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    SunClan is an anti-clan founded by kittypets and a former ShadowClan warrior. They have mob based ideals, focusing on the idea of family and working as a unit. Members will often also try and teach others about SunClan's history, using it as motivation toward becoming a better clan.


    The following descriptions have been taken from former SunClan guides. If you have any more information on SunClan's past, please post in this thread or send a private message to whomever manages the SunClan sub-account. Also, please PM the current manger of SunClan's sub-account if you would like to be given credit for any of the following information.


    SunClan's main camp is a beach town.

    Within this beach town, one of the bigger features is a house overlooking a cliff. This cliff house was once home to ghosts, that invaded SunClan's former camp and forced them to move to this part of the territory. This house will sometimes be used for ceremonies or events, alongside the former camp. References can be found here and here.

    The beach town also has houses for SunClan citizens. These colourful buildings can be furnished however you please, furniture and other items being available in shops ran by SunClanners. SunClanners are able to inhabit these alone or have housemates. References can be found here and here.

    Further into the camp, you can find a large clearing with cherry blossoms. This is where SunClan's old camp was situated before the ghost invasion. This lush area harbors an Asian shrine that is clearly old and worn down. However, it still stands strong. Along with the house overhanging the cliff, this is a common area for SunClan events. A reference can be found here.

    Another one of SunClan's old main camps is still used by the clan today. The summer camp is used mainly as a storage and training area for the clan, but can also be somewhere for members to relax within. Houses that once were home to SunClanners are now used to store items such as herbs, this area being somewhat hard to get to (due to how far it is within the territory, meaning it is far from impossible to get to it as well) in comparison with other areas of the territory.


    Leader(s): The head of the clan. Their word is law and they should be listened to at all times.

    Boo, roleplayed by Werden.

    Deputy(/ies): The second in command. They will take over when the leader's reign comes to an end and are expected to advise the leader wherever needed.

    Seafoam, roleplayed by Wafture.

    Physician(s): The healer(s) of the clan. They are the only members of the clan allowed to heal others unless the situation is fatal (e.g. large amount of blood loss...) in which a member is allowed to stabilize the organism until a physician arrives at the scene. They are able to take on apprentices whom they are to train to heal other members of the clan.

    TBA, roleplayed by TBA.

    Silverblood(s): Assistant deputies. They have the same level of authority as Physicians, though commonly work in different fields (though Silverbloods are still allowed to practice medicine whilst doing the jobs required of them as Silverbloods). They can train Sunguards/Divines wherever needed and are to hold events/training sessions...

    Sharkbait, roleplayed by Midna.

    Sunguard(s): Members of the clan that work under Silverbloods to produce events/training sessions... They can also help to train Divines wherever needed.

    Steve, roleplayed by Alloy.
    Mistdream, roleplayed by ?.
    Paradise, roleplayed by Silkshine.

    Divine(s) -- SHP: A semi-high position used as a stepping stone rank toward becoming a high position. These members work to welcome new members to the clan as well as creating events/training sessions...

    Bucky, roleplayed by Bears.
    Elizabeth, roleplayed by Sparrow.
    Kate, roleplayed by Anna.
    Nosferatu, roleplayed by Darcia.
    Rowena, roleplayed by Alberta.


    The Sun Ball: The Sun Ball is an annual event that is typically held within the building overhanging the cliff. It is SunClan exclusive (meaning allies are unable to attend), however side events held for the Sun Ball (e.g. a feast, a market made up of member's shops...) may include allies. This tradition is long lasting and a large part of SunClan culture.

    Weddings: Two members are able to get married to show their commitment for one another. A high position (usually the leader or deputy) is commonly the one to conduct these ceremonies.

    The shop system: SunClanners are able to run shops selling items that they have found/made over their lifetime. Other SunClanners are then able to buy these items with tokens. Shop owners are also encouraged to use some items from their shops as gifts for allies along with gifts for other clanmates (e.g. wedding gifts, prizes for events...).

    Shop owners that make a certain amount of sales can have their shops rewarded with titles. These titles are: bronze (10 sales and above), silver (20 sales and above) and gold (35 sales and above).

    Tokens: SunClan uses tokens as a form of currency. They can be earned through several means along with given as gifts/rewards (e.g. wedding gifts, winning an event...). SunClanners can then use these tokens to buy items from shops ran throughout the camp.


    In character:
    • Be respectful to clanmates.
    • Do not capture/steal from/torture allies or neutrals unless given permission from the current leader beforehand.
    • Betraying the clan in anyway (e.g. passing information from the clan to enemies...) is a punishable offence.
    • Rape and sexual harassment is a punishable offence and not tolerated.
    • Children under the age of six moons are unable to attend battles.

    Out of character:
    • All Feral Front rules apply.


    • WindClan.
    • PhantomClan.
    • EclipseClan.
    • The Skulls.
    • ThunderClan.
    • The Diverging.
    • The Badlands.

    • Anyone not listed.

    • ColouredClan.
    • The Exiles.
    • BoneClan.
    • StellarClan.


    Q: Why wasn't SunClan in the warriors series?
    A: Feral Front is based in an alternate universe to the Warrior Cats series, meaning none of the events that occurred in the books have occurred within the site.

    Q: Can I play a high position (e.g. leader, deputy...)?
    A: No, high positions are promoted in character. You can increase the chances of your character getting a promotion by your character being active, helpful (e.g. suggesting events for the clan in the high positions den...) though this won't grantee a promotion.

    Q: Where do I go if I need a high position?
    A: You can request a high position within this (click) thread. The high position request thread also has a list of what each position is able/unable to do.

    [font=courier][size=10]Information within this guide is credited to Bleacheds, Wafture, Leopard and Werden. If you have contributed to this guide, please PM anyone in charge of the official SunClan account to be added to the list above.


    [url=]HawkClan Art Contest[/url] — [url=]HawkClan Mass Adoption[/url]

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    [url=]HawkClan Art Contest[/url] — [url=]HawkClan Mass Adoption[/url]
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    [url=]HawkClan Art Contest[/url] — [url=]HawkClan Mass Adoption[/url]
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    information * battle tags * other bodies

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    [abbr=blizzardclan - member - cloudedillusions xx toby - unknown age - they/them - kitsune - based off of frisk from undertale - LV 6 - 50 HP - 20 AT - 33 DF - attack in #4d88ff]information[/abbr] | [url=][color=#476576]biography[/url] | [url=http://tbm][color=#476576]plotting[/url]
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    • Familiar is a firefly named Camellia
    • Has white, feathered wings
    • Mushroom Enthusiast
    • Being stalked by some dude named Sush!trash
    • Medium-ish, attack in [color=orange][b]bold orange[/b][/color]
    • 25 months
    • [url=]Sly's Shop[/url] (out of service)
    [color=white][i]and I'm the [b]gun...[/b][/i][/color][/td]
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  • [fancypost bgcolor=; bordercolor=transparent; color:; font-size: 10pt; text-align: justify; overflow: auto; width: 500px;]Just a note that SunClan is enemies with StellarClan and LithiumClan.

  • LithiumClan is neutral :^)

    Adding StellarClan.


    [url=]HawkClan Art Contest[/url] — [url=]HawkClan Mass Adoption[/url]
  • [fancypost bgcolor=; bordercolor=transparent; color:; font-size: 10pt; text-align: justify; overflow: auto; width: 500px;]They had captured a SunClan member not too long ago, so I'm assuming that that would bring them down to enemies seeings how neutrals don't really capture each other out of the blue like that.

    But I guess that doesn't apply now? Um, yeah.

    Unless you maybe want to talk that out with them through IC.

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