Purchase a global header advertisement/custom header/thread sticky!

The winners of the latest giveaway are: Rose Petals and Azeda!! Congratulations!

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The winner of the latest giveaway is: Chara (Undertale)!! Congratulations!

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  • Hello!

    This is a combined thread in which you can purchase an instant notification, a custom header for a board, or a sticky for your thread. In addition to purchasing them, OFFICIAL CLANS in both Traditional and Non-Traditional sections can have an instant notification spot for free!

    What is an Instant Notification and why would I want one? Instant Notifications are a message sent directly to each member, popping up on their screen. These notifications aren't removed until the user clicks the message. Messages sent in this way will generally reach quite a few more people.

    In addition, when using an Instant Notification, you get to write your own message (250 words or less, approved by staff). We suggest using no more than 50-100 words to prevent people from simply clicking your message away without reading it. Also of note, we'll only send a single sponsored Instant Notification per day, allowing each sponsored message to have a greater impact.

    What is a sticky? It puts your thread at the top of the thread list in the the board your thread is in.

    Instant Notification advertisements MUST be open threads. For custom headers, you must be the owner of the board, or play the current leader. All Credits must be paid before changes are made.

    You can send Credits to me, Frostsoul. All stickies, will be stickied for ONE WEEK before being switched out. There can only be FIVE stickies in each board at a time.


    Custom header: 50 Credits.

    To edit a custom header: 10 Credits.

    To remove a custom header: Free!

    Instant Notification advertisement: 100 Credits or free for Official Groups.

    Sticky spot: 25 Credits.

    Custom header form:

    1. Name of Board:
    2. Header info:

    Custom header edit form:

    1. Name of Board:
    2. What to add or change:

    Sticky form:

    1. Name on account that sent payment:
    2. Link to thread:

    Instant notification form:

    1. Link to thread/board/etc:
    2. Description of notification (250 words or less):
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  • [fancypost borderwidth=0px; text-align: justify]New Custom Header
    Name of Board: SunClan.
    Header info:


    [url=https://feralfront.com/index.php?topic=2405328]HawkClan Art Contest[/url] — [url=https://feralfront.com/index.php?topic=2407093.0]HawkClan Mass Adoption[/url]
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  • tracking!

    Hai! please click my active pets :)

  • Did you send the money in?

  • [fancypost borderwidth=0px; text-align: justify]Yes.


    [url=https://feralfront.com/index.php?topic=2405328]HawkClan Art Contest[/url] — [url=https://feralfront.com/index.php?topic=2407093.0]HawkClan Mass Adoption[/url]