Steven Universe R(P) for LuvAmy

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  • Again with the -chan XDD Artie-senpai's been watching too much anime)

    Ruby simply held the blue gem close to her, watching the waves silently.

    Amethyst nearly sonic-stunned into the two in her rush, only turning just barely in time to miss Ruby's arm.

    Ruby yelped and leaned over, still hugging sapphire closely, eyes wide.

    "Ruby, Sapphire! Steven's in trouble!" Amethyst popped out and stared at the two in alarm.

  • "Amethyst, what the h-"

    "Peridot warped back alone and said that Steven was in danger," The lavender gem yelped, hopping from foot to foot in a panic and flailing her arms wildly. "We gotta help!"

    "Aw, what? I'm sure a couple of days won't hurt," Steven prodded playfully.

  • (XDD)

    Sapphire stood up instantly, her hair frazzled as she pressed a hand to her forehead.

    "Oh my stars," she whispered to herself in horror. "He's on Mask Island..."

    Black Pearl looked like she was getting annoyed and dealt with her feelings by attacking Steven's shield again.

  • This is a family friendly show)

    "He's where??" Ruby yelped, eyes widening immediately as she tensed.

    "He's where?" Amethyst asked blankly.

    Steven yelped, but this time dodged instead of putting up his shield, leaping sideways and throwing his shield at Black Pearl from behind.

  • (XDD it WAS. then enter angry Ruby xD

    Ruby: YOU WOKE UP MY BAE!!!)

    "We have to go!" Sapphire yelped, seizing Ruby's wrist and practically Sonic-zooming back to the beach house.

  • Well, she COULD HAVE been saying Heck...?)

    Ruby actually squeaked as she fought to stay upright.

    Amethyst curled into her "spin dash" again and zipped after them.

  • Sapphire was never too distracted by anything to worry about Ruby. "Are you okay?!" she cried, quickly letting go of Ruby as though terrified she'd hurt her.

    Peridot didn't even notice them.

    (oops) Black Pearl tried to dodge it, but she noticed it coming one second too late and it crashed into her hard, sending her flying backwards to slam against one of the trees she hadn't yet cut down. She collapsed to the ground, shaking.

  • Sapphire pursed her lips worriedly before dipping her head and hurrying to the warp pad. "PEARL!!" she yelled.

    "Whaat?" called Pearl in the background.

    "Come on!! We have to go!!"

    After a moment, Pearl came scrambling into the room, huffing and puffing. "I'm... here... what's.. the mission--??" She paused and stared at Peridot. "Ummm...?"

  • Pearl turned her head to stare back at Amethyst. She blinked for a second, then repeated loudly, "WHAT??"

    "Shut up, let's go!!" yelled Peridot, suddenly tackling Pearl onto the warp.

  • "Get off me!!" yelped Pearl, whom Peridot quickly scrambled off of.

    Sapphire quickly pulled Ruby onto the warp pad and, since it was kind of crowded, completely innocently pulled Ruby into her arms.

    Once everyone was on, Peridot spread her arms and the warp activated.

    Black Pearl lay there trembling as she struggled not to instantly poof. She was as easy to poof as any other Pearl, and it was supposed to be up to her intense training to keep her safe. But Black Pearl twice today had faced the crippling reality of defeat, something she had never faced before or expected. She was a very new Gem, created specifically for this mission by White Diamond, since Black Pearls were considered very dangerous assassins whom only the Diamonds could be trusted with (by those more common gems who had even heard of them, anyway). If she was a failure at the one thing she had been created for, then what was she but a failure? Defeated by a fusion first -- sure, Black Pearl had accepted Garnet to have been a much more competent foe than she'd been expecting, but if she ever got back to Homeworld she would be shamed. And then, a hundred times worse, by this -- this -- Steven-creature!! He wasn't even the Gem his pink Rose Quartz gem claimed him to be!! He was so small, so.. so... unthreatening and squishy-looking. How had she been defeated by this? Sure, she had only existed for a couple weeks, but what she was, and all her rigorous training... surely... surely...

    "Th-this wasn't..." Black Pearl croaked helplessly. "S-supposed... to happen..."

  • Emerald sat against a tree, watching her device with wide eyes as the two little dots-- one black, one pink-- danced across the screen. At one point, the black dot just... stopped moving. The mint green gem chewed on her knuckles as she watched, her nervousness growing with every second. The mechanism would tell her if Black Pearl had poofed, but it was so still she was beginning to wonder if it was malfunctioning. But at the same time, she hadn't received any order from her commanding officer, any cries for help or calls for backup. Maybe her pride stopped her... or maybe she just forgot I was here. That wouldn't surprise Emerald. She doubted the assassin really needed any help in the first place, but she had come anyway, hadn't she?
    She shook her head suddenly, growling to herself. No time to think about that now! Like it or not, you have to leave your post. If Black Pearl is injured, the mission is compromised.
    She stepped out of the underbrush and looked both ways, eyes wide.

    Steven watched Black Pearl, his shield slowly dissolving into thin air as he realized she wasn't a threat, at the moment. He stepped closer to her slowly, trying not to alarm her. "Black Pearl, I don't have to poof you. If you stay with us, and try to understand our point of view, maybe you can stick around -- hey, maybe you'll even like it here...?" Steven was still kind and hopeful, even after watching the gem try to kill him several times.

    Ruby put her hands on Sapphire's in return, smiling softly. "Will ... will we need Garnet?" She asked hesitantly, just to make sure.

    Just to make sure.

  • Black Pearl tried to move away from him, but the action was barely noticeable with how weak she now was. Her attention had to be devoted to not evaporating from the shock and pain of first the impact of his shield and then the impact of her body getting thrown into a tree. She shook her head faintly, stammering weakly, "I-I can't fail, I can't..." I can't disappoint my Diamond... not... not so soon, I... Black Pearl was realizing with every second after experiencing these real scenarios, more and more, that she was not this incredible and undefeatable being she'd been told she was the moment she had stepped out of the ground. She was... she was the opposite of that. If anyone ever even found out what had happened to her, she could very well end up either the laughingstock of Homeworld and all of its colonies, or still a secret -- but then an utterly ashamed one, one that brought bitter disappointment and embarrassment to the Gem who had allowed her to exist in the first place, apparently believed in her so much, filled her head with pride and grandeur... all for the one job of succeeding in this mission...

    The realization was crushing, almost enough to poof her all on its own. It was the last foolish hope that maybe she could somehow pull through this defeat, magically succeed and be what she had been meant to be after all, that kept her fighting not to dissipate into her gem... but it was yet another battle that Black Pearl was rapidly losing.

    "I-I..." murmured Sapphire hesitantly. Somehow, Black Pearl still managed to be invisible to her future vision entirely, but Steven seemed okay... "W-we'll see."

    "Is anyone else concerned that our prisoner just warped us?" demanded an extremely sour and irritated Pearl, still rubbing her arm from when Peridot had tackled her onto the warp pad.

  • Steven continued to watch her patiently. "Hey, it's okay," Steven said softly. "Calm down, ok?"

    "All right." Ruby hugged her arms tighter.

    "Nah, Perry's got us covered," Amethyst said, putting her arms behind her head.

  • Whether she even heard him was in question. Tears leaked down Black Pearl's bitter and painful face as she thought all of this.

    Sapphire smiled a little.

    Peridot had scowled deeply at Pearl's comment, but her face lit up as she looked back over at Amethyst, both surprised and really grateful for that.