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    • ♒ O A K C L A N ♒ RP Thread! (Nearly official! Join us!)

      Updated 2.28.17
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      Moonraven wrote:



      Three clans in need sought out one many, many moons ago.

      WhiteClan was a fiercely loyal, tough, and prideful Clan. They flourished for a long time under the reign of Whitestar, but one sunrise, she found her paws on the path to StarClan. Her deputy, Flameheart, was thrown into leadership. At first, he stumbled, but the fire-pelted tom proved himself a kind and worthy leader.
      Then, one unfortunate day, he and his deputy, Jadefrost, found themselves in the midst of battle. A Tribe came down from Highstones in hopes to claim the lush valley land below. Weak from travel and hunger, for the mountain cats lacked the ability to hunt in dense undergrowth, they were easily defeated, but the mountain cats left a deep scar that Whiteclan never healed from. Flamestar had lost a life during the invasion, and a good many warriors were lost. With only a pawful of cats left standing, the tom realized that the once flourishing Clan had dwindled; it was time to accept WhiteClan was dying, and that they should move on. So, instead of disbanding, they sought OakClan, their ally.

      LightClan was ambitious and young; they had their whole future stretched out before them.
      When Redface was chosen as deputy by Jadestar, she warned him that deputy initiation wasn’t for the lighthearted, and could possibly kill him, but he could take one other cat with him. The problem was LightClan was new, so there weren’t many cats to choose from, so he chose the leader herself. Upon her acceptance, they left the camp under little supervision. It was ultimately the Clan’s downfall.
      Upon their return, both alive thanks to StarClan, they found the camp empty and abandoned save the one, lone body of an elder curled up in her nest. So, instead of forgetting the Clanlife—they found themselves missing it after having been away from it for a moon—they sought out OakClan.

      In battle, SwampClan, was fierce, and their loyalty unquestionable, but their leader of uncountable moons, Graystar, began to notice his Clan was dying; more warriors were falling than kits were being born. In fact, he couldn’t remember any Clanborn kits since his own with Dreamcloud. Unfortunately, SwampClan was never able to grow because it was continuously facing upheaval: a mad apprentice, later banished, was bent on killing a young clanmate, a kit that was actually a reincarnate of a warrior killed on the thunderpath (StarClan gave Foxsight a second chance). Additionally, a fox terrorized the territory killing a single warrior and injuring more, and the banished apprentice returned stronger than ever with a band of rogues at his back. They couldn’t hold their borders; they couldn’t defend their camp! Graystar could only see this as StarClan’s way of telling him SwampClan was done.
      Upon losing his eighth life in the rogues, a battle that ultimately left his leg maimed, the leader announced he’d do one last thing before he retired: he'd save the Clan. Graystar led them to OakClan.

      OakClan is the survivor. OakClan will always survive.
      Ravaged by a flood in newleaf, the Clan was forced from the camp their ancestor, Oak, created. They had to make a smaller, quickly-constructed camp on the other side of the thunderpath because their old dens were under Oakpond, which had swollen during the storm and engulfed that part of the forest. Unfortunately, not a moon later, the heat of greenleaf bore down on the territory, but it didn’t alleviate the water problem. It did catch the brittle grasses of the Borderlands on fire, a fire that spread into the remaining forest and ate up the last of their home.
      Under the leadership of Spottedstar, they went to stay with their ally, BirchClan, for some time, but upon returning home many moons later, they found their territory covered with fresh, green growth. It was young, healthy, and alive again. In fact, they were even able to move back into Oak’s camp since Oakpond’s water levels had receded. Nonetheless, in the shadow of this success, Spottedstar stepped down to raise loner kits with her mate, a tom horribly disfigured from the forest fire, and allow a ‘traitorous Clan to be led by a traitor’. Her deputy, Lastgaze, and her medicine cat, Sweetrose, had betrayed her by breaking the Warrior Code and having a litter together.
      While Spottedpelt’s ultimate punishment, for both him and herself, was to have Lastingstar be leader, the Clan didn't suffer from it. StarClan will always be there, guarding thei flanks.
      OakClan is forever fierce, courageous and compassionate. They took in WhiteClan, LightClan and SwampClan when they had fallen their lowest. Now, together, they will rise higher than ever.



      Prominent Landmarks:
      `BARLEY'S FARM: A farm where a black-and-white tom, and black tom live. They are friendly, helpful, and generally enjoy having the Clans nearby. We try to stay off the fields though, so hunt outside the fence if you can.
      Marks the end of our territory.
      `BORDERLANDS: The northern-most portion of the territory isn't clearly marked. We are forest cats, so we don't venture into the grassy field beyond our forest line, but it is presumed to have once been a twoleg farm. Half a day's walk in this direction leads to NettleClan (see Alliance for Clan link).
      Marks the end of our territory.

      `GREAT OAK: This is the large tree in the forest, and the camp is built around it. At its base, there are two burrows—one is for the medicine cats, and the other for the leader.

      `HIGHBRANCH: Equivalent to Highrock. Announcements are made here.
      `MOON BASINS: Two little ponds between the forest and Mothermouth. Sacred to Oakclan. The medicine cats believe the first cat to discover Moonstone had stopped here to drink and rest. They believe it was in this water Starclan had told the first cat where to go.
      Marks the end of our territory.
      `THE PATH: A drain pipe that runs under the Thunderpath. Used as a safe crossing point by the Clan.

      `SHADERIVER:On the northwestern portion of the territory, Shaderiver is just a small stream separating the territory and the twolegplace, but as it travels south, it widens and becomes a river that flows under the thunderpath bridge where it will continue to widen and become the wetlands where our ally, SwampClan, once lived. Once separated us from BrokenClan, an enemy now perished.
      Marks the end of our territory.

      `VOLEPOOL: Streams crisscross OakClan's territory everywhere, but one stream at the center of the northern forest ends, turning into a pool that holds some fish. It is shallow at the bank, but it deepens in the middle, where it slips into the ground... Don't swim there, or the current my drag you under, and suck you into the underground stream that connects to the Shaderiver.
      `WIND CREEK: This is just a run off area built by two legs that runs between Barley's farm and WindClan territory.
      Marks the end of our territory.

      We're a very diverse Clan; all types of prey are game.


      Allies' Links

      1. No cursing, insulting, bullying or rude-joking. Ever. Respect is a very important topic for me, and anything less will not be tolerated. If you feel that you are being treated this way, please PM me with as much details as possible.
      2. Please keep discussions in OOC to a minimum and on topic and refrain from posting only in OCC. If OOC chat begins to become a problem and is distracting from the RP, OOC chat will be banned in general.
      3. This is a semi-advanced RP, meaning that if you cannot write 5 sentences (of course, you are permitted to write more), this RP is probably not for you. *note that occasional short replies are acceptable, just please do not make it a habit*
      4. No more than 5 characters are permitted per person, although only 1 is encouraged. (This does not include if your character is a she-cat who has kits during the RP)
      5. No more than 2 kits may be born to any she-cat. This is to prevent chaos within the thread.
      6. Your character(s) may not have have any supernatural abilities. (Such as flight, x-Ray vision, transformation powers, etc.) This also means no wings.
      7. This is not "mateclan". Mates are not the only thing that happens in a Clan.
      8. All members of the clan must obey the leader and the eldest deputy, who acts as a second-in-command and are able to perform ceremonies.
      9. Do not mini-mod. If you see a problem, report it to me via PM
      10. If you are inactive for more than seven days, with the exception of letting me know ahead of time, your character will either be demoted from their higher rank or taken off of the RP allegiance completely.
      11. You must be an active RPer to request a high rank in OakClan (ie. Leader, Deputy or Medicine Cat).

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      9. [b]Do you understand that this is a semi-advanced rp & you mustn't begin RP until approved?;;[/b]
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    • Re: Oakclan RP

      Icefeather lifted her head to look at Onestar who stood defiantly over the clan. He was trying to appear strong though he was shaken with grief by his mentor's death. "We have lost a great warrior this evening to the monsters," he meowed and gave a respectful pause. "I want to stress the matter of cat's taking the path beneath the thunderpath...It is a safest way across."
    • Re: Oakclan RP

      "We will keep vigil tonight. That's all," he meowed in finality and lept down from Talloak. He landed lightly on his paws. Onestar brushed his tail against Duskfeather's flank as he walked toward Birdflight's body. It was there he crouched by his body, pressing his nose into his fur. Soon, though, the clan will have to restart again in the morning. The normality would be a relief.

      Icefeather licked her father's fur clean in slow, delibrate strokes.
    • Re: Oakclan RP

      Duskfeather she purred as he brushed against her flank.She padded next to him and crouched next to him and started to lick his eras.Then she pressed her nose into Birdflight's fur.
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    • Re: Oakclan RP

      "Onestar..." the white she-cat meowed, squinting her eyes against the morning sun. She spoke and moved slowly, the signs of missing a night of sleep. "Onestar... you fell asleep."
      Onestar started. He blinked his eyes rapidly as she looked up at his littermate, almost thinking they were nestled against their mother's belly. Not Birdflights. To his other side he felt Duskwhisker and knowing she was still there was comforting.
      "Sorry," he meowed. The tom rose to his paws carefully, his legs stiff from the lack of motion. He looked to Duskwhisker.
    • Re: Oakclan RP

      (duskfeather ya goofball:)

      Duskfeather stirred and streached next to him"Let's hunt"she whispered in his ear.
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    • Re: Oakclan RP

      ( ^^ Haha oops! sowwy :3333)
      Onestar nodded. He would like to go out to hunt, but as he looked at his sister, he could tell she was in no condition to join their hunting patrol. "Go rest," he meowed to her. Icewhisker didn't protest. She licked her brother's ear. They'd lost a father and, to Onestar, also a mentor.
      "Have fun," she murmured before turning tail and disappearing into the Warriors' den.
    • Re: Oakclan RP

      "I'm sorry," he meowed, pressing his nose against her shoulder as they padded through the forest. "I ran extra patrols yesterday after the loose dog passed through our territory... Then, last night. I was just worried."
      He was quiet for a moment. "You're not angry with me, are you?" He knew he didn't include her in that night patrol, but hopefully she wouldn't hold a grudge.
    • Re: Oakclan RP

      Clawmouth padded out of her den. She looked more serious than usual. She mostly is a happy fun middle-age cat. But she just hated when cat's died.
    • Re: Oakclan RP

      The white she-cat felt the warmth of a new day on her back as she sat with her eyes closed, but when she hear another cat enter the clearing, she looked up. The medicine cat! Maybe she could help.
      Icewhisker approached Clawmouth in slow, delibrate pawsteps. She looked at the medicine cat, her eyes still shining with grief. "I can't seem to sleep."

      Onestar purred and then raced ahead through the path beneath the thunderpath, avoiding the little puddles inside after the rain a few sunrises ago. He paused on the otherside to glance back at Duskwhisker. His eyes glinted playfully as he turned and disappeared into the undergrowth.