plots with an old dude? [reopened]

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    maybe steve and him could rant together and he could give him some advice ??

    steve and molina are good buds so he would probably go in wanting to make a good first impression on her dad and end up letting his emotions get ahead of him lol




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  • .KODAY B.S.C. lol, thank you~ gosh. can't believe koday is the guy rob playfought with when koday was just a lil' dude. is rping nothing/something too & decided to bring this guy back

    STEVE. steeeeeeveeeee. xD rob would be totes chill w/that... i think. he likes to listen to people. and since steve kinda knows moli, i could see rob going to lil' steve for some advice on what mols is up to these days and then them just going off on a rant about life.

    like me to make a thread or does we have more plottin' to do? ;-P

  • oh my lord I know! sooo many things have happened since then its crazy aa! that interaction has forever stuck with me and it warMS my heart sm tbh

    and then rob just,, gah what a nice dude haha.

    koday was so smol and innocent and just,, a gooD CREATURE I have foresaken him with sins

    also omg hello there! <3 I didn't know you played nothing/something! it's great to see rob around again! maybe once I have more time we can have these two interact again, if you want of course!

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  • STEVE. alright, then. i'll add it to the list and get it to you tomorrow morn along w/luci's thread~

    .KODAY B.S.C. YAS. that interaction was too flippin' cute.

    i'd totally be up for a plot w/koday once you free up a bit. in fact, the wait will give me a bit of time to perhaps make a juicy lil' plot ;-P

    ya, nothin' is ma bae too. i gotta catch up on their threads ;-;

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  • Hey there! I've got a new character, Domitian, who I want to treat horribly develop. Could Robespierre catch Domitian trying to steal prey from Shadow Veil territory? I was thinking he could realize the kid's in bad shape, offer to heal him... and then have some sort of attack on the way to his healing supplies and badly frighten Dom (or even beat him up, if you're interested).

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  • Domitian oh, ya, that'd be cool~ sounds like something rob would totes do. pick up some kid and then on the way to his supplies have a fit -- either triggered by something the kid said or something in their surroundings. he'd probably feel pretty sh*t about it afterwards, though. i'd imagine the type of attack he'd have would just be him curling up and asking for everything to stop or go away and if domitan were to approach him asking what was wrong rob would probably strike out then, maybe hallucinate that dom is something he's not.