Draconic transcendence (Third Incarnation)

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  • Eva sighs, and looks at Lain, wanting to avoid violence. “Guys, can we please not?” She asks. She’s so tired of the constant fighting, it’s wearing her down. “Please, I promise we won’t give you any trouble, just please help Marcus.” She says, Veyana adding her compassionate aura to her words.

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  • When they finally arrived Solluxre was ready to say something in response to Laine's comments, but never got the chance as the conversation continued. He didn't like being left out like this. He didn't even get to hit the guy! But that was the least of his problems at the moment. currently he was now stuck as an adult!!! that sucked!!!!! He didn't want to be an old man yet!!!!! He even had stuble!!! nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Although he had already done most of his freaking out and complaining for the past few hours, at this point it was a mix of whimpering, little complaints, and touching his face. and scratching at his necklace/neck. He totally wanted to punch something. "Hey Marc, can I hit him too?" he asks, being that he had been left out of the list, though he mostly ignored what Eva had said being, as said, that he really wanted to hit something.

  • "One, don't call me 'Marc', and two, no, you can't hit him because you'll kill him with a single touch, you worthless snake...." Marcus said, coughing. "And quit complaining about your lost time, you've still got a good...few centuries before you die, that's better than most." Lain, for his part, looked like he was considering Veyana's words, beofre he jabbe a finger at her. "WITCH!" he declared shrilly. "You're not the first smooth talker! The girl he brought with him last time convinced me to help him too, and look how that turned out! Half my house was gone, constables were everywhere, and I lost half my hair that day! And that's just the start of it! No, I don't care what you say, get the hell out of my ho-OW!" he stumbled sideways as Marcus backhanded him, sending the wizard sprawling. "You can either help us, or I'm going to start taking books!"

    "NOOOO NOT THE BOOKS! YOU STILL HAVEN"T RETURNED ME THE ONE YOU BORROWED FIFTY YEARS AGO!" Laine shrieked. "FOUL CREATURE! UGLY HIDEOUS-OWOWWWWWW! he cried out in pain as Marcus punched him in the face. "Ow you son of a bitch! I think you broke my nose...oh god, is that my tooth?!" Marcus hissed angrily at the mage's shocked words: "I'd feel more sorry for you if I didn't know you could just heal yourself. Now start healing or I'll have Tempest here tase you with as much voltage as possible that won't stop your heart!" Laine looked at Tempest. "You...you wouldn't do that, would you?" he asked Tempest awkwardly, blood streaming down his face from his crumpled nose.

    Can you hear me? Is anyone there?

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  • Eva groans, and turns away, heading outside. “I’m just gonna be out here!” She calls. Tempest watches her go, then turns to look at the wizard. “Probably not to that extent, but our moral compass just ditched us after you insulted her, so if you really want to test what I’ll do without her looking, go ahead.” Ariel snickers. She knows how true that is, and it’s hilarious. Her brother has a very limited sense of human morality.

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  • Solluxre sighed, that was true, "Hey!!" He exclaimed in annoyance, "I am not a snake!!!" he complains, "I don't share any biological resemblance to one...!" he mumbles, "I'm not cold blooded, and scaly or anything." he continues to mumble with his arms crossed, it also seemed that his personality had shifted slightly with the aging of his body, though it was unsure if it regressed, or evolved. Or did it not even have anything to do with the time loss? Solluxre's neck though, at this point was a pinkish color from all the scratching, and the necklace itself was a duller gold. He was also not helping in the slightest with the arch-mage since 'he would kill him with one touch'. That, and hew didn't care if Marcus died or not.

  • Jet chuckled, watching on as Marcus kept threatening the man "Hey Archmage, you still also have me to worry about. But I don't only have to punch you to do it." He looked over at Solluxre and said "Marcus is right Solluxre, your poison is no joke. Wouldn't want to risk it." He moved over to Marcus and said "Hey Marcus, I feel like it is getting a bit chilly, want me to make a fire with a few of these books?"

  • Laine let out a strangled 'eep'. at Tempest's words, his eyes widening at Jet's suggestion. "NOOOOO! NOT MY BOOKS YOU BASTARD THOSE ARE PRICELESS ARTIFACTS CONTAINING MAGICS THAT HAVENT SEEN THE LIGHT OF DAY FOR EONS!" He began flailing with enough force that Marcus actually had trouble holding him down. OK OK! I"LL HEAL YOU!" Marcus smiled, blood starting to dribble from his mouth. "That's more...like it..." he fell over, unconscious, blood beginning to pool beneath him. "Jeez, he reopened the wound..." Laine mumbled angrily, rubbing his broken nose as he placed both of his palms on Marcus stomach. Laine rapidly mumbled something, his own sigil flaing into existence behind him: An archaic rune that flowed outwards in various directions, criscrossing together to form a sort of infinite square. The sigil glowed with green light, echoing the light that slowly enveloped Marcus as his wound began to close, tattered organs, toxins, and anything else that plagued his body automatically healing. The sheer power of the healing was on a level only the strongest of emotions could possibly afford Eva. Laine slowly stood up, pressing a hand against his own face. A moment later, his nose adjusted and he flashed Eva a brilliant grin, the missing teeth having regrown completely. "Ah, the Archwizard is more of a farce, honestly. I trained at the Chantry for a bit, so my healing is next level..." he looked down and with a wicked grin savagely nailed Marcus in the side, causing him to wake up and cry out in pain., "Agh! You bastard!" he croaked, rolling over. "I think you broke a rib...."

    "Suck it up! I can just heal you again. Show some gratitude for the one who saved your life, Mr. Death defier!" Laine crowed victoriously, planting his foot on MArcus side triumphantly. "The mighty Marcus owes me, a favor. How awesome is that?"

    "Just a while ago you were screeching like a little girl, you-OW!" Marcus winced agains as Laine stomped on him. Marcus growled and slowly got up, brushing his clothes off. "Wipe that smug look off your face, you do realize I'm not at all honorable?" Laine frowned. "Yeah..." the smile returned. "But for now, just let me have my moment, yeah?" he walked forward towards Eva, studying her. "You're not very scuffed, but I can at least get rid of the bruises and scratches. He held out his hand and completely healed Eva, then Ariel, then Jet and Tempest, and finally he walked towards Solluxre, extending his hand out towards him. Instead of touching him, however, a burst of green light flared in his hand, enveloping Solluxre and blinding him momentarily, and he'd be completely healed too. "Aren't I amazing? You can thank me later. You just got help from one of the most powerful court wizards....." his joyful expression faded away as he slowly looked towards Marcus, mortified. "Oh...gods....." He let out a shriek and clutched his head. "AHHHHH! I JUST HELPED WANTED CRIMINALS WHO ARE TRYING TO KILL THE GODDESS OF OUR CITY! THEY'LL HAVE MY HEAD! I'M DONE FOR! YOU BASTARDS ITS JUST LIKE LAST TIME! THIS IS WHAT I GET FOR HELPING YOU OHMYGODTHEY'REGONNAEXECUTEMEANDDOALLSORTSOFAWFULTHINGSTOME!" Marcus sighed. "Calm down, nothing's going to happen....." he casually walked towards the table and picked upa fairly large bag of gold coins, pocketing it. "Hey! That's my money, thief!" Laine shouted. "Calm down, you can just make this in a day by doing some tricks for nobles...isn't your salary super high as a court wizard?"

    "That's besides the point! You can make that much money too by assassinating a noble!"

    "Too much work, sides, when do I have time to do that? I'm being a filthy criminal," Marcus said with a leering tone. Laine started banging his head lightly against the wall. "Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid..." he repeatedly mumbled this over and over again, beffore facing Eva. "You! Some head priest you are! Being a criminal and traveling with other criminals! AND WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING HERE?!" He jabbed a finger at Tempest and Ariel. "ZEPHYRS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE MAGICAL CRIMINALS! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU EVEN IN AESIR!? SHOULDN'T YOU BE MAKING LIGHTNING STORMS AND CRAP?!

    "We should go before he starts flipping tables...." Marcus mumbled, slowly edging towards the door as Laine started spewing a colorful array of curses at the group.

    OC: Ah, poor Laine. It's been a long time since we've had someone to be the butt of jokes, hasn't it? It reminds me of the time when things were actually lighthearted in the beginning. Of course, you guys won't remember this, except Kiam, since it was during the first iteration, or maybe you do since I think I've talked about this. But it's nice to take a step back from the grttiness and melancholy and have some actual fun ^_^

    Regardless, I'm feeling pretty good so it's time for another Q and A. Ask about one aspect of the thread in any way, shape or form and I'll give an honest answer...as long as it's not relating to future plots, of course~

    Can you hear me? Is anyone there?

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  • Eva takes a deep breath, trying to ignore him. Everything about this, actually. She hates the situation of this. But it is true that she couldn’t do this herself. Tempest chuckles, rolling his eyes. “Oh, you know, just trying to save the world.” He mutters, following Marcus’s lead as they head out.

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  • Solluxre snickers a little watching Lanie, this was highly entertaining, so much so that he almost didn't want to leave. He turned to leave with them, scratching at his necklace again, putting fresh new scratch marks on it after they had just been healed., the necklace had a slight magical aura at this point that had definitely seemed to have grown stronger since he stole it. Probably didn't matter though. right?

    (*tries to think of good question* XD)

  • "GET OUT!" Laine roared violently. Marcus complied, stepping outside and waiting for the others to do so. "Well, now that we've gotten powered up, it's time to finish things," Marcus intoned softly. "We began our journey here, and thus we shall end it here. Both Bergen and Mu are within the confines of this city. By the end of this night...." he looked up at the night sky. "They will both be dead..." It should've been a sobering moment, so why, Marcus thought to himself, do I feel so happy? So overjoyed? "Gotcha!" A lone enforcer stood before them, holding his helmet by his side. "To think a court wizard would willingly help criminals....."

    "No, we held him at sword point." Marcus said, pulling out a bag of coins. "We even took his money, see?" The enforcer looked startled. "Does your cruelty know no bounds?"

    "Could say the same for you. How many innocent magic users have you locked up for the sake of 'justice'?" Marcus asked the Enforcer, deadly serious. The Enforcer fell silent, unable to come up with a reason. "You understand the position you face, right? Even as a high class opponent, we are in a league of our own. You are alone, against several dragon children. You don't want to waste this life, do you?" The enforcer gritted his teeth, stepping aside. "I'm going to report you. I'll come back with backup if you don't kill me." Marcus stepped forward, walking past him without a second glance. "Do so at your own peril. Our target is the Gods, not you. Stay out of our way, and you live..." he continued walking his eyes narrowed. The enforcer remained silent, watching the group as they left, wondering how the hell he was still alive. Weren't these supposed to be blood thirsty criminals hell bent on overriding the universe? Marcus too, was wondering why he had spared the man. Perhaps it was to show that they alone were not all the Magistry painted them to be. Of course, he was in no position to be a moral compass, not after everything he had done. But he couldn't deny the feeling of mercy...even if the very notion wanted to make him toss his head. They quickly approached the castle. Marcus closed his eyes, sighing. "I wish we could wait a day so I can regain my trump card, but there is no time. The stakes are higher than ever." Even with their power, the group could not hope to face the Magistry in it's entirety, especially not in it's own home court. Marcus summoned the shadows around them, catapulting every single one of them straight into the throne room.

    "So you have returned," a melancholic voice intoned. Trystan stood before them, sitting on his throne. Marcus smiled bittersweetly. "All alone, Trystan? Come, I did not think you would be so foolish...."

    "Marcus, do you really think I am alone? I am a protector of Mu, one of her chosen elites. It's in my blood to defend her from the likes of you. I won't have you spill her blood." Marcus smiled. "Even if she's the primary factor behind the dragons death? She is the contract, Trystan. If we break the Contract, and then the forces that bind it, the world will be saved."

    "Are you really doing this to save the world, Marcus?" Trystan asked softly, sliding off the throne and standing up."You, who has sunken an entire island, killing millions in the process, and committed countless sins in your quest for power, even after all that, you just suddenly turn over a new leaf?" Marcus hesitated. "So what if I've done bad things? I can at least try and atone! I owe the people I've known that much." Trystan's gaze softened. "The light that shines in your heart pierces your darkness...I just wish you would use that gratitude for something else, and not for something as atrocious as this." Marcus studied Trystan warily. "So it has come to this? We shall fight?"

    "I am no match for you all, but that doesn't matter now." Marcus sighed as another voice spoke. "Trystan, cease you driveling. Its unbecoming of you...." A fairly aged man, his skin incredibly tanned and garbed in robes, appeared out of thin air. Marcus hesitated. This was the Mad King Dorian, whose prophetic vision had granted him near omnipotence....at the price of his sanity. "Tell me, Dorian, what does the future hold for me?" He asked Dorian, whose only response was a harsh cackle. Marcus remained silent as he slowly drew his blade. "So you do plan on Regicide?" Trystan asked Marcus, who readied his blade. A sinister smile flickered on his face. "It wouldn't be my first time...." Trystan spat on the floor, drawing his own blade, while several black lines began criscrossing Dorian's skin, giving him a diseased appearance as pulses of flame flickered within his finger tips. It was a wonder why there were no guards...although hindsight would indicate that Trystan had willingly dismissed most of his castle staff, knowing they would be slaughtered by the dragon children. "Trystan, because I value our past together, I won't kill you." Marcus told him. Trystan began running forward towards him. "I cannot afford you the same luxury." The prince shouted, swinging his blade and slamming it into Marcus, who parried it with Caliburn. Sparks flew as Trystan's blade thrummed with energy, flashing violently everytime Trystan struck his blade. The prince proved to be a competent fight as he whirled around and brought his blade against Solluxre, Tempest,. and Jet in turn. At that very moment, plumes of flame erupted from Dorian's hands, extending outwards towards Eva and Ariel.

    OC: More battles, but it will also be interspersed with some heavy character development as well. I'm pumped about the upcoming plots.

    Can you hear me? Is anyone there?

  • Tempest doesn’t show any signs of anger, zapping out of the way, and reaching out toward Trystan with a hand, not with his blade. He wants to knock him out, not kill him. He respects what he’s trying to do.

    Ariel grabs Eva, pulling her out of the way. Eva fixes her gaze on Dorian, lightning lashing out from her hand toward the mad king. So maybe she relates to him in a sense. She’s still got to take him out.

    Ariel sends a wind shear at Trystan, then another at Dorian, trying to help cover both targets.

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  • Solluxre parried the blade before attacking in turn with a double slash, his poison tipped blade though, his knife was definitely considerably hotter then normal...... oh well, it probably means nothing!!

  • Trystan danced sideways out of Tempest's aim, swinging his blade and shearing through the gust of wind, dissipating it instantly, the blade taking on a greenish hue before fading back to it's usual silver sheen. He parried the double slash, his blade flashing as the knives impacted into it. Surprised at the force behind them, Trystan stepped back, allowing Solluxre to gain some ground. Using the brief opening, Trystan twirled his blade around himself ambidextrously in what appeared to be a flashy display of sheer skill, only Marcus figured it was probably something more. Marcus pulled out a small knife and flung it at Trystan, only for the knife to flare ad shatter as it met an unexpected resistance. "Crafty as ever, I see," he spat. Trystan smiled, a barrier of golden color appearing around him momentarily, the thin wall slowly becoming invisible again. "This blade marks me as reigning ruler of this land. As long as I am within the confines of the land I rule, my power shall never run out!" Trystan spat, holding the blade out around him as he reeled his arm. "I have something to defend none of you have: a home! He swung his arm out, the blade leaving behind a thick, horizontal crescent shape, the wave of magical energy slicing forward and rapidly expanding. "Ouch..." Marcus mumbled, a bit hurt by the comment as he jumped up and over over the wave of energy as he lunged towards Trystan, his blade flashing once more as it met Marcus' blade. Trystan found himself stepping sideways, bringing his blade down upon Marcus' shoulder and slicing into him...only for Marcus to grimace and slam his fist into Trystan's side. Trystan coughed, flecks of blood mixed with the saliva as he flew sideways, slamming into the nearby wall. Shuddering, he slowly got up, his eyes filled with passionate rage. Trystan charged towards Marcus, only Solluxre was now in his way. With savage force the prince charged Solluxre and raised his blade, bringing it down upon the poison child three times in rapid succession in an attempt to break through Solluxre's guard.


    The black veins that crisscrossed Dorian's skin pulsated as he extended his hand, a sheet of ice forming...only o shatter as the wind shear met it head on, but the wall had done it's job in blocking the attack. He snatched his hand out with impossible speed and caught teh bolt of lightning, the brilliant blue hue turning to a dark shade of purple as he added his own energy to it. "Magic is my domain, you know," he mumbled softly as he twirled around, lobbing the now purple-ish bolt of lightning right back at Eva. "You'll need a lot more than that to take me down!"

    Can you hear me? Is anyone there?

  • Tempest snarls, legitimately angry now, and tries to get behind Trystan, going for the neck with his very charged hand. That could do some real damage if not stopped.

    Ariel sees that the others seem to have Trystan handled, and flies to pull Eva out of the way, though she probably could have dodged by herself. Eva nods to her in thanks once she’s been put down, and groans, charging Trystan with icy armor forming around her. She hates going in for melee. She’s not built for it. But it seems like it’s the best way to fight Dorian.

    [color=Limegreen]Awesome apocalypse thread!