Nyx invited Lethe to join her, giving him the second steak in her take-out box. The demoness chews the tender, lightly bloody meat while watching the news play.

    Lethe had only taken one bite of his meal before reverting to stunned silence. The giantess is awe-inspiring. Watching the cargo ship and scores of engineers affix her armor is quite the sight to behold. For a moment he imagines what she would be like in combat. Batting fighter jets out of the sky like flies and crushing whole military bases underpaw. The tom is also rendered silent because it now settles in his mind just how real things are. It's not just them versus Undertaker anymore.

  • Luther actually laughed when the animal threatened him. "Why wait until I leave. Start writing now." The tom calls back to him as he finishes clearing the first floor. "Believe me when I say that my superiors are more concerned with a mob hit, then about how belligerent you were when all I was being was purely polite." He mews as he retracts his holster on his way up the stairs. "If you distrust me, why don't you come with me. Not that I'd have any interest in watching twerking." He let out a gentle chuckle. "Married man myself."

    "Of course, I got you sick after all." The tom mews softly, leaning against her affectionately. He truly loved her, especially how kind and soft spoken she was.


    Flame looked completely dumbfounded. "I uh, didn't notice." He admits truthfully, feeling extraordinarily stupid. "I wanted to eat with you, really but it just felt like.... Like you were mad at me?" The tom mews, exposing his cluelessness for all it was worth. "I'm sorry Speed, I really didn't mean anything by it. You're my good friend and I'd never want to hurt your feelings or spite you like that on purpose."

    Holly looks into his eyes for a moment. "Looking like a gentle-tom again." She mrrows, bumping her head against his shoulders and pressing against him for a moment. "You're so good to me, ya'know that?"


    Hal keeps his helmet on for the sake of his own paranoia for a few moments but yields and takes it off when he realizes he won't be able to communicate with the others.

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  • Speed blew air out of her nose and looked away from Flame, growling under her breath.

    “It’s...fine.” Speed meowed, her anger languidly defusing and her shoulders relaxing.

    “But now I’ve gotta go get something to eat. I needed to go out anyway.“ Speed looked herself over making sure she was presentable to go outside. She was still wearing her race suit around her waist so she only needed to comb her chest fur with her claws a few times.

    “My family’s practically been trying to burn out my multiverse mail and I want to cook dinner tonight. It’s the first time in a while that we’ve all been together and not in danger, might as well make memories while we can.“ Speed meowed, half to herself and half to Flame.


    “What’s Avalon got to do with anything?” Trin asked the aquatic female.

    As everyone took off their helmets she looked around in confusion.

    “W-Wait, you guys aren’t angels?” She asked.

    “No. Why would we be?” False Lamb asked, being the last to take off her helmet.

    “Whose crates do you think these are? The demons made a deal with the Bavlietta family, we smuggle some crates into Starworld they pay us at a premium.” The yellow scaled girl said, gesturing to one of the crates with her head.

    False lamb reaching into the crate she was leaning on and pulled out a branded liquid pouch. It was colorful and depicted three different species smiling happily with the brand name superimposed.

    “The deal went through a couple days ago, headed by some black she-cat.” The yellow scaled alien added on, relaxing her stance but still making no sudden movements. Trin glanced at her before pulling open another crate and spilling it’s contents. Yet again more colorful juice pouches.


    “Just hurry up.” The blue biped grumbled, crossing his arms.

  • Hal perked his ears when the thug mentioned a black she-cat. "Well boy howdy, gang, I wonder if that could've been Deceit. Working behind our backs, still, working behind our backs." He muttered the last bit to himself, finding himself quickly becoming angry. That demon had the audacity to keep slinging her evil ideals even now that they had her in custody.


    "Sorry." Flame mewed when she mentioned that she had no food now. "I'll make it up to you. If you want maybe you could teach me how to cook and I could help you?" He offers, a small smile on his face. "After all, you taught me how to fly, how hard could cooking be?" He laughs.


    "One white, or tan yellow... gray?" The tom whispers as he makes his way up the stairs. "M'am, God-Ring enforcement, make yourself known." The tom mews authoritatively as he reaches the top of the stairs. He sucked in a deep breath and hoped he wouldn't have to shoot anyone today.