rise of scourge online?

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    • rise of scourge online?

      hi befor posting please note i searched for about 3 days so dont say THE SEARCH BAR A MANS BEST FRIEND

      ok now i want to know where to read warriors: the rise of scourge online and i found on place but it only has up to page 24 wich was pretty good btw andway if u can find a place where i can read the full book of the rise of scourge online please do tell it would be really helpful thankyou

    • rise of scourge online?

      ....No, sorry.

      BUY IT. >:-]

      It's amazing. Worth it all. Even if way tooa bit expensive.*hugs*

      *was just reading it earlier today lol coincidence?*
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    • rise of scourge online?

      aww :(
      oh well the problem is i cant find it at chapters ive read the graystripe trilogy but
      the rise of scourge aint there so you guys seem like u got it whered u buy it?
    • rise of scourge online?

      Haven't you heard of the library, young ward? My library with rather minuscule materials has it, so yours should, too..

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    • Re: rise of scourge online?

      go to (youtube.com/watch?v=kZxdN-t4M7A) and watch and read. this is a youtube video but it is the book, you just need to pause it to read frame, there is a second part by the way.
      :) There is your answer, it is a amazing book, hope you engoy it :)
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    • Re: rise of scourge online?

      [size=36pt][/size] I have seen it in a book store there was only one of the book so i guess you can qualify them as rare? :) i bought it of course but reading online is awesome too :P ^-^
    • Re: rise of scourge online?

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      OOC: Go to a local bookstore? I bought it from my bookstore for about $3.00


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    • Re: rise of scourge online?

      Ask your library for a library transfer of the book.
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