rise of scourge online?

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  • hi befor posting please note i searched for about 3 days so dont say THE SEARCH BAR A MANS BEST FRIEND

    ok now i want to know where to read warriors: the rise of scourge online and i found on place but it only has up to page 24 wich was pretty good btw andway if u can find a place where i can read the full book of the rise of scourge online please do tell it would be really helpful thankyou


  • ....No, sorry.

    BUY IT. >:-]

    It's amazing. Worth it all. Even if way tooa bit expensive.*hugs*

    *was just reading it earlier today lol coincidence?*

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  • aww :(
    oh well the problem is i cant find it at chapters ive read the graystripe trilogy but
    the rise of scourge aint there so you guys seem like u got it whered u buy it?

  • Haven't you heard of the library, young ward? My library with rather minuscule materials has it, so yours should, too..

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    Trough the ages your desolate pages we're forced to learn
    Bitter days and your logical maze in return
    Through the stages of conscience in cages we bleed and burn
    Just take me to Valhalla
    [url=http://warriorcatsrpg.com/index.php?topic=101392.msg1633884#msg1633884]CHARACTER GALLERY[/URL]

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  • I think it's about $7.
    Just get it at your local library I guess.


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  • That isnt the full fersion. :(
    it stops at the same moment as the Manga i can read online. :'( (PS:yes i also dit watch part 2)

  • [size=36pt][/size] I have seen it in a book store there was only one of the book so i guess you can qualify them as rare? :) i bought it of course but reading online is awesome too :P ^-^

  • I highly doubt my mom will buy for it for me.She apparently thinks anything that isn't on sale is expensive.

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    OOC: Go to a local bookstore? I bought it from my bookstore for about $3.00

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  • Ask your library for a library transfer of the book.

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