Shadow, Loner.

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  • Character Name: Shadow

    Gender: Tom

    Clan{if any}: None

    Rank(CANNOT be leader, deputy or medicine cat/med apprentice unless you are making up their clan/tribe): Loner

    Appearance(Must look realistic--NO RED EYES!): A pure black caracal, with very dark, deep fur. His pelt is long and soft, a bit fuzzy, even though he is 45 moons old. He has dark emerald green eyes that are flecked with blue around the iris.

    Personality: Kind, loving, and caring, but he is aggressive toward animals that hurt the ones he loves.

    History(Not needed):

  • You need to purchase a caracal to play them in the main game.

    WORK SCHEDULE (Subject to change based on time off requests and holidays!)

    Sunday: 3:30pm-11:15pm.

    Monday: 3:00pm-11:15pm.

    Tuesday: OFF.

    Wednesday: 3:00pm-11:15pm.

    Thursday: 3:00pm-11:15pm.

    Friday: 3:00pm-11:15pm.

    Saturday: 12:30pm-6:00pm.